Steve & Eddie

A small McEddie appreciation post in gifs. If only kitty lovers got Mr Pickles and Steve working on a case, then our world would be purrfect 😀

As Jill said, “if you are looking at Eddie here, you are missing the real show 😉

A promise made.

Working for his kibbles.

Boosting Eddie´s confidence with the sweetest kiss.

I can totally relate to Alex/Steve here. Loving a pet so much ♥

A promise kept. As good as cake for some, Eddie gets a steak…nom.


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16 responses to “Steve & Eddie

  1. Lynn Ahnell Crammond

    The BEST kiss on TV last week!

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  2. I’ve have yet to see this episode, but hot damn. This man is fine.
    And the McEddie kiss is real, I mean, it feels like this is all Alex! I could never deal with a man who doesn’t like dogs.
    And now (I’m with Jill!) we need a McMoose appreciation post.
    Let it swing! 😉

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  3. stevemcgarrettlover

    AWESOME! Love Alex, he looks sooooo good, and McEddie is a personal favorite of mine. No matter how old Alex gets (or looks) he is still the playful, silly, happy dog lover who enjoys one-uping Danny, with the “heavily seasoned bread and peanut butter”. (No jelly) 😍

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  4. CassG

    Ohhhh I do love this and the relationship between the two!!! Love Eddie and need I say more about Steve/Alex??❤❤❤

    Thanks FOYeur for this very sweet treat!!😍😘

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    Eddie is my next favorite after Steve. Yes, Eddie deserves that steak. I love Steve and Eddie. Eddie is my hero after Steve ofcourse. Kudos

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  6. Leah

    TOO CUTE . . . both Steve AND Eddie! Love their relationship and this post! 🙂

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  7. Love McEddie. Eddie stole the show. Deserved that steak!

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  8. Do I love Alex? Definitely yes. Do I love dogs? Definitely yes. Do I love you and Paula? Definitely yes. So thank you for this treat! (Oh, and don’t let me forget cats! I love them too!)

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  9. Petra

    It is about time I thank you guys for your page, all the research and creative work you put into this. I apreciate this so much. This enabled me to learn everything known to outsiders about Alex and his life. THANK YOU!!!! 💖😊

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    • Thank you Petra
      It is such a pleasure to share our hobby (studying Alex) with other Alex fans.
      Who he is and who most of the fellow fans are, make it all worthwhile.


  10. CassG

    Thanks much to you Paula!! Loved this!!😍😍

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  11. Kathysr

    Eddie’s a gorgeous dog, a great actor and a true hero. He deserves that steak! How many lives did he save that day?

    Alex is wonderful with Eddie. Two gorgeous guys! The perfect pair.

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