#H50 10.02 – Steve´s beauty

If you are watching this show for any other reason than the gorgeousness that is Steve (aka Alex), then there is just a lot of plot holes to see. And of course the show provide some entertainment and story that allow us to stare at him for hours and hours…..

We are only into episode 2 of the season, and already Steve’s look and his vibe a lot better than in recent seasons. Or maybe it is just me, watching it with a lighter heart?

So how about we do a Steve the model review (in reverse)? Let’s call it a Steve appreciation post.

A Perfect profile (or is it hair curl p0rn?):


Beer bottle p0rn


Cell phone ad?


The perfect barbeque man? (Or is it Pretty in Plaid?)

Are you talking about me?

Yes, we are talking about you, Steve.

But actually more like staring at you.


Seriously? This is what you got from the episode?

Then there is the dark plaid ….

Yes, I see the tongue

Pure Love!!

(Even their eyes are closed for this kiss)

and then there is more dark plaid ….

And more long lashes and and luscious curls


I just want to kiss those lips!!!

Neck vein p0rn


And Steve at home

Eyelash p0rn – or is it pouting p0rn?


A man and his dog!


Yes, we love you Steve

And remember, we do it all tongue in the cheek ….

Seriously …..


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24 responses to “#H50 10.02 – Steve´s beauty

  1. Catherine McKeever

    Alex is the absolute most beautiful and talented man!

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  2. stevemcgarrettlover

    I love this! So funny, and I couldn’t agree more 😘 I personally cannot wait for the next one, since tuis one was soooooo action packed, and hello? Alex!!!!!

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  3. Bea Trainer

    He finally let his hair grow, handsome Alex again !

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  4. mamayorkie

    Sometimes you have to look beyond the obvious outside “pretty” and focus on the inside “pretty”. When he kisses Eddie it’s apparent that it is not scripted but a spontaneous act. That’s the kind of “pretty” that lights up the room. Inside “pretty” lasts forever.

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  5. Thanks so much for this funny yet accurate posting!! (BTW, there was a plot?)

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  6. gracenotpark

    Awwwww! Great great pics and, as always, fun silly stuff to read and enjoy. I love the light-heartedness y’all bring to your posts. And of course the Alex love.❤️

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  7. Nancy 13

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures of Alex!!

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  8. Regina Filange

    Love this post.
    Now for my ranting, and this kind of keeps on from last season. What is with his hair color?! Not that I dont like it dark because it reminds me of Steve from early seasons but his facial hair is salt n’ pepper and what he had before he was rockin(before the buzz cut and before the dye job). It looks good regardless and I like that it’s a longer but I was just wondering what that was all about. If he’s worried about looking to old, he makes his age look damn good.

    Any thoughts?

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    • I have given my thoughts about it in a few other places already, but I will repeat it here again.
      I also like Alex’s natural hair colour and also would rather have him with it as natural as possible. But that is not always very practical on a action show like this.
      Alex need and have stunt doubles and stand-in actors, and they all need to look as close to one another as possible, in order to make the stunts and show look believable. And hair is a big part of it to make it look like the same person in all the shots.
      The same length and style and colour hair is needed. It is always easier to colour hair the same colour and to go darker with it, than to go lighter and have patches of grey in it. And I think Paul’s (Alex’s stunt double) hair colour is naturally darker than Alex’s.
      In my opinion that would be one of the main reasons for the colouring of Alex’s hair.
      I could be wrong about it but that is what I think is the main reason for the colouring of his hair.
      I highly doubt if it is Alex’s choice. More a show and network thing.

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  9. DoubleL

    I liked this episode better than last week, but I wish the show would slow down a little. I’ve been watching original 5-O and some other 60’s and 70’s era shows and it’s really glaring how short the scenes in modern TV are. It makes the mystery part of this show (and others) hard to follow. Random observation: the door to Steve’s garage seems to be in a different place than it was in past episodes.


    • Kathysr

      I agree, the episodes go so fast now, it’s hard to follow the plot line So many plot points occur off camera—you’re just supposed to know what happened. It confuses me. In 2010, Scott and Alex both commented how “old fashioned” the original series was. I love the original show. I vividly recall specific episodes from that series that were deeply emotional and hauntingly beautiful. I love them today as much as I did when I first saw them, 45+ years ago. They were beautifully acted by stellar guest stars.

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      • DoubleL

        I wouldn’t say that I “love” the original, but it’s fun to see Hawaii as it really was; not all this CGI fakery. 😉 The first two episodes of this season and all of last season seem to be moving at warp speed. It’s much faster than the earlier seasons. I never had trouble following the plots until last year.


  10. lindae5o

    Thanks for all the great photos. Steve is such a hottie, but if they’re going to stay with the darker hair, then lose the gray stubble. I’d love a full season with a clean-shaven Steve. Yummy !!!


  11. Lulu

    I have to admit that I am watching this show because of Alex. I love his look and that he gets to produce some shows. The story lines are simple and not very creative. It must be difficult to be on the same show for so long.

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  12. CassG

    Alex is an all around beautiful man. There is no disputing that. He has amazing looks that just keep getting better and a caring and generous nature which seems boundless. On top of that his talents are forging him ahead hopefully to bigger and greater things. So happy for him and look forward to seeing what’s in store for S10 for H50 since I saw his name come up again as one of the producers.

    Thanks Paula for this great post!😊😍

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  13. vanduyn

    A man and his dog! ??? Sure Jan 😉


  14. Leah

    Thank you, Paula! This post felt like the good ole days again . . . neck porn, tongue in cheek, pink beast, etc.! Love it . . . . the pics AND captions!


  15. teachergrl23

    Alex is so handsome, it’s actually unfair. How is it possible for one man to be THIS good looking the older he gets? He’s aging like fine wine.


  16. I am so with you and the beer bottle porn! Remember Marshall? That’s were it all started…


  17. It’s painful now the show is over we may never see Alex/Steve again. I can’t believe how he is stuck in my head since Hawaii Five O/CBS said their goodbyes. His family should come first, just wish the writer’s of the show had not put him in so many dangerous scenes. But that made the show really great. Best of luck.


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