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#AlexOLoughlin: Tough act – Who Magazine’s “Sexiest People of 2009″

People get weak in the knees around him. He has a special sparkle that’s just magic.

– Moonlight co-star, Sophia Myles

Who Magazine

13 November 2009


Corrugated-iron six-pack? Check. Dreamy eyes, relaxed swagger, and red-hot career? Check, check and check. Sydney raised Alex O’Loughlin is a living Boys Own action hero – he has six tattoos, rides motorcycles and plays a mean guitar solo.

The actor, whose credits include the Oyster Farmer and Moonlight, does some of his own stunts:

“I really feel like I’m participating in life when I’m strapped into a harness and hanging precariously above the ground”

But the father of one doesn’t let it go to his head; being confronted by screaming fans in Los Angeles’s Warner Bros Studio “scared the shit out of me”  and he jokes about milking his hot doctor look in the medical drama Three Rivers:

“We have tight scrubs. We have wet skin when we scrub in.”

It works –  Jennifer Lopez, O’Loughlin’s co-star in up-coming rom-com The Back-Up Plan, calls him

“good-looking, and tall and sweet and charming. Very leading-man material.”

Matt Skrobalak CBS’s vice-president of casting, agrees:

“Alex is a classic Aussie leading man: smart, sexy and extremely talented”

My Thoughts

  • As with many sites and articles that just repeat and write what others write, they have the number of tattoos wrong. There are only five (5) tattoos on Alex that are visible to the public eye. There are, one (1) above each nipple, one (1) on each bicep and one (1) on his lower back wrapping around his hips and running down the sides of his thighs – this adds up to five (5). He used to have one (1) on each forearm as well – but they are for the most part removed and not really visible anymore.

Remember you can read the story of his tattoos – real and fake – here with us. Alex O’Loughlin’s Tattoos (Part 1) – What is real and what is not?

Article scan:

Who - 13 Nov 2009



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