Happy b-day to Andrea B

How about a moment of buddy-bonding for your birthday since you are our top bromance writer 🙂

The day started off just beautifully. Have a look at Steve´s face, beeeauuuutiful 🙂

Is he emotional because of the scenery or does he have the sniffles?

But then Steve did a Humpty-Dumpty  and left his buddy all worried for a second (and hurt his pretty face too). So Danny then did his Hercules and saved his friend´s life.

So much love for his brother in the air 🙂

Some hours later. Steve hitched a lift and continued his duty as the hottest H50 lieutenant commander. He actually looked even better with the bruises. Steve didn´t want to get dirt on his sparkling white cast so little buddy had to deal with the dead fish…

Eyesexting/eyehumping…ladies loosing panties everywhere.

Danny wasn´t too happy about it. So the dead fish killed his brotherly love…just like that.

Ok, there was still some love left to share, with a lot of beer. Buddy-bonding ending the day.

We wish you, Andrea, a day of fun and laughter, with cake and beer. Happy birthday to you!Smiley

SmileyLove FOYeur and PaulaSmiley



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10 responses to “Happy b-day to Andrea B

  1. Beautiful! Happy Birthday, Andrea B. and thank you to whomever made this.. so awesome. Love the eyehumping. 😀


  2. vanduyn

    These are awesome! You are loved Andrea!


  3. Thank you Paula and FOYeur 🙂 I can’t even begin to say how much I love this. As many people know, the bromance is what I watch H50 for (well, also for Alex but that goes without saying, right?) and the moments you have captured here are full of all sorts of awesomeness. Actually, the ‘eyesexting’ gif is worth visiting this page over and over for even without the other great moments. Danny’s air heart is pure gold and I absolutely love that episode. The bromance moments in 3.6 and 3.7 have renewed my enthusiasm for Show and I hope we are treated to more of this in the rest of the season.

    Thank you for allowing me to share my passion for the bromance and for writing by posting on your blog. And thank you for your friendship; it means a lot to me.

    (PS Totes honoured to be your top bromance writer. More to come, I promise!)


  4. Alicia

    Perfect choice! One of the best bromance eps of all time :-).

    (I will be back at random times for the rest of today to have another look at the eyehumping gif…)


  5. Happy Birthday Andrea.
    Lovely bromantic gifs, Paula and Foyeur, love this ep.


    • Thanks, MJ 🙂 So many amazing bromance gifts for my birthday. My birthday has been a real celebration of the bromance. I wonder what we will add to the mix by next year’s birthday?


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