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#AlexOLoughlin got Jiu-Jitsu Hugsies at Whole Food Market, Kailua

Alex, Egan Inoue and Marcus Wilson, who is a black belt student of Egan,  demonstrated some defense moves at the Whole Food Market last Saturday.

To a very small audience (where the hell were all the fans?!)

Photo credit Monica Bacon, posted on Honolulu Pulse, Five-o Redux

Posted on Honolulu Pulse, Five-o Redux, courtesy of Monica Bacon

Big thanks to P Tina Watson aka @honorooroo on IG for sharing her video clips with all us Alex fans. I asked for original audio clips, even though (sadly) there wasn´t really any talking by Alex. Anyway, it is always a treat to watch him in action.

Oh to get a hug from Alex…mmmm…..


Here are the links to her videos on youtube:

Active Living Week at Whole Foods Market included a free BJJ Fitness Demo with some Self -Defense Tips from The crew at Grappling Unlimited Egan Inoue’s Training Center

Here is a short series of some self-defense tips.. follow me @honorooroo for more healthy lifestyle tips and how I stay fit..

Thank you Tina for sharing your lovely clips cat_smiley01

bearded al peek ty

Taking this opportunity to once again remind fans and Hawaiians that Alex doesn´t have any social media accounts (apart from his FB page, run by his publicist).

And please be aware of that one “alexoloughlin_official” hoax account on IG.

We actually tried to tell one local Hawaiian this, since they had that fake official account tagged,  but for some reason they just kept deleting any such comments ( 😦 ). 

tag aloha alex wholefood

Posted by tag_aloha on IG

Some pictures of the event: Originally posted by MoniMoob on Five0 Redux



I wish they would have promoted this “gig” earlier and got more people to attend.

Are they scared the fans will storm the place because of Alex and therefor leaving it to the last minute.

But having just a handful of people attending is a shame.



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#AlexOLoughlin……. a man of many faces

old beard al

Just as much as an actor need to change his character to portray different roles, it is a plus if they can also alter their look. And it is something that Alex can do easily and with great success. For 8 to 9 months of a year, Alex needs to look like Steve McGarrett, because that is his job.

Only during hiatus, when he is on holiday can he “let his hair down and do his own thing. That is HIS time. His well deserved break after every season of hard labour and constant public life. Time for him to be a “normal” person, spending quality time with family and friends and to do what he enjoys.


He has been doing this in his rest periods for 10 years now …. something his long time fans know by now? Sad smiley 141

For us as fans it is a huge privilege to get to see glimpses of these holiday periods in Alex’s life, outside his world as an actor.

But it continues to amaze me that every year, when we do get to see these rare gems of pictures of  Alex on vacation, just doing his own thing and supporting local causes, that fans think they have any influence by criticizing his choices.

Rather than just appreciating another glimpse of his life on display for us, some fans are acting as if his facial hair is a permanent alteration and a mortal sin. Really?!gaah

Alex likes to grow his facial hair while he is on holiday, his body is full of ink (tattoos), he’s got multiple piercings, he smokes cigars, he’s got a potty mouth, he likes to wear blue, he enjoys the danger of motorbikes, and he loves and protects his family’s privacy.

Enjoy him for who he is.……….. and not what you think he should be. :iminlove:

All of us have our preferences in life and it is really okay to not like beards. (Paula don’t like beards, but I on the other hands, have fond memories of a past lover with a beard :sexy:  )

It is also fine to say that you don’t like beards – in a respectful undemanding manner. Just rather not come across as overbearing and rude – freedom of speech, does not constitute ‘entitlement to rudeness’.

That’s all, rant over.

Seeing all the silly comments of rude remarks and ‘demands’ on social media, makes me once again support and applaud Alex and his choice, to not subject himself to it and to steer clear from social media.

As much as I would have liked to experience him communicating with us, just as much would I rather not see his peace of mind, be disturbed and subjected to all the horribleness that fans are capable off (especially not for something as trivial as a hiatus-beard).

Beard 2

Please lighten up and stop getting your panties in a twist …… because as soon as filming start, Alex will be beardless and gorgeous Steve again.


Unless they have some storyline, of Steve going rogue and wild ………



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#AlexOLoughlin: Yes, He’s Got Piercings

A while back we started with a series to supplement our searches posts. We started looking into specific subjects that are regularly searched by Alex O’Loughlin fans. Today we continue with it…..


  • alex o’loughlin piercings
  • alex o’loughlin piercing
  • does alex oloughlin have pierced ears
  • alex oloughlan with ear plugs
  • does alex o’loughin have his ear pierced

This is the one visible thing about Alex, that we all maybe know the least about – his piercings. We have never seen or heard anybody ask Alex about it in interviews. We do not really know if reporters just do not know about them, are not interested in it, if they are too polite to ask, or if it is a taboo subject which they are not allowed to ask him anything about?

