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Alex making ladies´ heads spin at the Seminar

Lucky us that Honolulu Pulse made a video from the Women´s Self Defense Seminar and let us see what moves were taught by Alex and Egan.  And both Manu (top gif) and Miek (2nd gif) had their heads spinning with Alex dancing around them 😀

Here´s some fun moments from the video:








Thanks to Alex both classes were filled with eager students 🙂

seminar iv


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Alex Hiatus News – 5 May 2015

It looks like the Women’s self-defence seminar held by Alex and Egan this Sunday, was a great success and it sounds like everybody involved had lots of fun. An amount of $14800 raised from the women who participated and donated to the ‘Kapi’olani Medical Centre for Women and Children’.

seminar cheque

And this time around it looks like the photographer Kelli Bullock, joined in the fun of learning some self-defence moves from Alex and Egan. Shared from her FB page:

seminar kelly b

Not sure if Kelly took the official pictures again this time around, but can’t wait for more of them to be shared.

Some pictures were share by Staradvertiser and can be found:  here


Staradvertiser on IG

Alex O’Loughlin helps participant Tami Swart with a self-defense technique on Sunday, May 3rd. O’Loughlin and former MMA fighter @EganInoue led two sessions of a Women’s Self Defense Seminar at @EgansTrainingCenter on as a fundraiser for the Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children and the Kapiolani Health Foundation. (Photo by Bruce Asato)

Staradvertiser also posted an article and a video from the seminar: Link

And video: Link

But even before the seminar, Alex spend some time with the boys, as we can see from @dnoose on Instagram.

bjj group

Words like these from one of the guys Alex trains with, warms my fangirl heart


Just a reminder that any of you are welcome to share your story of your encounters with Alex with us. You can contact us via e-mail (intense.study.aol@gmail.com) or via DM on our FB account. And we will even share your story while keeping you anonymous, if you would wish for that.


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