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#H50 s10e01 – Steve started dating

And now we are in Season 10 of Hawaii Five-0. And it seems like business as usual. And also not ……

Not yet sure how we will handle the episodes for this season. But for this time I just jotted down a few thoughts that popped in my head while watching it.


The Date:

So this date was organized by Danny for Steve, with one of the teachers at Charlie’s school.

Steve thinking about Jerry getting shot while on a date – surely he can’t  find the other person (Brooke) that boring?

And Steve acting like a 40-year old virgin on a date? But I guess we are going to see a few of those during the season.

But really, who comes up with dialogue like this: “Marriage is a friendship recognised by the police” ? What does than even mean?

Weird that such a highly skilled shooter waits for Five-0 to get to the opera house, before he finds a seemingly easy exit?

If they wanted Steve to chase the bad guy, why did they not just rather have him be on a date at the Opera? Much more believable I would say.

All in all, the flow of the episode was quite good. And I guess they were setting up one or a maybe few plots for the season to follow.


And of course Alex as Steve, looked good even while just standing around …….


The new character (Quinn) seems to fit in nicely to what the show wants from characters. And I like the way that the actress is portraying the role at the moment. A character, sure of herself without being obnoxious.

So Quinn receives and rejects a call from an unknown number (Steve), even when she gave people the number to people to call her. She is after all looking for two missing people. Weird move?

And in the end the whole dramatic cliffhanger from last season was quickly done and dusted and only vaguely became instrumental in having Jerry leave the Five-0 team.

For me personally it is a pity that Jorge decided to leave the show. I liked Jerry.

At the end it looks like yet another character will finally be blown to smithereens – THE CHAMPBOX. It had SO MUCH POTENTIAL , way back in the beginning. But like many of the interesting stories and characters on the show, it never really lived up to what it seemingly offered ……..


And yes, the information which we speculated about earlier is true. Alex is listed as one of the producers on this first episode, as well as the one which he wrote and directed. If he will be listed as such for all episodes, we don’t know yet.



What does it mean to be a Producer on Television?

television producer is a person who oversees one or more aspects of video production on a television program. Some producers take more of an executive role, in that they conceive new programs and pitch them to the television networks, but upon acceptance they focus on business matters, such as budgets and contracts.

There are a variety of different producers on a television show. A traditional producer is one who manages a show’s budget and maintains a schedule, but this is no longer the case in modern television.

Sometimes the star of a successful television series can have a degree of influence over the creative process, then they are called one of the producers.. 



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#H50 ‘s EP Peter Lenkov on the S10 Premiere

Hawaii Five Season 10 start tonight. Here is an article of an interview with Peter Lenkov which was posted today. It is not an interview with Alex that we normally post, but some of it might be interesting to read. Please note that it contains spoilers and should be avoided if you want it all to be as surprise.

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27 September 2019


When last we saw Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin), he had a gun pointed at him and a shot rang out. When Hawaii Five-0 returns for its 10th season tonight, we will discover who got shot – because someone does – and who is leaving.

The logline for the premiere episode — “Ua ʻeha ka ʻili i ka maka o ka ihe” (“The skin has been hurt by the point of the spear”) — says, “Five-0 says goodbye to one of its own,” so what does that mean? Is there a death or just a cast departure?

“I think that we never really say goodbye to anybody on our show unless they’re dead,” show runner Peter Lenkov tells, skirting the issue. “There are people that may leave, but people come back all the time on the show. I don’t want to give away any spoilers about anybody leaving the show, but unless they’re dead, there’s always that door that’s open for them to come back.”

The season 10 premieres picks up soon after the shot rang out, and what happens affects the future of the show, there is a ripple effect, but that is not entirely what the first episode of season 10 is about.

Rather, McGarrett and Five-0 find a new ally when mob bosses on the island are being target by an assassin.

“We brought in Katrina Law, she’s a new character on the show, really to mine her background, who she is, and how’s she’s going to integrate with everybody, and just keep growing,” Lenkov says. “Hopefully, we’ll learn new things about the characters, develop them even more, and that’s really the focus: How can we make our characters just as interesting as they were season 1 on season 10?

So, this is season 10, which is a landmark, does that affect the stories you plan on telling this season? Will they be bigger, will they be more personal, have you given any thought to what season 10 means?

