#AlexOLoughlin knows his naughty moves …

O.M.G This weeken has delivered so much and this one tops them all.

Thank you Enson and Fowler for all these treats 🙂

I just had to make this “naughty” treat to gifs. Enjoy!


Gifs of the video:

I can´t get over this, how much fun can these guy have at kids toy department 😀



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29 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin knows his naughty moves …

  1. Kim

    Lol, that’s too funny. Thanks for sharing this!


  2. Hoola hooping never looked so sexy 😉


  3. I’ll never look at a hula hoop the same again!!!


  4. lindae5o

    How would Mr. Sex-0n-Legs not have all the right moves ? We know what he was really thinking of, don’t we. Love it !!!


  5. He said something about Barry White to Enson. Alex just made hula hooping forever x-rated in my mind. 😛 We haven’t seen his hips move like that since OF. OMG he has mesmerizing hip action! Thank you for the gifs!


  6. Vixhen

    Now that’s one exercise video I’d watch over and over again….Nice moves 🙂


  7. Paula, we both commented on “Barry White” at the same time. 🙂 That last gif from the end of the video is visual stimulating to say the least. My panties are in flames!


  8. Foxy527

    I love this so friggin’ much. He is so adorable and dangerously sexy at the same time. I’m overheating over here!! 😳😁


  9. These GIF’s are priceless 🙂


  10. I can’t get enough of this, video, gif’s. This man is insanely hot and he has no clue what this video has done to us.


  11. alexnymph

    I would have commented sooner, but I died and went to heaven!

    Last gif “it’s like this, it’s like this . . ” and then he laughs. Priceless!

    If I ever get to Hawaii, I know what prop I’m taking when I go H50 stalking. 🙂


    • Might be wishfull thinking, but does he say “go deeper” in the end just before Enson cracks up LOL


      • I… I mean… aaaackkkk… I think he says “you’re doing this, you’re doing this…. deeeeeep”.
        He can’t do this! I’m begging you Alex! It’s illegal!!!
        I was travelling for a week and now I’m trying to catch up with everything. Trying – because of this! Barry White moves and arranging the FOY! And laughing “happydrunk”. HE CAN’T DO THIS!
        But he does and I’m a giggling happy idiot! I’m in a hula hoop loop, constantly watching these gifs!


  12. Ohmygod I don’t know what to say, but this is the funniest shit ever. 😀 Enson is like me using a ring like that. And I can’t stop myself from looking at those gifs again and again, I really hate my dirty mind sometimes. :[


  13. karen

    I can just see SOTB next year. Hula hoops everywhere! I can’t stop watching these.


  14. Seriously when Enson posted this I was at work and watched it over so many times on my phone I ran out of data! I was a giggly, drooling mess and on the floor under my desk in the office because I couldn’t cope! lol HOLY SHIT best video ever! That man is just…. I have no words to describe it really. I absolutely loved the elbow in the ribs Enson gave Alex at the end as even he knew how naughty Alex was being LOL


    • I was lucky to be at home uninterrupted when I watched this video. Would have been awful to try to keep calm at work with this video playing. Really best clip ever of Alex! 😀


  15. It’s the best video of Alex ever! I can’t stop thinking about this hula hoop lesson. Enson stole from Egan the title of best friend of Alex fans. Thank you for the gifs of the naughty man, that always has the power to surprise us. FLR/TPD.
    A new challenge for men: do you know how to move a hula hoop?


  16. Sylvie

    I couldn’t have a look here for 3 weeks and hopefully today I take time to watch at all what I missed. And what I see right now? That video!!!
    I want a hula hoop close very close lesson, even with no hula hoop ♥♥♥☺☺


  17. OMG
    1. What happened?
    2. What happened to me in October to cause me to miss this?
    3. What happened to my panties?
    4. How in holy heck is Alex for real????
    5. How will I ever look at a hula hoop without thinking x-rated thoughts?


  18. kkkkkkkkkkkk two children dropped in the toy department! Where mothers go !!!! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


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