Alex had fun with the Enson in Japan

Thank you Enson Inoue for giving us such nice treats this weekend. Enson celebrated his retirement from fighting and Alex flew over to be there. And he had a good time, as Enson proved us 🙂

Any idea what that weird metallic “bed” with pillows is, in that last gif?

Please go hit like on Enson´s FB page here as a thank you for all these lovely Alex treats he has given us 🙂


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6 responses to “Alex had fun with the Enson in Japan

  1. I love to see him having fun 🙂


  2. Playful, adorable, sexy Alex…and on a bed. *sigh* ❤ 😀


  3. These came up on Enson’s page last night when I was scrolling through FB. He posted the last one about midnight my time., I was in bed and couldn’t stop laughing. They were so funny and seeing Alex so relaxed and having fun made me smile. Took me ages to sleep last night due to the giggling.

    I had a feeling that last pic was a recliner at the airport, but it looked like they went outside? Who knows maybe its still at that 6 diamond venue they were at lol


  4. vanduyn

    God bless you woman! These gifs are truly awesome and something I desperately need!! 😉


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