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#AlexOLoughlin – Appreciation Speech (Transcript)

Here is another transcript of Alex’s speech at the private screening of Episode 10:07 for the cast and crew and friends. Thank you to justinedmmcclellan for posting it. It is more complete and has better audio quality than the first one we posted. She is of course the wife of Marc McClellan, who is Alex’s stand-in on the show.


No jokes. So, don’t clap.

Can everyone hear me?

 Oh, Hey Ken.

Hi Ken.

Thanks for the sign for tomorrow, Ken.

Thank you bud.

They told me I had to come through there, like a stand-up (comedian) or something. I was just going to hop up here.

I just wanted to say a couple of things to you guys.

First of all, for housekeeping. This is an episode of our show that has not aired. So, all the crew know this, but for any guests that are not part of the production. It’s really important that you don’t film or photograph any of this. It’s also important that you don’t sent any spoilers out on your computer things. Whatever you do. Just shush until it airs.

 If it wasn’t for the advocacy and the championing of Peter Lenkov and Kim at the studio and those guys, this ….. we wouldn’t be here.

[Audience clapping]

Thank you, thank you.

I guess we all think we are capable of lots of things and …… we all are. But unless we’re surrounded by people that are prepared to sort of bet on us, then most of the time we don’t get a shot, in life.  So, thank you very much, I really appreciate you guys.

And, I guess I wanted to put this on …..

Are the people? Is everyone here?

Where are the drunk people?  We haven’t been here that long, you know. You guys drink like I do.

 [Alex calling out at people who are still hanging around outside]

Come into the theatre!

Get them Dave.

So look, the main thing I want to say is this. You know, it’s very rare for …..  you know I don’t really watch the show for a million of reasons. All because of this self-obsession.

But you know you the guys, the crew, my crew …. You get to see one each year, at the thing on the beach. And this year they said you were not allowed to bring any friends. So, a lot of you probably didn’t even see that one.

And I know that on set, as an actor, on set as a director, and now … agh … on set as a writer … what a pain in the ass. I know I demand a lot of you guys. And it’s very difficult to find ways to thank you individually and collectively. It’s … it’s … I try my best.

But I want you to know, without you – my crew – this isn’t happening. These opportunities for people like me, they don’t happen. I’m only as good as … as of all of you guys. You guys are my backbone.

I was given this lei tonight …. Sort of falling apart. But this is a Maile lei …. It’s really hammered isn’t it.

It’s so beautiful. And this lei … this lei is …  for kings and queens. This lei is for important people.

And I really appreciate this …. but all you guys should be wearing this. Cause without you, I’m nothing.

So, I wanted to give a gift of the story that I felt needed rapping up. To the legacy of the last 10 years that we’ve all bled for and we have bled for. But I also wanted to do this to say thank you to you guys, because it takes a village, and you know, we’re only as strong as our weakest link. Which is …. as you are about … as you are about to witness. So, thank you all very much.

I’m really overwhelmed by the way. There are people upstairs and everything. I’m really overwhelmed that you all took the time out of your Friday night. And without further ado, I’m not going to take more time out of your Friday night, let’s watch the show …. Hope you enjoy it. Thank you!

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