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#H50 10.02 – Steve´s beauty

If you are watching this show for any other reason than the gorgeousness that is Steve (aka Alex), then there is just a lot of plot holes to see. And of course the show provide some entertainment and story that allow us to stare at him for hours and hours…..

We are only into episode 2 of the season, and already Steve’s look and his vibe a lot better than in recent seasons. Or maybe it is just me, watching it with a lighter heart?

So how about we do a Steve the model review (in reverse)? Let’s call it a Steve appreciation post.

A Perfect profile (or is it hair curl p0rn?):


Beer bottle p0rn


Cell phone ad?


The perfect barbeque man? (Or is it Pretty in Plaid?)

Are you talking about me?

Yes, we are talking about you, Steve.

But actually more like staring at you.


Seriously? This is what you got from the episode?

Then there is the dark plaid ….

Yes, I see the tongue

Pure Love!!

(Even their eyes are closed for this kiss)

and then there is more dark plaid ….

And more long lashes and and luscious curls


I just want to kiss those lips!!!

Neck vein p0rn


And Steve at home

Eyelash p0rn – or is it pouting p0rn?


A man and his dog!


Yes, we love you Steve

And remember, we do it all tongue in the cheek ….

Seriously …..


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