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#H50 10.05 – Steve, failed as Halloween monster

Halloween gives the writers a time to have some fun with the scary stuff. And in that regard the show was real fun and entertainment.  I do not have much else to say about it. So for the most part, the pictures will have to do their thing.

Good things for me about  the episode:

  • Max came back for a Halloween visit.
  • The team working on more than one case is never nice, BUT at least communicating with one another during there different stories helped me once again for keep the focus.
  • There was great flow in the episode and it made it easy to watch. The cast in the episode really work well together. No weird uncomfortable and forced moments that are cringe worthy between characters. Just fun.

Bad things about the episode:

  • Max came back, but he did not share screen time with Steve. ( Alex and Masi hugging would have made my day.)
  • Creating a monster who brutally kill people who scared him, and then later having us feel sorry for him and his circumstance that made him into a monster just felt off. For that matter any killer can maybe then argue that, what life dealt him made him into a killer?  I felt cheated.
  • How can they imply that the adoptive mother loved this child if she let him sleep on the floor with not luxuries. It is one thing to keep somebody isolated to protect them from the brutality of human kind, but totally different to deprive them of any stimulation of fun.


I am amazed that Steve knew exactly where to find the sister and that Junior knew exactly where to dive? Felt like I missed some part of the episode.

Alex and Kimee should share more screen time together. Even if they say nothing, they create good quality viewing. 🙂

As you can see, not much to say. It really was fun and entertaining with some good ideas for story.

Just a pity that the deeper story failed for me in the end with weird detail.


Just some trivia: 

The song at the end of the episode, was the David Bowie song “Heroes” done by Gang of Youths.

Of course David’s eyes also looked different like the characters in this story. You might think that he had the condition called Heterochromia, where humans have two different coloured irises, but that wasn’t the case. It wasn’t that his left eye was of a different colour (both eyes were blue), it appeared different because the fixed pupil did not respond to changes in light, while the normal pupil did.


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