Look, the challenge when you get this far is surprises with regards to the characters, because that’s everything. The show really is just based on that. It’s characters first and plot second, so it’s just us trying to first expand the family.

Speaking of Katrina, she plays Quinn Liu, a former staff sergeant with army CID, so does that give her a special connection to McGarrett, because of his background, and could this be a romance for him?

We’re not even thinking romance; we were just thinking about expanding the team with somebody who’s got a unique skill set. She was former CID, got bumped down to military police, so she’s definitely an investigator. A lot of people that came to Five-0 didn’t come from a traditional law enforcement background. She does, even though it was through the military, and she really fits in. Why I say that is McGarrett, over the 10 seasons, has collected all these broken toys and turned that into a family, and she fits in perfectly.

Poor Adam (Ian Anthony Dale), he can’t seem to escape his past. Will we see more about his connection with his Yakuza daughter this season?

Absolutely, yeah, that’s a big part of his arc this season.

He made the decision to leave, but he is constantly pulled back in.

I don’t know if you ever leave that kind of family business. It follows you wherever you go.

Tani (Meaghan Rath) and Junior (Beulah Koale) seem to have feelings for each other, have they decided not to act on them?

I think we’re just taking it slow, because I think they’re smart enough to know that a workplace romance is probably not a good thing. You’ll see. We definitely address it and their feelings towards each other on a pretty regular basis so far in season 10.

Alex wrote and directed episode seven, how did he do?

Alex needed to grow a full beard for the episode. There’s a little bit of a time passage in the episode, so we shot that first, number one, and we’re going to air it as number seven.

We did see a picture Christine Lahti posted on Instagram, so his mom is back?

I guess so, if she posted it.

There is also a rumor that there may be a big bad from the past returning, so would that be something special for season 10?

Yeah, for sure. Yeah, that is true.

Anything more you can tease about it?

I can’t, because if I give you anything else, it’s going to give it away, but yeah, it’s a big deal for us.

And then also, there’s an episode where Eddie saves the day?

I think we may be airing that one either second or third, but yeah, Eddie’s the big hero in that episode.

Is he easy to work with?

He’s the best. He doesn’t complain at all. He’s a great dog.

There’s a rumor of a possible crossover with Magnum P.I. this season. Some of the characters, like Noelani (Kimee Balmilero) have appeared on both, but is this going to be a bigger story than that?

That’s what we’re planning. We’re trying to make it happen. This will be more of a bona fide crossover, like real legit crossover. In terms of the crossover, we just started talking about it, so there’s not much to give. I definitely think that the main cast are going to crossover, at least that’s what we’re hoping, but in terms of the story, we just started talking about it, so I don’t want to give something and then it changes, because it’s still in the infancy stage. We’re planning to air it probably the first episode back in January.

Anything you can tease for Jorge Garcia?

Just that we adore him. He was in that room when that bullet went off; he’s going to have an epiphany. When something like that happens, when you come close to death, people start reevaluating, reassessing their life, and they make changes. I think that’s something that’s going to weigh heavily on everybody that was in that room.

What’s interesting about his character, Jerry Ortega, is he is this guy that started out in his mother’s basement, and he’s come so far. You were talking about earlier about McGarrett bringing broken toys together, I think that in Jerry’s case, we can see the change.

Again, that’s the thing we love. You find a character, and you just keep adding and evolving over years. You go from where he was introduced in, I think, the second or third season to where he is now, it’s fun to watch that journey.

Any concerns about the time change?

For Five-0? No. I’m watching the reruns pretty regularly, watching the numbers, and it seems like the audience is still there. The numbers are pretty consistent.


We also add this video from ET Canada. It was recorded on set:

Great vibe from the cast on set. 


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New 8 pm time slot for #H50

Here is a reminder from Alex 🙂





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#AlexOLoughlin Who Are You Wearing?


Just for some fun – a transcript of one of the short SOTB 2019 videos that we posted earlier.


Photographer: Okay, so who are you wearing this year?

Alex: Guess. I want you to guess. I kind of did like …

Photographer: Tom Ford?

Alex: ….. a mirror of last year, yes. Tom Ford

Woman: A mirror?

Photographer: We love it.

Alex: …. Virgil Abloh.

Photographer: There you go. Mahalo.

Alex: Thank you for asking.

Photographer: Of course, I always ask.

Alex: And Margaret Howell. She’s the best.

Photographer: Okay. Thank you so much.

