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Happy b-day to Andrea B

How about a moment of buddy-bonding for your birthday since you are our top bromance writer 🙂

The day started off just beautifully. Have a look at Steve´s face, beeeauuuutiful 🙂

Is he emotional because of the scenery or does he have the sniffles?

But then Steve did a Humpty-Dumpty  and left his buddy all worried for a second (and hurt his pretty face too). So Danny then did his Hercules and saved his friend´s life.

So much love for his brother in the air 🙂

Some hours later. Steve hitched a lift and continued his duty as the hottest H50 lieutenant commander. He actually looked even better with the bruises. Steve didn´t want to get dirt on his sparkling white cast so little buddy had to deal with the dead fish…

Eyesexting/eyehumping…ladies loosing panties everywhere.

Danny wasn´t too happy about it. So the dead fish killed his brotherly love…just like that.

Ok, there was still some love left to share, with a lot of beer. Buddy-bonding ending the day.

We wish you, Andrea, a day of fun and laughter, with cake and beer. Happy birthday to you!Smiley

SmileyLove FOYeur and PaulaSmiley


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The evolution of the bromance: — Season 2 highlights

Our second instalment on the evolution of the bromance from our guest writer, Andrea from Brisbane Australia (Andrea_Briz)

Firstly, I need to acknowledge SJ as it was her idea to create this post. Thanks for the inspiration, SJ 🙂

Followers of Alex/H50-related blogs have discussed at length the not-so-fine moments of season 2 so I won’t revisit them. For the most part, I loved season 1 and it was disappointing that I wasn’t so in love with the season that followed. However, as it was SJ’s suggestion to do something positive in relation to season 2, I am happy to have relived some of the best moments for this post. Most of these relate to the evolution of the bromance but I’ve also made mention of some key FiveO ohana moments, too.

Season 2 began with the team very much fractured but by 2.22, they were back together again as a cohesive unit, a family (ohana) of sorts 🙂 This is a really nice way to think about the season. (Before considering the events of the finale, of course.)

Season 2 opened with Steve in prison, accused of the Governor’s murder, Kono relieved of duty for stealing money from the asset forfeiture locker, Danny in a state of emotional turmoil due to ongoing custody issues, and Chin back at HPD without his team. The season opener was a cracker of an episode, though, and it gave us plenty of bromance/ohana moments. With Steve on the lam after breaking out of prison, Danny and Chin worked tirelessly to clear his name. I enjoyed Max’s inclusion in the Five0 ohana, too. Max helped tend Steve’s wounds after he was shanked by Victor Hesse in prison and had escaped from the ambulance and this scene was a highlight of 2.1 for me.  There were some nice comedic moments in this part of the episode, especially after Danny and Chin showed up. We were also treated to Alex lying shirtless on Max’s couch while he was being fixed up, orange make up notwithstanding #freethegecko.

Episode 2.2 should rate a mention, so that Paula can provide a gif of Alex on a horse (and in a blue shirt!). I don’t really have a reason for this to be included, but who needs one? There was a nice bromance moment, though, when Lori asks Steve and Danno how long they have been married, due to their constant bickering. Cute 🙂

If only for the final scene, episode 2.3 earns its place in the season 2 highlights collection. This episode is about how the Five0s helped uncover why SEALs from Team 9 were being found dead of apparent suicide. The scene I am referring to is when the Five0s are allowed into the Naval Situation Room where footage of Operation Payback is being played out. Danny, watching the SEALs do their thing, says to Steve, “You did this stuff?” to which Steve replies, “I neither confirm nor deny”. While everyone is taking in the SEAL operation, Chin says, “Glad you’re on our team”. This is an important moment; not that the Five0s didn’t realise it before, but seeing the SEALs in action confirms Steve’s BAMF status and his place as leader of their team.

If for no other reason than to relive the MMA scenes (you can thank me later, Justine), episode 2.6 is included as a season highlight. Danny’s concern for Steve in the MMA fight is a nice demonstration of the bromance. If you watch the season 2 gag reel, you’ll find a hilarious out-take from the fight scene. If I’m not mistaken, when Alex is down on the mat, he says to Scott, “Danny, you’re beautiful. I fkn love you man”.

There is no way that episode 2.10 should be left out of a season 2 best-of story. I’m sure many of you will agree that this episode was one of the – if not THE – best of the season. Steve takes off for North Korea to help Jenna Kaye rescue her fiancé, only to be betrayed by Kaye and tortured by Wo Fat who is still searching for Shelburne’s identity. The team, plus Joe White and Steve’s SEAL mates, embark on a dangerous mission to rescue Steve in what was the ultimate test of the bromance and team ohana. And they passed with flying colours! The look on Danny’s face when he opens the truck to find Steve safe is one of the best moments of the season, as is the final scene in the helicopter when the team is returning home. It’s memorable just for Alex’s killer smile! I also love the ohana moment, to ease the tension from the ordeal they have just been through, when they are all joking about Chin’s upcoming marriage.

In episode 2.13, Steve dangles a suspect over a ‘cliff’ then lets him go, only to see the suspect face plant into the sand (because it wasn’t really a cliff after all hehe). We weren’t treated to many Steve OTT policing tactics in season 2 so I really enjoyed this one. Also enjoyable because we got to hear Danny utter one of my favourite bromance lines: “You’re an animal”.

You may or may not like the events in episode 2.14, when Danny helps Rachel deliver her baby, knowing that he is not the father. However, in the final scene there is a nice bromance moment, as Steve is there to support Danny after the baby is born. By offering to buy him dinner  🙂

Episode 2.19 has a terrific bromance moment in the opening scene, with the added bonus of both Alex and Scott shirtless after surfing on Queens’s Beach. The scene begins with a discussion of whether or not you can ‘own a wave’ after Danny tried to muscle in on someone else’s wave – off camera of course. Danny does not agree with the wave-owning concept and so he says: “You can’t own a wave, and while we are on the subject; Spam is not part of any food group that I care to recognize and last but not least, an appetizer should never ever, under any circumstances be referred to as “poo poo.” Classic. I also love the way Danny plants his surfboard into the sand, mimicking Steve like a little boy would. Bromance gold.

Episode 2.22 is where the team comes together at the end of season, before things go off the rails in the finale. The end of the episode, when Steve is welcomed back after his Wo Fat crusade in Japan, is a really nice example of the team ohana and in particular the brotherly relationship that now exists between Steve and Danny. It has warmth to it that seems ‘real’ and it is particularly significant as Alex had just returned to the show after time off in rehab.

And, just for FOYeur, I am going to include the cargument from the finale; also because it’s one of the best. Ever. Danny is about to take a call from his lawyer, regarding custody issues with Rachel and Stan moving to Las Vegas, and he tells Steve that the call is private. Alex does a bang-up job with his reaction to this (that faaacceee!) as he’s all like, ‘what can I do, I’m driving?’ Steve tells Danny that they are friends so there should be sharing and I LOVE IT when Danny calls Steve on his disappearing act in the previous couple of episodes. Nice one, Danno! It gets even better when Steve says to Danny: “I can put my head out the window and drive with my feet. I’ve got great toe control.” Yes, we know you have great toe control, Steve! (And thanks for the shout out to H50 Sardonic toe p/rn discussions 🙂 )

So there you have it, my selection of great moments from season 2; hopefully we can move on with fond memories. If you are still in any doubt about the bromance and the team ohana, check out the season 2 gag reel. It’s hilarious and to me shows what a tight-knit bunch the Fab Four are and HOW MUCH FUN it must be to be part of this show.


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