Lost in Translation – #H50 Exclusive : #AlexOLoughlin Reveals the Secrets of Success for S10

From time to time there are articles in non-English magazines and media. Many times they contain some small bits which are not in other articles. We try to translate them as accurately as possible, taking in consideration the context of what was said and how Alex would say it. Most of the time things are lost in direct internet translations.


Article By: Rafaela Gomes
Posted on: 5 Oct 2019

For Cine Pop

Hawaii Five-O has had a long run on the small screen since its original debut in 1968. And following in the footsteps of its predecessor – which featured 12 seasons, which aired until 1980, the new version is heading for his 10th season, on track for a long run.

During an exclusive interview with Cinepop, the star Alex O’Loughlin reflected on the cultural impact that production has, emphasizing how it manages to stay refreshed after so many years on air



In a conversation with our editor-in-chief Renato Marafon  O’Loughlin said:

“I think there are two answers to this question: How to continue to keep the show fresh, generally speaking – which is not a question  for me to answer, but for the showrunner.

Then, how I can keep it fresh – It is difficult. It is so much easier to settle for what you have and not to feel the pressure. You need to keep studying your work, you need to maintain a good work ethic and keep on striving to deliver a true version, every single time. I think that is essentially how I  keep it fresh for myself. ”

h50eddie  Ruh roh.
What happened? And why is McG lecturing me? 😏


The star also went on about the story of his character, Steve McGarrett, who has gone through a number of different circumstances over the past nine seasons. And with the start of the 10th season, he pondered about where Steve finds himself emotionally at this point in the story:


“He’s tired (laughs)! He’s been through a lot emotionally, physically and psychologically, so I think… it’s hard to talk about him objectively, when in fact I experience him subjectively. But I think there’s a limit to how much a person can handle before that person reaches the level of  being a superhero. And he’s not a superhero. He is a regular guy.

But this journey has been a very long one and I look forward to see what they envisage for his future. I think he needs a little change. He hasn’t had a girlfriend in a long time. He’s only got a dog and I think he needs something new. ”


It is very short article, but still interesting to see how Alex feels about his character . My guess is that we will see a few new dimensions to the character or new situations for Steve this season. Think we will need to keep an open mind and ….. enjoy the ride!

(Pictures are Promo pictures for Episode 10:04)

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5 responses to “Lost in Translation – #H50 Exclusive : #AlexOLoughlin Reveals the Secrets of Success for S10

  1. When Alex says he thinks Steve needs something new, I wonder if his subconcious is not betraying him and what he really means is that he, Alex, needs something new. Being Steve is no longer a challenge to him after a decade. Writing, directing and producing is.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. mamayorkie

    I think he is tired—tired of injuries, long hours and the uncertainties of whether or not there are other opportunities passing him by. He puts in 110% of himself while others skate along and just phone it in because they don’t care if there is a renewal or if so many who depend on the show for their livelihood have jobs. H50 represents security for him and the ability to keep his family close by on an Island he has come to love and respect. But like us, he knows the show will end some day. And I think he is questioning how his character ends,too. He wants him to have more than a dog. I think he wants him to have a happy family too and I believe that is what PL has always intended.


  3. i love how Alex works so hard to keep the show fresh and give us everything he has and it shows . Yes, Steve needs more love and light in his life. I hope he finds it this season, Thank you so much for translating this and bringing it to us I know it is not an easy task


    • Billie

      I do hope that their is a movement to start the opening for Steve to have a family life included in his life as it is now.
      However, I am a very big Cat supporter. I am afraid that I’m going to be so disappointed in what will happen , if anything, for her to be a
      part of his family in the end. But, so many years had pasted and she may get a one episode A season fill in for so long I just fear the end I’ve waited for far so long.
      MB is the only one that a lot of people , like me, thinks is Steve’s soul mate and really will always have his heart.
      However, what will Peter have to go through with the foul mouth haters of the past that don’t want her return. Also, I’m not sure she is available for a return.
      I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed on this one, and I hope you will too.

      Liked by 2 people

  4. lindae5o

    Thanks, Foyeur. The photos with Eddie are precious!!
    Alex is a smart man. The phrase ‘settle for what you have’ is so telling. That he is able to make whipped cream out of the dreck he’s given, and still strives 100% to be authentic, just amazes me. I love Alex so much !!!


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