#AlexOLoughlin is having an affair ……… with couches

“There was a point four years ago when I was living on my mate Sam Gould’s couch for more than a year – so long that my back went out.

I had my swag with me and I had to move on to the floor. At that point I’d run out of money. A Ducati motorcycle, the only thing I owned, had been stolen and the insurance money had run out and I couldn’t get arrested in this town”

Alex O’Loughlin, Herald Sun, 14 October 2009

For most of us a couch is a couch. It is something you sit on. Other people might have different connections with it. Somebody visiting a psychiatrist might see it as an object of therapy. For someone a specific couch can hold some erotic memories of a special encounter involving it …..

Like I said, we all have our different feelings towards them. They are either seen as just another piece of furniture or as part of a memory.

Alex seemed to take his real life experiences with couches to our screens. Is it life imitating art or is it art imitating life?

In Moonlight poor Mick St John denied himself the luxury of even owning a bed. Don’t know if he just never wanted to be reminded of its comfort or maybe the possibility of passion surrounding it, but he opted not to have one.

When he eventually needed one, he had to make do with his couch.

And when he had to offer Beth some place to sleep on, she also had to sleep on a couch. (Better than sleeping in Mick’s freezer, Beth …. or is it?)

In The Back-Up Plan, Stan and Zoe technically had their first fight right after they made love for the first time  …… and it seems the farmhouse was so small, that with Zoe sleeping in the bedroom, Alex as Stan had no other choice but to take the couch once again……

With Alex’s latest show Hawaii Five-0, the mystery of why only couches are used, where he apparently lives in one bedroom houses, continues.

In Episode 2:01, after Max patched up Steve’s wound, he got him onto the couch. Also no extra bed or bedroom available here it seems ……

And another mystery to me –  how did tiny Max get unconscious SuperSEAL Steve from the bathroom floor onto that couch?

In Episode 2:09, Danny moved in as Steve’s house guest, after loosing his accommodation, and low and behold, he sleeps on the couch.

Is this all just pure coincidence, is there a pattern here or is it just a special affinity for couches on Alex’s side? Maybe because they are better than sleeping on the floor…….?

“I had nothing. I ended up sleeping on my pal’s office floor while his house was getting sand-blasted and all the floors were being done.

The office was sealed off in plastic, so I was literally living in this plastic bubble while the rest of the house was being worked on. I had really dark thoughts in that time. I was very depressed, and I went through a lot of pain. I couldn’t see beyond each day.

That might sound overly dramatic, but that’s what I experienced. I didn’t know what to do. I had a good friend who came by every morning and took me for coffee and worked out the plan for every day. I didn’t have the money to go home to Australia even if I’d wanted to. It was friendship that kept me strong. Eventually I just thought, “What the hell! Until you hit your knees, it’s not worth it anyway.”

Alex O’Loughlin, FilmInk, June 2010

Goodbye Sweetie……..see you soon (and I promise I will put you in my a bed after I use the stun gun on you………)

Ouch…….is all that force really necessary?

Goodbye girls……


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9 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin is having an affair ……… with couches

  1. FOYeur! Love the couch theme! So perfect, this was really really charming!!

    And I’m going to assume all the gifs are Paula’s…. inspired as always!! Love STAN especially & there’s Mick snuggling under his ratty brown blanket, gotta love it!!! 😀


  2. imfriggingud

    It made me think how strange in five-o how Danny slept on the couch, cause if you think logically Mcg moves back into the family home which surely had more than 1 room for a family of (at one stage ) four people. ….can’t recall if there was a bed in Oyster Farmer… I remember a couch somewhere in it…. We can only assume that Alex just loves his couches but I too would offer him my bed… (stun gun not necessary)…. hubby wouldn’t mind sleeping on the couch lol


    • FOYeur

      The bed in Oyster Farmer…….
      He and Pearl did sit on a couch ones…..but no real memories there… 🙂
      Mary definitely slept in a room when she was there in S1 (Can’t see her being satisfied with a couch.)
      I just think that the writers just do the scenes according to their needs……and not really according to real life (When the writers see Alex – they see couches. 😆 )


    • Andrea

      Exactly what I’ve been thinking! Now, I’m not complaining about Alex on any couch (Iove the posting by the way, FOYeur) but why is Danny sleeping there when the house looks huge to me? Dramatic licence, I guess. Thought the same about Stan and the farmhouse. Again, not complaining about Alex on the couch, though 🙂


      • FOYeur

        Like I said to somebody else, I think the writers, directors and producers see Alex…..and they say, “here is the couch guy…let’s put him on a couch and when he has guests, put them on couches too” 😆


      • eileen mcdonnell

        Lol wasnt it Danny who said he preferred the couch so he could watch or listen to the TV 📺 x


        • Hi Eileen. Yes you are correct and that was the excuse given for Danny being on the couch. But as Danny is not real, it is still the writers who placed him there and made it look like Steve did not have a room for hom to sleep in.


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