And of course without anybody asking about it, there has never been any mention of it from his side either. Nothing that we have seen in any articles or interviews thus far.

Some fans might not even have noticed it before and it is maybe therefore something new for you to discover. But as you know we study Alex and when one does that, you can’t miss the existence of the piercing marks …. However, the big question is, just how many are there? We are not piercing experts, but will try our best to make the study as complete as possible. 😀

Michael 6

Pictures from Feed (2005)

We will do our study in two halves. First we will show those piercing marks that are well-known and those which we are rather sure of. Then in the second half we will look at some of the evidence that we have seen, but which we can not verify for sure. Studying pictures is so difficult, because angles, lighting and shadows, can play a role in what can be observed.

We also have to use a lot of pictures from his work and it could have been altered, just as those from the red carpet events, where Alex might be wearing make-up or publications and photographers could have done some photoshopping. Added to that, we all have folds, and wrinkles and scars and pores on our faces, and that kind of complicates such a study on Alex’s face as well.

(Please remember to click on the pictures for full size and closer inspection)

Let’s start the first part with the most visible piercings….

Left ear

Not only is the large piercing on Alex’s left earlobe the most prominent and visible, but it is also the only place that we have ever seen him wear anything in any of his piercings. As Marcus in “The Invisiblehe wears, what looks like, an ear-plug. It will therefore explain why the piercing mark looks like a long line – because it used to be stretched out at some stage.

From ‘The Invisible’

One of the few private pictures of Alex, with something in his ear


 And below, you can see the piercing mark clearly. But are there more?


That large piercing scar is quite visible, but have you ever counted all the piercings in his ear left ear? The main piercing is so prominent and in the early days we never realised, that there were multiple piercings …..


Picture from Hawaii Five-0 (2011)

Paula: This frame came up on my screen and I first noticed the booboo on his knuckle, and after a while moved my eyes and *bam!* there´s those other 3 piercings so visible. I really don´t remember noticing them before. 

Left ear

Pictures from Feed (2005)

This means that there are at least 4 piercings on Alex’s left ear…… (Some days I imagine I see more, but for now we will stick with these)

 Left eyebrow

The other prominent and nearly always visible piercing is the one on Alex left brow. Of course normally a brow piercing needs two holes, one on top of the brow and one below.

Left brow

Picture from Moonlight (2007)

Left side of the nose

The piercing that can’t be missed on most footage, is the mark on the left side of Alex’s nose.

left side nose

Picture from 2010

And on this beautiful picture below, all the piercing on the left hand side are visible….. (take a good look, they are there)

outfest-face-left side

Picture taken in 2009

As you can see from the picture below, it is sometimes difficult to see these piercings from the front, but when you know where to look they can almost always be found.


From Hawaii Five-0 (2011)

 (And as usual most of the pictures here, are just to show his pretty face 😛 )

Right ear

The most prominent piercing mark on the right hand side of Alex’s face, is the one on his earlobe.

right ear

(Don’t be too distracted by the beautiful long lashes – look at the ear 😛 )


Here we can clearly see the piercing mark on the lobe, but with some other scars or folds as well. The question is, are they old piercing scars or just some odd folds?

Right ear

Oh, this picture is just here to study closely, because he is gorgeous. 😀



Right eyebrow

Not so prominent but also nearly always visible is the piercing on Alex’s right brow. The difficult part, is seeing the bottom hole of this piercing below the brow.

right brow

Picture from Oyster Farmer (filmed in 2003)

This means that Alex have at least 3 piercings on the right side of his face, with possibly more piercings on his right earlobe that we can not clearly identify.

The Los Angeles "White Out" Premiere - Arrivals

Picture from 2009

 This picture below is one of the rare pictures where both sides of Alex’s eyebrow piercings are visible at the same time  – especially the bottom holes as well. Can you see them? Notice that also the nose piercing is very prominent and visible here, but from this angle the left ear piercings nearly disappear. (This picture was taken in 2011)

piercing eyebrows

Now we will move on to the second part of our study

During and after last years’ hiatus, we started documenting this study for a post and came across some other interesting pictures – yes we have been working on this study for a long long time – since the start of the blog actually. 🙂


Tongue piercing?

Alex posed for a number of pictures, sticking his tongue out since hiatus 2014. And of course here began a new debate. Do we or don’t we see a scar or even more than one scar of a tongue piercing there?

Alex & Aiden 2015

Searching for proof of a possible tongue piercing


Picture from Whiteout (filmed in 2007)

With a tongue it is always difficult to see anything. First of all the tongue fully extended, is rarely visible and secondly the tongue changes a lot depending on health and other conditions.

This brings us to the conclusion that Alex might actually have piercing mark(s) on his tongue and maybe used to wear something in his tongue, but we can not verify it for sure.

Nipple piercings?

This has been an ongoing debate for us for all the years we have been doing our studies –  are there any piercing marks on Alex’s nipples? According to sources, when the nipple tip does not seem round and even, it can be an indication that there has been piercings.

