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Latest lust: Alex O’Loughlin -Mar 2012

Hottie Alex O’Loughlin knows all about being third-time lucky. After starring in two television series, Moonlight and Three Rivers (as a vampire and a doctor, respectively), they were canned after the very first season, Alex now has a bona fide hit on his hands as Commander Steve McGarrett in the action-packed revisit of Hawaii Five-O.

Cleo New Zealand

12 March 2012

We chatted to Alex about why this is his toughest role yet, how he deals with being recognised and having his dream crushed as a kid!

Everyone in Hawaii seems to love the show…

 “…It’s kind of a big deal. The locals know how important this show is to the economy and to tourism. They’re just so full of love and we fight really hard to maintain the integrity and the truth of the Hawaiian people and culture. It’s genuinely respected by them.”

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It’s the toughest role I’ve ever had…

“…The thing with playing McGarrett is that in every episode there’s a huge stunt sequence: he’s going to dive out of this plane or he’s going to wrangle this horse or he’s going to shoot all these people so, for me, as the actor who’s nowhere near as tough, capable or smart as McGarrett, I need a vigilant and balanced life around work. This means a good diet, enough sleep, and some kind of relaxation to keep the mind clear so you don’t get too stressed.”

I also seem to take my shirt off — a lot…

“…Because that’s so fascinating, right?” [he laughs].


I get recognised a lot here in Hawaii…

“…Some days, it’s great, But some days you just get dickhead after dickhead filming you and getting right up in your face. It becomes your day-to-day life and you develop a mechanism to deal with it.”

goofy buddies

I don’t get back home much…

“…I bought a house here [in Hawaii] that’s just beautiful and it’s always full because my friends and family visit. But I miss my mum. And I miss my mates.”


As a kid, I wanted to be a fighter pilot…

“…When I was in first grade, I had a teacher who was a real piece of work. She said, ‘Okay, class, let’s talk about what you want to be when you grow up.’ I answered with ‘I’m going to be a fighter pilot!’. She looked at me and said, ‘Don’t you have asthma?’. I said ‘Yes…’ and she goes, ‘You’ll never be a fight pilot’, and moved on to the next kid. She crushed my dreams!


I’m still not a fighter pilot, but I love my job…

“…I go to work and ride horses, scuba dive, jump out of planes and fly stuff. It’s insane.

alex v

My thoughts – added a bit late

  • I just want to add that I don not think Alex was talking about fans who ask nicely for picture. I presume he was mainly referring to people taking pictures of him and or his family without asking. He said on many occasions – just ask...


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