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#AlexOLoughlin Talks Romance and JLo’s Bum – April 2010

 Alex doing an interview for the Premiere of The Back-Up Plan in the UK with “The Showbiz 411”

Reporter: Now, your character gets about a 100 points in the boyfriend stakes, for the place he takes Jennifer on a date.

Alex: [Laughs] Right.


Reporter: What would be your idea of a romantic night out?

Alex: Well everyone does … everyone goes to restaurants and goes and has dinner and ….. I think the more spontaneous and the less sort of obvious it is, the more romantic it is.

Like I think if you sort of bundle someone up in the car and took them out into the desert and where there was no one and nothing. And created something – sort of what Stan does, he creates something out of nothing.

Like I think that’s more … I think that’s more romantic than the run of the mill stuff.


Reporter: Have you done that? Is that your trick?

Alex: No, I’ve never done that. [laughs] Now I’m thinking. I’m thinking about doing it though.


Reporter: Now a lot is made of the famous JLo behind. You got closer than most. Tell us what’s it really like.

Alex: You’re asking me to talk about Jennifer’s bottom? Uhm … [laughs] I don’t know what to tell you. She’s, she’s, she’s a fine young woman.

I’m not … I’m not going to talk about [laughs] I’m not going to talk about her bottom.


Reporter: I’ve got to ask you. What is in the water in Australia? Because you guys are hitting Hollywood left, right, and center.

Alex: Yeah, there’s a lot of us there, isn’t there. I know, I mean the thing about Australia, I think it’s similar in Britain. It’s like … I mean it’s a boutique industry, you know.

There’s a little bit of stage, there’s a bit of film and a bit of TV, but there’s not the money. And there’s not .. there’s not the industry that’s in the States.

And so we go there, as do a lot of people from the UK, to work. You know, you go to where the work is.

So … but there’s, there’s …. you can’t, you can’t turn around without hearing a Ozzie accent there now. I used to sort of feel special. I’ve lived there for I while, 

I used to be like and people would go, OH, your Australian and now they are like [rolling eyes] Oh you’re Australian


Reporter: You did it though without “Home and Away and “Neighbours” – impressive.

Alex: I did. Yeah I did …. They wouldn’t have me.


Reporter: [Laughs] I’m sure they would.

Alex: They might now. [Laughing]


Link to the video

 My thoughts

  • If a guy bundles me into a car and drives out into the desert, where there is nobody – I might just feel a bit scared 😀
    I think what Stan did and what one needs to do to plan to go into the desert for some romance, might not be as spontaneous as Alex wants it to be, but needs a bit of preparation. 🙂



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