Fans screaming: Okay no smiles, give as that sexy look.

Alex: I’ll swop with you.

Man: To the left, here.

Woman: [Saying .. something that sounds like] Doing ‘Laurence of Arabia’

Alex: No, I’m not doing that one tonight. Did you not get the memo. I send out a memo.

Alex: [Asking if the photographers got what they wanted] You good? You kids good?

Photographer: We love you.

[Alex posing for other cameras]

Photographer: Give us a shaka.

Alex: You give me a shaka. [Smile]




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No Man is an Island – #AlexOLoughlin #H50 (Includes Transcript)

Two years ago I used the same title for another post, but I thought it will apply here even better ……

We got more bits and pieces of pictures and posts from the private screening of Episode 10:07 on Friday at the Hawaii Theatre and also from Saturday night at Sky Waikiki rooftop club, where  Alex hosted his ‘Private Appreciation Party’ for Hawaii Five-0 cast & crew .

Some of these small videos posted, includes Alex’s speech from the screening. We decided to transcribe one and a Big Thank You to @chiranuj for posting it. She did a great job in not ideal conditions. There are a few pauses and breaks in sound and the footage, but we are able to get most of the important stuff. The speech gives us a lot more insight into why Alex hosted these events over the weekend.



Alex: Without the advocacy and the championing of Peter Lenkov and Kim at the studio and those guys, this ….. we wouldn’t be here.

[Audience clapping]


Alex: Thank you. We haven’t been here that long, you know. [Calling people who are still hanging around outside] Come into the theatre.

Alex: You know, you the guys, the crew, my crew …. You get to see one each year, at the thing on the beach. And this year they said you were not allowed to bring any friends. So, a lot of you probably didn’t even see that one.

And I know that on set, as an actor, on set as a director, and now on set as a writer … what a pain in the ass. I know I demand a lot from you guys. And it’s very difficult to find ways to thank you individually and collectively. It’s … it’s … I try my best.

But I want you to know, without you – my crew – this isn’t happening. These opportunities for people like me, they don’t happen. I’m only as good as as all of you guys. You guys are my backbone.

I was given this Lei tonight …. Sort of falling apart. This is a Maile lei …. [break]

And I really appreciate it …. but all you guys should be wearing this. Cause without you, I’m nothing. So, I wanted to give a gift …. [break]  …. because it takes a village and you know we’re only as strong as our weakest link, which is as you are about to witness. So, thank you all very much.

I’m really overwhelmed by the way. There’re people upstairs and everything. I’m really overwhelmed that you all took some time out of your Friday night. And without further ado, I’m not going to take more time out of your Friday night, let’s watch ….


Then after the show, they gave it a standing ovation.

Alex: The three things that I need to say. First of all, clearly it is a temp mix yet. It’s not finished. Still a bunch FX missing, and sound ….


Then Alex invite Beulah on stage.

Alex: [About Beulah] He brought such and incredible, exuberant, youthful, positive energy. And he, you all, he is a big reason why I found the inspiration and the energy on top of all the madness of our lives, to do something like this.

And you know along with Beulah, Steve Kaplan and Jim Beck – you’re going to punch me in the neck for doing this to them, putting them on  [Break] ……. – you guys are not only, you know, incredible servicemen and members of this Ohana. Where are you? Hiding up there. You’re our brothers, you are our family. And I love you very much.

Thank you to the the crew. Look what you did, you guys killed it. So thank you very much.


Then Beulah performs the Haka for Alex.

Afterwards Alex & Beulah hug and do the traditional Hawaii (and New Zealand Maori) greeting – Honi

At the end of the video we see how they sing to Stephen for his birthday.



Some information about what you saw on the video:

  • We posted the other footage of the same Birthday song earlier. It was posted by Stephen’s wife, and you can see it here: #AlexOLoughlin Celebrating


  • Who is Steve & Jim?

Stephen Kaplan and James Beck are two ex-Navy SEAL’s who run the company Trident Adventures. We posted Alex’s experiences with them early on in the hiatus, here: #AlexOloughlin started his hiatus fun!

And of course this episode will be the second time that they (Stephen And Jim) form part of the team with Steve and Junior, on a mission in Hawaii Five-0. We last saw them, when they had to rescue Joe.

