#AlexOLoughlin & His favourite T’s

We rarely post candid pictures of Alex with fans, because most of them lack a story behind them. For us it is always more interesting to hear the story of how the person met Alex and what happened with their encounter.

Whenever somebody shares that with us, it is our pleasure to do a post about it and bring you the story behind the pictures.

Two weeks ago we were debating the possible date of a certain picture of Alex and started talking about his favourite T-shirts. We also got a suggestion from Alex O’Loughlin’s Place, and we thought it might be interesting to compile a post of Alex wearing his favourite printed T-shirts, over the last few years. Of course, these pictures were mostly taken with fans and their random meeting with Alex.

We have given the T-shirts just some fun names from what we could see on them.

(We apologize for the quality of some of the pictures (many times the problem of quick random fan pictures). And please hover over it with your mouse or scroll through the gallery, for a better description of when and where it is from ( if we do have the info))

Power Plant – Motorcycles

This T-shirt has been seen since October last year and I guess we’ll see lots more of it.

 Getting Lei’d by a Hawaiian Lady

We struggled for a long time to see what was actually on this t-shirt. Is there any specific Hawaiian story behind it? We have seen Alex wearing it since 2013 and it seems to be a favourite. It also looks like a good quality print, because the image on it still looks great (unless he’s got more than one of them 🙂 )

The Big Lebowski

This t-shirt we only saw in 2012. Would be interesting to know if Alex bought it himself, or was it a gift 🙂

 “Caesar’s” skull 😀

Alex seems to like t-shirts with skull images. This one is one of at least 3 that I have seen him with. And that does not include the interesting one we see later in this post.

This one is blue and definitely one of the favourites since 2011 already, although we haven’t seen it anywhere this year.

 Grappling Unlimited

Good advertising for Egan’s gym.

Alex mainly wore it in 2012 and 2013 it seems.

No 1 Success

This t-shirt really fascinated me – mainly because I struggled to see what it was about. And I am still not 100% sure :grin. Alex mainly wore it 2011 – 2012 we now realise that it was last seen in May 2013.

And at that stage, it looked like it started to fade a lot.

Working Class Hero

Love the wording on this t-shirt. Not sure why we haven’t seen more of it.

You can read about it here:

Hawaii Five-0 Main Man #AlexOLoughlin wearing Worn Free

A man, in a skull, in the ocean 😀

Looks like this t-shirt has been around for a few years since 2010 but was last seen in 2013. The image on it fascinates me. I always thought it was a picture of a guy swimming in the ocean, until I realised on closer inspection, that it is also a picture of a skull.

  Yes, it’s blue… so we had to add it. 🙂

 A few different Muhammed Ali T-shirts

It looks like there is a special affinity for Muhammed Ali t-shirt for Alex.

A Fan story:

Alex with Lynne - April 2015

Alex with Lynne – 11 April 2015

Lynne on Instagram:

So lucky to run into Alex O’Loughlin, shame i lost the ability to speak!! #H50 #Alex O’Loughlin. Stumbled upon Malia’s swimwear launch in Hale’iwa sat 11th my son spotted him, he seems like a real genuine guy!

Lynne’s comment on our Facebook:

Doing a spot of shopping and my 9yr old son says, Mum that looks like Steve McGarrett, after a week of my Dad and Husband joking and saying hey isn’t that……?? I said yeah, yeah turned around and … It was, husband went over asked if he would mind if we got a photo, he was so lovely, I was too stunned to say anything coherant, he had his family with him and Dusty, still can’t believe we managed to meet him, even hubby was impressed!

We compiled this fan story from Lynne’s IG post & comments from her there and on our own Facebook. Please feel free to send us your story of meeting Alex – we would love to share it.


And now it seems that Alex got a new favourite T

Only Good Vibes

The first time we saw Alex with this t-shirt was earlier in April at the start of this hiatus. It was posted by the shop where his wife Malia’s swimwear launch was held later that month. I think he bought it at the store (or maybe they gave it to him to promote their store). And now we saw him wear it at Chef Morimoto’s 60th birthday party on 24 May.

(And it is blue 😀 )

I have a feeling we will see a lot more of it. 😀

Do you think he is trying to give us a message here? 😉



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19 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin & His favourite T’s

  1. I love these kind of compilations. Thanks for your research!!


    • Alex does have so many more different t-shirts that I saw while compiling this. But most of them we only saw once. It was actually quite interesing to see and to find the ones he likes most according to the pictures we see.


  2. Lynne

    Funny when I saw the good vibes t-shirt yesterday, i had the same thought about his fave t-shirts! I would just like to add that this is the first place i found when i became obsessed with Alex and H50 and how honored i am to be included in an Intense study!!!


  3. FYI found this thought you might be interested:

    Do you have any scoop about the main cast of ‪Hawaii Five-0‬‬? Thank you. –Juliana
    As previously scooped, Season 6 will pick up not long after this month’s finale, during the reception at Kono and Adam’s wedding. From there, “Kono’s going to have the worst honeymoon anybody’s ever had,” warns showrunner Peter M. Lenkov. “It’s going to be an interesting ride, that first episode!” For Season 6 and the Five-o team as a whole, Lenkov says, “We have a great story” on tap, one that is “very cool, very different, very big, and something like we’ve never done before.”


  4. Joanne

    Love the info, though would love it more if the t shirts weren’t there lol! 😉 Also, have been binge watching the first four seasons on DVD and now look out for orange tattoo coverup, all from reading posts on yr site. Thank you for me new hobby!


  5. I love that like any normal human being Alex has his fav t-shirts and he wears them as often as he pleases.
    Definitely the message in the newest one is good, we need more positive vibes in our lives 🙂


    • Of course we actually see only a few pictures of him at leisure during the year, and he could be wearing many others that we don’t even know about. And he could wear them far more often than we would ever know.
      There are so many other t-shirts in pictures that we have only seen once in all these years.


  6. Leah

    Thanks for the cute compilation! I enjoyed seeing the pics that confirms he feels like just a regular guy in his favorite T’s . . . . but WE all know just how special he is! 🙂


    • Definitely – if he was not special beyond most others, we would not be here devoting such a lot of our time “studying” him 😀


      • Manumuppet

        I know what you mean 🙂 Never have I had such a long lasting and intense celeb “crush”. In fact i admire and love him even more every time and that’s not to do with his appearance but mostly with him being such a decent and caring human being


  7. Thank you for the compilation!!!!! Great job!


  8. Oh oh oh!!! YES! T-Shirt-Mania, I love this post. I’ve got a thing for printed shirts and Alex wears them so well. They are always special and – so important – they always fit. Not too long, arms not too loose, he wears the shirts, the tee does not wear him like it is by a lot of men.
    I always loved his Zappa shirt ( http://i76.servimg.com/u/f76/17/66/96/71/1dc0c610.jpg ). The tee you struggled with – I think it is from a pizza joint, Roberta’s pizza.


  9. Something I have always loved about Alex is he just sees himself as an average Joe. No more special then anyone else. Like every average Joe he has his favorite t-shirts & the mere fact that we get to see him wearing the same thing over and over, just makes me love him even more, cause it just shows how down to earth he is. Thanks for the write up.


  10. A cool study you did Foyeur! He has a great collection of t-shirts. I love the newest one with a good message to us. TY


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