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Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (14 – 22 Apr 2017)

Another week down and less than 11 weeks to go before start of filming of Season 8. At this rate it feels like before we blink our eyes too many times, we will be there. Here are some of the treats we got during this past week.

As always, Thank You to those who have posted pictures. And remember the links to all original posts are in the names.

Life on the Set:

Wesley John Getting briefed on the day’s action with series stars Alex O’Loughlin and Grace Park. — at Turtle Bay, Oahu

Stars, Alex and Grace working out a fight sequence with the show’s fight choreographer.

(Thank you Sadie for the find)

Fan Photos:

  • From the pictures posted, it looks like Alex left for the mainland (LA) on Monday evening the 17th, but had to endure a 5 hour delay.

Michael Black to Alex O’Loughlin     This was our last hour in Hawaii after living here for 4 years! My wife and I’s favorite TV show is Hawaii 5-0!

  • From one of the flight attendants on the flight

Making new friends from Hawaii Five-O. Alex O’Loughlin aka Steve McGarrett.

Stuck in Hawaii airport in same lobby with Alex O’Loughlin from Hawaii Five O. Could be worse!

  • Some “new” old picture(s)
    Over the years James have posted some pictures with Alex (and Egan). I think these are two ‘new’ ones amongst the ones he posted again this week on his new IG.

doi1da  Egan Inoue and Alex O’Loughlin.

Other News for the week:

  • Of course Alex and Malia celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary during this past week on April 17th.We would like to congratulate them and wish them the best for the years to come.

happy anniversary


Some Trivia for the week:

  • Although we know Alex got Dusty during hiatus 2011, we never knew when she was born. Malia solved that mystery for us with one of her posts on Instagram on April 15th. So That means that Dusty turned 6 this past week.

maliajonesswim  Happy birthday Dusty! 🎂🎉 #little #lover

Treat for the week:

I guess there are not many that have not yet seen the Watch! magazine video of Alex reading the children’s book, but here is just another reminder of it and a notice of the HD video and  some knee-p0rn that we added later.

Alex reading “Hello Lamb” by Jane Cabrera

Thought for the week:

Over the years that we have been following Alex, there has always been a code of respect amongst his fans not to post private pictures of his children on our fan pages. I see in resent times it has become popular practice on some (Instagram) pages to disregard Alex’s private life and post these private pictures, just in order to get some more likes and followers. And if we dare to post a comment about it we get blocked or the comment deleted ……


Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

  • alex o’loughlin tatoo hand
  • smoking hot bodies pics


Next Week:

  • At least we will get another new episode this coming Friday the 28th . At first I thought it will be a Steve=lite episode, but from the promo’s at looks like we will see some of him as well.




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Life around #AlexOLoughlin – two weeks in review (31 Mar – 13 Apr 2017)

Last week of filming of Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 done, and it’s a wrap. And the first week of hiatus counted down – only 12 more to go. Some pictures and videos posted with cast and crew saying goodbye.

Thank you to all those who posted pictures.


Life on the Set:

  • This week on the set.

erikaaresta  Fond memories last forever. A spectacular ending leads to wonderful new beginnings. Forever grateful and always in honor. We look ahead with Much anticipation. Thank you “Uni” loving kindness memorialized. Season 7 was a flick of twist 7 years Amazing ! Season 8 to you we greet with infinite admiration and love. Oops photo credit by the absolutely stunning @erikalei


hasrhawaii  Bailey met McGarrett

hasrhawaii  New surfboard for Kono… wonder if she’s leaving the show?

hasrhawaii  McGarretts here too


cathyhughes72  Cool to see things in action in person! #h50 #magicisland #hawaiifive0


hijiristagram   five-O Shooting. #hawaiifiveo #shooting #waikiki #magicisland #oahuhawaii


Fan Photos:

  • New-oldie posted

Nikki N Bobby Shoaf   Even TV stars brought there cars here. Here is the actor from Hawaii five-0. With my husband


Proud fangirling for the week:

  • From David Murray on Facebook

David C. Murray   Late post: On last Thursday, I’d got my first stand-in speaking role acting with Steve McGarrett aka ALEX O’Loughlin star of TV show Hawaii FIVE O. It was one of greatest accomplishments because he personally told me in a van driving to the set that “he was proud of me and that I’d deserved to be working on set with him and not as a background actor” I walked taller and actually took a moment to pat myself on the back because someone of that caliber took noticed of my artistry.


