You shouldn´t have done that. Mick.

OhNoPoorMickGeezHeLooksSexyHurtAndHairMessedUp 😀




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26 responses to “You shouldn´t have done that. Mick.

  1. Ontlls

    Love that line, one of my favourite!


  2. karen1228

    In case you don’t know this, I ❤️❤️ Mick 😉!! Thanks for this – you made my Sunday!! Love that last shot of him. Sigh…


  3. The view from below Alex never gets old. Just sayin


  4. It’s been quite difficult for me to keep up with all of your posts, since I’ve been so busy lately, but I’m always grateful for Mick treats!


  5. Love Mick’s growly vampire voice. *sigh*
    “The view from below Alex never gets old.”–> ACA Brenda! However, I am getting old, and my knees start to hurt if I am down there too long. 😉
    Thank you Paula! Please keep the Mick coming! 😯 Maybe I should rephrase that?.. or maybe I’ll just join in. 😆 Mick makes me so naughty! 😛


      • Well,…he makes me the naughtiest! 😛 Almost animalistic at times. He is clearly the sexiest vampire EVER! Mick says that sex between humans and vampires never ends well. Then stop being so damned sexy and alluring Mick! You are such a tease! 😉
        The thought of being in the throes of passion with Mick sends jolts of electricity to all my underused lady parts. Knowing that if he succumbs to his vampire urges, my gasp of orgasmic pleasure could my last breath. I hold on to the fantasy that there is enough human left in Mick, that if he bit, he would only take what he needed, and in return, he would make sure to give me what I needed 😛 *shudder*


  6. This post makes me wanna start a ML marathon…


  7. The actor stabbing Mick is a kiwi – Dean O’Gorman who is one of the dwarves in The Hobbit. I met him last year here in New Zealand and we talked about Alex. He said they used to live together in LA *sigh* ♥ A


    • gracenotpark

      Lucky bastard! 😆
      I read…somewhere…that he was also the husband of the actress who played Pearl, in the Oyster Farmer. No idea if this is true.

      I wonder if all that seems like a long time ago to Alex. He’s done so much, been so busy, and his life has changed so much since those day… 😕


      • @Caroline: Darn! Dean Gorman is at HobbitCon (Bonn, Germany) at Easter – unfortunately I can’t attend because I’ve got other plans, but it would have been great to ask him at the Q&A: “Well, Dean, you have been great in the two Hobbit movies, but what I’d really like to know is: What’s Alex O’Loughlin like?” 😀


        • Maybe you should change your plans. I would love for you to ask that very important question 😉


          • I could ask a friend of mine to ask it for me… 😉
            The thing is that I’ll be on stage myself on the Easter weekend, singing the music of “Gladiator” in a “live to projection”-concert (the film is shown and the music is played live by a big philharmonic orchestra and a choir) at the Gasteig in Munich ( It would have to be Alex himself being there to make me reconsider my plans… 😉
            BTW: I’m not writing this to brag! I just feel so lucky that I have the opportunity to be a more active fangirl by being part of these concerts (I’ve already sung “The Lord of the Rings” Part 1 and 3, which was a dream come true, for I’m a huge fan of both Tolkien’s books and the movies (AND Howard Shore’s music). I’m NOT a professional singer, mind you.


  8. buttercup4u

    Mick speaks with his wonderfully shaped mouth very often, half open, yummy, I guess it’s the vampire teeth that make him open his mouth a little bit all the time because they are annoying (uncomfortable) him (like braces 😉 )
    Love the heavy breathing, thanks , makes Monday more bearable!


  9. Oh yummy Mick!! What a nice welcome back from my travels. THUD!!


  10. fark Spark

    Hmmmmm well, I just found out that Alex’s bestie teaches my friend drama at Nida and they were at Nida together…….so she says they always catch up when AOLis in Sydney…..almost a gd enough reason to start some acting classes lol


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