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The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 118

As those of you who follow our Twitter and Facebook page, all surely know by now – Hawaii Five-0 has been renewed for Season 6.

No news on the number of episodes yet.

If they follow the norm of the past seasons, they should start filming somewhere in mid-July and the broadcast should start by the end of September (hopefully with another SOTB). We will keep you up to date on any news surrounding it, as it comes in (maybe some of it, after CBS Upfronts tomorrow).

s6 congratulations dl

We continue our Steve’s story from here

…… and my feeling from the previous episode continues “This is the real Hawaii Five-0 experience”….. And added to that we also had some special treats that made this episode even better. Shirtless, wet Steve, emerging from the sea. Steve in a tux, with bow tie, tied and untied. Steve taking no shit from suspects threatening his country, his home and his loved ones. Steve flying a helicopter. And also Steve the vulnerable human man, having to  deal with seeing his long time lover and friend. The woman that he loves and who he was not prepared to easily forget by moving on to another, back again after such a long time….

And added to that, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Alex O’Loughlin the man behind Steve, look as gorgeous as he did throughout this entire episode!

(When Alex brushed his hair back like that – it nearly was the end of me. Not sure how much more my heart can take of this …  😛 )

Before I continue with my thoughts on this episode and Steve’s story, I just want to remind people that these are fictional characters, written by people with different views and written for people all with different needs and likes. PLEASE don’t take everything so seriously and try to find every single bit of bad in the characters of actors you don’t like and the ships you don’t ship …. These characters will do whatever is written in the scripts. And it all depends on when and how, who is available to portray those characters…… Many factors come together to create a story.

In short, if your ship is not happening, get over yourself and rather not terrorize other fans with your theories of who belongs in the show or together or not ….

525 (47)

I was very sceptical about how they would reintroduce Catherine to the show and I was pleasantly surprised. You can see the doubt and the questions in Steve’s eyes, but you can also see the happiness in the smile he gave her just before he walked away.

I think that Michelle and Alex played it pitch perfectly throughout this scene. These lovers know each other so well, but lots of water under the bridge since they were separated. And as he said, lots to catch up on…. And neither of them know whether the other one might have moved on as far as relationships go.

And you can see that Steve will look at all evidence before he makes his decision. He is taking his own advice he gave Chin in the previous episode – don’t jump to conclusions and easy decisions when it comes to the people that you love.

Danny: Look I like Catherine very much, okay. I’m just not too happy about the way she left things. And now she’s back with not so much as a phone call. I think that for you it’d be good to find out what her plans are, so that she doesn’t, you know, rip your heart out again, that’s all.

Steve: Well, she didn’t rip my heart out, Danny. She went to do what she thought was right.

Danny: Right, she left you for a bunch of strangers

Steve: She went to help people in need. But like I said before, Danny, I don’t expect you to understand that.

I think Danny, and many fans, are missing one important fact here – Cath did not run off with another man or cheated on Steve. She went on a mission. Lots of people might do something like that in real life, without ending a relationship. Granted, most of them will keep regular contact and this was a bit different because this mission kind of just happened in the circumstance. People in the military are used to living apart for many months when they go on tours. It is very much part of their life of service to their fellow-man.

 Some random thoughts:

  • They really did an interesting job with all the stand-in actors at the scene with the plane (and with the raid at Bennett’s hideout). The doubles really have such a good resemblance of the actors – but really, we study every inch of Alex’s body and know his walk so well. NO fooling us there. But I must say it was one of the better cover-ups for Scott’s availability/absence, and with his schedule, not being able to shoot the scenes with the other main actors.
  • Not liking the awful shaky camera work in the blue room – please do not try some new special effects with this type of camera action – Just NO!


  • Something most fans also seemed to have missed – somebody had to be in contact with Cath. No one pitches up at a wedding uninvited. And the only person that would have invited her is Kono. My guess is that Kono felt it was time to return the favour – Cath helped her to get back with Adam, maybe it was time for Cath and Steve to be happy and back together again…. Thanks Kono 😀
  • Gabriel will never take WoFat’s place as nemesis – not as long as he just deals with Chin and does not become a threat to Steve and the whole team. As much as I like Gabriel as a villain with no conscious, which he demonstrated on a number of occasions – he will still need to do a lot, to convince me of his status as super-villain.

525 (105)

With so much greatness as part of the episode, I really did not have any time to see or care for all the little (or maybe even big) anomalies and questions. Steve’s story is in limbo and I guess we’ll have to wait for Season 6 to see if there will be any progress in our hero’s story ….

 Lots of fans always ask and speculate about the James Bond references. Not to burst anybody’s bubble but this is the reality:

Alex was invited to the 007 auditions in London the last time a Bond was chosen in 2005. Maybe they will ask him again next time – some other actors did try out for the role a number of times in the past. One of the main concerns at the time in 2005, apart from the fact that he is not British I think, was that he was a bit young for the role. You can read some of the details about it here.
Daniel Craig (who I like as Bond & who fills out oo7’s pants very nicely 😛 ) is filming the latest Bond movie at the moment and as far as I know he signed on for at least one more Bond film after this one. Then maybe in another 3 -4 years time that one will be filmed.
That will mean that by the time when they choose the next Bond in maybe 5 or 6 years time, Alex might be too old for it by then or already busy with a new fulltime project.

I actually feel that hopefully by then, he would have already made his mark in some other big blockbuster movie (or other movies), or maybe already be with an Oscar in hand for his dream role …. a fangirl can dream 😀

525 (68)

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 525

A Make Kāua (Until We Die)

To be continued …… next season

The Koala Smartass had such a lovely time of rest during these last 2 episode and hopefully the new season will give him even more rest with some great stories, that don’t need any smartassery… 🙂

Koala Smartass


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