Something Pretty:

Alex with Family, Friends & Colleagues:


clairevandboom  Rachel returns. Throw back to my first week filming #Hawaiifive0 7yrs ago. Still a whole lotta love for these guys. Tonight at 9 p.m. EDT on #cbs


staygold.87   The boys


fbrfilms  That’s a wrap Hawaii 5O season seven! Love my film family! What a crazy awesome season!!! Life is a blessing and a gift!!!!

ianrobby923  And that’s a wrap on HAWAII FIVE-0 Season 7! I have been so blessed to work with the best cast and crew on television! The amount of work and dedication these men and women put in everyday is incredible. Mahalo to the ADs, Jocco, Chip, Jason, Carla, Jake, Pricilla, and Martin for all the guidance and wisdom you have shared to myself and to all the PAs. Mahalo to the cast and crew for taking me into the 5-0 ohana! I love every single one of you and I can’t wait to work with y’all again Season 8! And a big Mahalo to the fans! This show would not be possible with out you! We have the most loyal and dedicated fans in the world! Now it’s time for a much deserved hiatus! Mahalo and Aloha Season 7, Aloha Season 8! #H50 #AlexOLoughlin #McGarrett #Wrap #Season7 #Aloha #Mahalo #Ohana 🌊🎬🎥🎥


  • From bwallace808 IG





Thought (Tweet) for the week:

Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

  • alex o’loughlin smoking

For me this was an interesting search because, yes we Alex smoke, or did smoke. I suspect that he might have given up on smoking cigars this past year, because we have not seen him with a cigar since filming of Season 6. Maybe it is one of the things he has given up to repair his health. Guess we will have to wait and see if it is the case.

Next Week:

  • We do wish Alex the best for a well deserved rest, and we understand that there will not be much to report on for the next 12 weeks, but we still at least wish for some news and footage of his whereabouts coming through during the hiatus. At least we still have 4 new episodes to enjoy and have the CBS Watch magazine next month to look forward to.


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Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (24 – 30 March 2017)

Well this is it, we have arrived at the start of the last week of filming of Hawaii Five-0 for Season 7. And after that, I guess not a lot of fresh news about Alex will be coming through for the next 3½ months of hiatus until filming of Season 8 starts. Can’t say that I am looking forward to it – the hiatus I mean. But it is well deserved for cast and crew, and I hope they enjoy their time of rest.

In any case, Thank You to everybody who posted pictures during this past week.

Life on the Set:

Fe Abapo Clock (27 March )  Hawaii Five-O closed H-3 Freeway for three days for production shoot. 🚡📸🎥📽  #AlexO‘Loughlin  #Ko‘olauMountains
  • Goofy Alex via H50 Pics – Originally live from DDK on IG


  • From the set of tonight’s episode:

   Serious stuff is going down, Hawaiian style, this Friday night with these guys on @HawaiiFive0CBS if you get to check it out! #hawaiifive0

Fan Photos:

rosed808   Alex O’Loughlin, humble and chill guy. #hawaiifive0 #alexoloughlin #actor #genuine #downtoearth

Alex, Family, Friends & Colleagues:

Some more celebration about the Season 8 renewal …….

  • Posted by Chi’s wife, Julissa McBride:

shoejitsu  These bad asses just got picked up for Season 8! #h50 #chimcbride #alexoloughlin #gracepark #scottcaan #cbs #setlife


  • From Chef Morimoto:

morimotomaui​​    Congrats to the cast & crew of Hawaii Five-0 on the show’s renewal for an 8th season!​ ​Filmed on location in Hawaii, the hit show​ recently surpassed its 150 episode milestone​.​ Iron Chef Morimoto has had the honor of appearing in 3 episodes during the 1st, 5th & 6th seasons. #hawaiifive0#taylorwily #alexoloughlin #dennischun#cbs #hawaii #oahu #chefmorimoto#morimoto #ironchef 🎬🌺 @hawaiifive0cbs @chef_morimoto@plenkov

  • Posted by one of the crew members:

bwallace808  I woke up to this message from Alex. This man has the biggest heart. Definitely doesn’t get enough credit for all that he does. On and off the job, he is a stand up guy and a selfless person. He has made a lot of sacrifices for this show to go on, not only for the fans but the crew. I’ve made a living on this show for 7 years now and I feel blessed. Thank you cast, crew, and cbs for making an incredible product. Thank you to all the VIEWERS and FANS that keep our show alive! Most of all…Thank you God.🙏🏼☝🏽#hawaiifive0 #h50 #season8 #griplife

Alex: Another year homie, another year.

B Wallace: We are so blessed brother!!! I am so grateful to be part of this. Thank you for your continued hard work and dedication Alex. Love ya man! Yeeeee!

Alex: Thank YOU bro. You guys are the best crew ever. Love you brother.

And for a special occasion ……..

  • From Landrover Honolulu

landroverhonolulu @hawaiifive0cbs ‘s #alexoloughlin buys a brand new Range Rover for his wife during his break from set! PC: @angiezperkins & @xchrisx #hawaii50 #hawaiifive0 #hawaii50cbs #landroverhonolulu #landrover #rangerover #velocityhi #velocityhonolulu #experiencevelocity #drivehawaii #alexoloughlin #rangeroverpics #rangeroverofficial #landroverusa #rover #roverlife #roverworld #rangeroverusa #rangeroverworld #luxury #performance #style #actor #congrats

Of course Alex’s wife, Malia, celebrated her 40th birthday this past week on 27th March. We guess this brand new Range Rover was one of her presents from hubby Alex.

We would also like to wish Malia a Happy (belated) Birthday and the best for the year ahead.


Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:


  • alex o’loughlin sock on his penis

Of course you can find all the information and footage about that sock here with us. After all, if it is a story about Alex O’Loughlin, we ‘cover’ it all.

Next Week:

  • A new episode this evening – Episode 7:20 and that means after that, there are only 5 more episode left to see for Season 7. YOu can catch the Sneek Peaks on our FB page :


and here


And you can see the 7.20 Press Release & Promo Pics, and some discussion of what we can expect for tonight here

  • Because they shot the finale out of sequence, they started filming the penultimate episode this last Wednesday and they will wrap for Season 7 next Friday, 7 April.



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Life around #AlexOLoughlin – last few days in review (21 – 23 Mar 2017)

Lots happening over the last 2 days. We just had to do another update ……

Please be aware that some of the footage might contain spoilers. There are such a lot of footage from the filming of the season finale, just like last year. Hope it will not be spoiling too much of the actual show for us.

Thank you to everybody who posted pictures.

Breaking News:

Yes, CBS announced the renewal of a number of their shows, Hawaii Five-0 included.

Season 8 of Hawaii Five-0 is a go ……

Related image

Life on the Set:

  Today was a great day! We were allowed to watch some scenes they were shooting for the finale and the crew was super nice to all fans 💚


Videos from the set:

  • Please click on each video to watch








  •  From DDK on IG stories:


Fan Photos:


Beau Wilt  My boys taking a selfie with Hawaii Five-0 Steve McGarrett — with Colby Wilt.


Something Pretty:

 (So many have already posted the picture today and I thought the ‘Black and White’ might a nice change. Colour can be seen on original link and on our Fb and IG pages)
Not sure who found the picture – thank you in any case

Alex, Family, Friends & Colleagues:


  • One happy gang …. Wishing Will Yun Lee (aka Sang Min) a Happy Birthday yesterday.

and for fun …….

Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

  • the cat with a thousand hats


Hope you enjoy a great weekend!


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Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (11 – 20 March 2017)

Hope you all are enjoying a great week.

Please be aware that some of the video clips posted here might contain spoilers of upcoming episodes.

Thank you to everybody who posted some footage this week.


Life on the Set:

  • From the set of the previous episode.

Jessica Munoz    I am still amazed at the opportunity to work with this phenomenal Hawaii Five-0 crew as we worked together to convey the issue of child sexual exploitation. THank you executive producers Bryan Spicer, Peter Lenkov, Episode director Bronwen Hughes actors Alex O’Loughlin Daniel Dae Kim Jorge Garcia (actor) Chi McBride and the beautiful Grace Park for partnering with us and using your platform giving voice to the voiceless. Ho’ola Na Pua thanks you. Also a shout out to Erika Kauffman for your support of this mission. If you haven’t checked out the PSA- watch here and join the movement!

  •  From the set of the Season 7 finale

plenkov  Our biggest #h50 episode to date. S7 finale – you ready???

  • From the finale set, posted by Hawaii Isla 808

  Hawaii Five-0 : Behind the Scenes of #h50 today. #hawaiifive0 #Five0. at the Hawaii Film Studio.

Videos from the set:


  • And

 From what I can see it looks like Steve will be doing some sort of rescue or thing on top of a moving truck.

  • Editing clips from Peter on IG:


  • There are a few more on his IG stories


  • And

Fan Photos:

alohafromaaronandmaggie| in the jungle | had to fit some time in with the locals 😉🌴🌺 #HawaiiFive0 #fangirl #aloha

Trivia for the week:

  •  A big thank you to those accounts on IG who deleted  the fake pictures they posted unknowingly. Always good to see that there are still fans who care and want to keep things real. (Remember there are big differences between fanart creations and false/fake pictures being created with photoshop in order to look like real pictures.)Highfive

Alex, Family, Friends & Colleagues:

  • An oldie posted by director Charley Stadler

charleystadler #funtimes #newyork #alexoloughlin #hollyvalance #actors #actress #australia #australiantalent #party #shooting #stars #hollywoodstars #superselfie #hawaii50 #tvseries #famous

  • And he also posted this oldie again:

charleystadler #with actors Alex O Loughlin and Jonathan Rhys Meyers on tour in New York. #alexoloughlin #jonathanrhysmeyers #newyork #soho #hotdog #funshoot #funtimes #greatactors #actorslife #hollywoodstar #stars #actors #photoshoot #friends #thegang

Not sure how many of you know by now, but Jonathan and his partner Mara Lane welcomed their baby boy (Wolf) into the world on 15 December 2016



Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

  • what is alex o laughlins haircut called in hawaii five o

Next Week:

  • According to posts on social media they are busy filming the season finale of Hawaii Five-0. Peter indicated earlier that episode 7:24 and 7:25 will be swapped around, and that means that they still have the penultimate episode to film before hiatus. I guess they will start on that somewhere during next week.
  • Wonder if we will get news of renewal before they shoot the last episode, or if we will have to wait until May when the announcements are made during CBS Upfront in New York?




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