Although we have seen Alex shirtless on many occasions, we rarely get close-ups or very clear pictures of his nipples. What we do see in these close-ups is that there is a possibility that there is a piercing mark on the top of his nipple. Alex´s nips seem to be more oval-shaped than round. Maybe our guy did like a bit of bling on his nips?  😉

Left nipple:

Left nip

 Right nipple:

Right nipple

And just because …. 😛

tbup-stan-big - nips

We guess that the answer to this question can only be given by Alex himself, or if we ever see pictures of him with anything in his nipples….. 😀

Second piercing on left brow?

Since the start I have always felt like there seems to be even more piercing marks on Alex’s left brow. And it seems to be true, but once again the bottom part of the second piercing mark is hard to find.

second left brow

Picture from Feed (2005)

Have a close look at his picture below – do you see both the piercings (top and bottom part)?

fitness bw piercings

Is there a third one?

And this is where Paula says I go ‘piercing-crazy‘, but I sometimes think I see a third piercing on the left brow. Most of the times I agree with her, and say, it can’t be. But I thought to add it here as well.

On top of the brow

left brow 3

Below the brow

left brow 0

Left side of the nose?

While studying Steve last year for the Steve’s story posts, something else came up that made us wonder. Is there a small mark of a piercing on the right side of Alex’s nose as well? We were not so sure that there is really anything there. Maybe it was just a rather large pore?


Take a closer look….

Right nose

Picture from Feed (2005)

From what we can see there definitely seems to be some sign that this is something more that a large pore. It is however not nearly as prominent as the piercing mark on the left side of the nose. And the indentation into the nose is not as visible, but there is definitely something there.

 Do you see it?


Picture from Hawaii Five-0 (2012)

In conclusion: It seems that Alex have got at least 8 definite piercing marks on his face (remember we count a pair of bottom and top scar of the brow piercings, as one only). And there are at least a definite possibility of 2 or 3 more and most probably even more piercings.

The tongue keeps us wondering ….

And the nipples, they will clearly be a debate forever ……

And then of course, what other piercings might be “hidden” in some parts of his body that we never get to see, that will always stay a possibility, and forever a mystery. 😉

Hope you had some fun with us inspecting this gorgeous face (and body) … and remember this is all just an excuse to stare and study some more pretty pictures of Alex 🙂


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What makes vampires so sexy ….. #AlexOLoughlin?

Beth: So we are talking vampires? I know, they don´t exist. But something has to explain all the killing and the goth-o-rama. I mean, obviously she had a thing for vampires.

Mick: Yeah, I guess they are back in style. You know, some people actually find them attractive.

Beth: Really?

Mick: Yeah.



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Aussie #AlexOLoughlin to Cast His Justice on ‘The Shield’ – May 2006

YOU can almost hear the Jacobs Creek popping over in La La Land as yet another Aussie has cracked it in Hollywood. You know him best as the Oyster Farmer on the banks of the Hawkesbury river, but Sydney actor Alex O’Loughlin has just scored a major break after being cast in a lead role on gritty US cop show ‘The Shield’. 

 30 May 2006
Daily Telegraph, The (Sydney)

found on

keving bw dl 2

O’Loughlin joins Vic Mackey’s strike team as detective Kevin Hiatt after one of the team dies in the series’ fifth-season finale.

“This will probably be the thing that gets me recognized,”

O’Loughlin, who narrowly missed out on the role of James Bond, said yesterday.

“It’s a big deal. The role was highly coveted over here and I’m really happy.”

kevin bw dl 4

After a year and a half trying to crack the big time in the US, the actor said the audition process was a whirlwind.

“I auditioned two weeks ago, they called me back the next day and I just finished the first of seven episodes.”

kevin bw dl 5

Known in Australia for his roles as Will Bryant in the TV mini series Mary Bryant and as Jack Flange in the Oyster Farmer, word of the Sydneysider is already spreading in are fast in LA. “G’day mate, you’re busted!one headline reads.

kevin bw dl 6

But it seems we can count on O’Loughlin, 29, staying down to earth.

“I’m an actor – there’s nothing glamorous about acting until you get to the f… you money and then it all turns to shit anyway,”

he joked about his impending fame.

kevin bw dl 3

My Thoughts

Just to get the timeline (of an actor, and specifically Alex) into perspective:

  • Alex got this part in The Shield(and it was filmed) in May – July 2006.
  • This was shortly after he returned from New York, where he filmed August Rush (that premiered in November 2007).
  • However these episodes of The Shield were only broadcast a year later in April & May 2007.
  • By the time it was broadcast, Alex already shot the original pilot of Moonlight (but the show premiered in September 2007)
  • and also the movie Whiteout (that only premiered in September 2009).
  • And also at that time in April 2007, the movie The Invisible premiered (and that was already shot in late 2005) 😀

 Update with News Paper Scan

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is the-daily-telegraph-au-30-may-2006.jpg


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