  • About the Maile lei:

The maile lei is a symbol of respect, peace, friendship and love. In Old Hawaii, this lei was the lei of royalty. Kahunas, Hawaiian priests, used maile leis to bind the bride and groom’s hands together as a symbol of their unity. The Hilo method of twisting is often used to make a maile lei for sale.

The maile lei is generally worn open ended, but a closed maile lei can also be created. This lei is Hawaii’s most popular lei for its long tradition on the islands and its good looks. Maile is its Hawaiian name, and Alyxia oliviformis is its scientific name. The leaf has a dark green hue, and its scent is a woodsy fragrance with just a hint of spice and vanilla. It is not tinted because its dark green color is so popular and sought after in Hawaiian leis. The maile leaf is delicate, and when refrigerated its leis will stay fresh for three days. It will turn brown if exposed to excessive heat.

 The Maori people, indigenous to New Zealand, greet with hongi. When you hongi, you touch forehead to forehead, nose to nose and exchange breath.

In the Eskimo tradition, the Inuit people, rub noses. This practice would likely be seen with an elder and child, someone that is family. The energy of this greeting is very intimate and familial.

The Hawaiian people exchange honi this way as well. It’s how you would greet someone honored, loved, and esteemed. It is a sign of respect to receive a honi.

Practice of Honi

When we touch forehead to forehead, we touch alo to alo, bone to bone, with our makaloa, third eye, nose to nose. The third eye is the potent, intuitive center of the body. By touching forehead to forehead, we can read someone else’s intention.

Hawaiians believe that our ancestral DNA is contained within the bones. When we connect bone to bone, we’re connecting the lineage of both parties. In other words, it’s a way of identifying the person in front of you and connecting with them on that very deep level.

Finally, we exchange breath. The ha, divine breath, is held within each of us. When we exchange divine breath through the nose, it is the part of us that comes directly from Spirit. The breath of God.


  • About the Haka

To me personally the Haka was only a war dance done by the All Blacks (New Zealand’s rugby team) before matches to instill fear in the hearts of their opponents. But in recent years I have come to see it at funerals and places where people are honoured. Thought it might be a good idea to provide a bit more information about it for you.

The Haka:

“We Maoris use our whole body to express ourselves,” notes Kateia Daniela Burrows, owner of the Manaia performing arts company. “Whether that be through the use of eyes, hands, legs, voice or tongue, the whole body is used to speak. When I do haka, I feel alive, connected with my tupuna [ancestors]. Through haka, I can express myself. I can celebrate, grieve, support or protest.”

Haka is to Maori culture what hula is to Hawaiian culture. Maoris may dance to express the joy they feel at a birth or wedding, or to convey a sense of purpose when first encountering a group of strangers.

War dances, marked by wild postures and frightening facial expressions, are meant to get the adrenaline pumping. Traditionally, ferocious Maori war dances were just the thing to intimidate enemy tribes. Not only did the aggressive movements strike fear in the hearts of enemies, they invigorated Maori warriors and united them in battle.

You can click on the link to get even more background on it.

PS. The Rugby World Cup is underway in Japan at the moment and of course New Zealand and Australia are as always some of the top contenders to win it. Make sure to tune in and see the NZ team performing the Haka before each of their matches.

Some more pictures from the weekend

justinedmmcclellan #marcamcclellan & #alexoloughlin @skywaikiki rooftop Alex’s Private Appreciation Party for #hawaiifive0 #h50 cast & crew … Marc has been Alex’s stand-in since Season 1 and has done many stunts as well…10 years … a LOT of memories


  • You can also find other pictures of the weekend posted by Justine here :  
chiranuj💖💖💖 The nicest guy! Thank you #alexoloughlin #hi50
  • Other pictures posted by  @chiranuj’s here

Thank you once again for so generously posting all the footage!

Back to my title of this post. The phrase ‘no man is an island’ expresses the idea that human beings do badly when isolated from others and need to be part of a community in order to thrive.

It is clear that Alex appreciates each and every person working on the show and at the moment he thrives on their fellowship. He realizes that it is all a team effort and that without them and their support and hard work, he is nothing. He is fond of  using the words , “I am just a  cog in the wheel of the show” and now you can see why.

It seems that this weekend’s activities was Alex’s way of saying Thank You to his Ohana.

And all this positive energy around Alex and the show creates a renewed energy for me in regards to the show. It kind of feels like a fresh start …..

(Included in the post, are promo pictures from the first episode coming this Friday)


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