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They Say ….. #AlexOLoughlin of #H50 is a genuine and awesome guy!

Yesterday Alex spend the day with Trident Adventures again.

Thank You to those who posted pictures of it!


Love these two one more the then the the other naturally 😌😁their friendship, genuine spirits, selflessness, hearts, smiles and true compassion for others is rare, and treasured. I am blessed to be surrounded by such authenticity! And how lucky is this guy @jreig608 to be sandwiched between them? @tridentadventureshawaii #hawaiifive0 #tridentadventureshawaii #diving #friends #adventure #joinus #hawaii #adventure #handsomemen #frogman #usnavy



jreig608  @tridentadventureshawaiiis hands down the best shop I have ever been able to dive with. Steve, Jimmy, and their crew are quite literally the best in the industry. They spare no expense and put so much thought and effort into making their dive experiences fun and amazing for all skill levels. I highly recommend anyone wanting to dive on Oahu, or to get certified, stop by the shop and let them take care of you. This was the first of many days I’m going to spend with these guys, and I look forward to keep diving with all of them!

Minor fanboy moment for a second… I got to dive with the ridiculously cool Alex O’Loughlin (that’s right…5-0’s McGarrett). Not only is he just a genuine and awesome guy, he is one hell of a diver. Looking forward to hopefully catching him on the boat again soon 🤙🏼 Maybe I’ll even get to catch @beulahkoale next time. 

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courtneyjeannne  Went scuba diving for the first time! 🧜🏼‍♀️🐠🐬🐢 @tridentadventureshawaii
and from:
brother_brigham🤙 stellar day in the ocean…


Looks like everybody enjoyed the day very much!!



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