403 – Steve and Max, bffs

I think Danny might be just a bit jellis, just a tiny bit 😛

I love those faces 😀




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9 responses to “403 – Steve and Max, bffs

  1. veniascott

    love that scene it was a funny. Poor danny I think he feels all left out and can’t play with max and steve.


  2. Karen

    I love DOSE faces too!! They are all just too gorgeous for words!


  3. Love these!! He’s so expressive, right?! 😀


  4. Manu

    Steve and Max, my fav combo after Steve and Danno 🙂


  5. So funny! These three together have given us some memorable scenes! Love jealous Danno and Steve is not nice to tease him with a new BFF. 😆
    Love Steve’s face in the last gif. “Pfft”


  6. marnov2205

    A cool scene! Love the fist bump! But maybe I’m biased because I adore Max – I also have much love for the office scene with him. (Max, are you aware I carry a gun?) LOL 😀 Thanks for the McFaces, Paula!


    • buttercup

      This “gun scene” was indeed very funny, because we all know steve will never to anything to his friends! And because he was a little bit helpless and slightly angry 😉 !


  7. buttercup

    Love how the new short hairstyle gives us all these new sides on steve’s faces!
    Love how Alex is doing this “I try to be funny Mcg” – i actually think steve wasn’t at all the funny type, until now, of course, his life seems to finally get into gear, lettig the sorrows of the past fade away!
    Having a built stabil “family” with cath, danny and all the others (ha ha my “Lost” joke 🙂 )
    Thank you Paula, those gifs are lighten up my early friday!


    • Anwyn

      I agree. I think he finally allows himself to break open, at least with his friends. IMO this was only visible in the past with some scenes together with Danno and may be with Cath here and there. Very rare anyway. And now we get to see much more of this funny stuff, funny face. DAT FACE. So loveable. Fans herself.
      TY Paula, for sharing.


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