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#AlexOLoughlin & A Deleted Scene from TBUP?

While cleaning up some of my old picture files of Alex, I came across a number pictures where I do not know the story behind them. For me every picture of Alex has potential of a story to share with you on here, even if I don’t know the what the story is. 😉

These pictures below are some of those for which I do not have an answer of why they exist.

Was this scene filmed for The Back-Up Plan, but ended on the editing room floor? And why was it not used?

The Back-Up Plan – Donal Logue, Payton Lucas, Alex O’Loughlin, Marlowe Peyton, and Carter Sand

As you can see it was a scene of Alex with actor Donal Logue and some children.



The Back-Up Plan – Donal Logue, Payton Lucas, Alex O’Loughlin & Marlowe Peyton

We love Alex with kids in pictures.

It always looks like he creates such beautiful fun with them! 

If there is anybody with more information about the existence of these pictures, please let us know.


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Lucky Maui Teen Visits #H50 set – 2010

Here is one of the old #H50 set visit from way back in 2010, which we have not posted before.

It is another heartwarming story …..

Claudine San Nicolas, of the Maui News wrote:

Sixteen-year-old Chance Esperanza visited the set of “Five-0” recently, where he met the show’s stars and was presented with an official series T-shirt and an autographed script of an upcoming episode shot on Oahu.

“They were OK. They were fun,” Chance said of the show’s actors, who make up a fictional special state police unit answering only to the governor of Hawaii.

He got to shake hands with the cast members and watch a scene being shot in downtown Honolulu over the course of three hours.

But the fact that he got to meet the cast isn’t what makes him lucky.

What makes him a lucky kid is that he has fought back from a near drowning experience two years ago, that first left him in a coma with severe brain damage.  Doctors warned his mother that even if he did come out of it, he may be a “vegetable”.  But he did awake, and through months of rehabilitation, he is talking and up walking again.

[His mother, Tanya] Wong said she was especially impressed with O’Loughlin’s interactions with her son on the “Five-0” set. She said the actor offered his set chair for Chance to sit on while he watched a scene taped in the headquarters of the TV crime-fighting unit.

At the end of each shot, O’Loughlin would ask Chance,How am I doing?”

“He really went out of his way to talk to Chance,”Wong said.

This amazing experience was coordinated by “A Keiki’s Dream”, a nonprofit that helps fulfilling dreams of crisis and at-need children.

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Hawaii Five-0 Undercover 

On  23  by officer808


Commentary about Alex on the video below:

Alex O’Loughlin… the lead character really took him on as like a big brother and was really, really good to him.”




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Pictures of #AlexOLoughlin during the live tweet back in 2013

Last week we posted one of these pictures on Instagram and somebody asked about it.

We thought it might be a good idea to have them all  here on one page.

We include a few of the tweet from that day here.

You can read the rest of it on our post about the Live Tweet here:

Alex O’Loughlin – See what the #H50 #CBSTweetWeek was all about


 To all the Five-0 fans out there: Without you there is no us. We love you!



My thumbs are getting sore. My thumbs aren’t used to this

Peter M. Lenkov ‏@Plenkov:

Alex is crazy fun. You wouldn’t believe what he’s doing now …


My children are more mature than I am

Peter M. Lenkov ‏@Plenkov:

Alex is twerking during the commercial break

Retweeted by Alex and added: 

You’re welcome


It was real fun.

Wish we could have more of this!

Alex communicating with the fans who will never have the chance to meet him in person, is always great to see.


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(Transcript) #H50 Actor Kimee Balmilero Discussing #AlexOLoughlin on Beyond The Lines

Kimee Balmilero who plays  Dr. Noelani Cunha on both Hawaii Five-0 and Magnum PI got the chance for a delightful interview on Think Tech Hawaii with host Rusty Komori of Beyond the lines.

They discussed a number of subjects around her career. Of course the one subject that always interest us here on Intense Study is Alex.

This is the transcript of that part of the interview as well as our video edit of it. We also include the link to the original full interview. We recommend that you also watch it, because they talk some more about Hawaii Five-0 and other interesting subjects around her career and life and outlook on life.

Hawaii can be proud of  Kimee!!



Rusty: Let’s talk about Alex O’Loughlin.

Kimee: Yes

Rusty: Okay. He’s super awesome.

Kimee: He is.

Rusty: He’s super awesome.

Kimee: Yeah, he is

Rusty: How much fun do you have with him on the show?

Kimee: You know, Alex is a very great person, a human and artist

Rusty: Yeah.

Kimee: And I think a lot of people who watch the show, of course they see him as our handsome lead.  And he’s a fantastic actor. But he is SO grounded. And I think he is a big reason why the show lasted a long time too.

He is very much …. He has the mindset of, everybody is important as well. And he is very humble that way. So, he’s such a …. He has such a great passion for what he does. Not just with acting but with the …  with creating, with storytelling.

You know, recently he just wrote and directed in an episode that was like a movie. I mean it was … it was such an artistic piece of Hawaii Five-0, like you have never it seen before. So, Alex provides such a great strong grounded energy for all of ust … all of us  … all of us … to … to really just do our best.

Because he’s always giving his 100% no matter what. And that guy works A LOT. You know, and he’s been working a lot for 10 years. So, when you see your lead and your leader as someone like that, who is always prepared and always showing up for you, you want to show up for them too. So, he’s really great

Rusty: Yep. The episodes that he directed, I absolutely loved it.

Kimee: Yeah.

Rusty: And it really showcases how great all around he is.

Kimee: Yeah, it showcases that. And it also just kind of reminds you that like, you know …. Like never settle. People might say, “Well he is already such a famous rich actor, why can’t he just stop there? But no, he has wants. You know, he has a passion for storytelling and sharing. So, and he would never say that he is the best at anything, which I really, really like about him too.

So, he just always looking for the next thing. You know, to keep you going. I think it’s really neat.


Our edit of the video:


Full Video:

Thank you Kimee for your kind words about Alex.

You just reinforce what we already know and hear of him on a regular basis.

And it once again make us proud to be his fans.

Happy Thanksgiving to our USA friends for tomorrow!!


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#H50 Set Visit & Pictures With #AlexOLoughlin

Last week two women got the chance for another #H50 set visit.
Here are some of their pictures
cherylwinsor  Wouldn’t be a visit to Hawaii without a visit with 5-0 #hawaiifive0 #filmedonlocation #television #action #h50 #alexoloughlin #stevemcgarrett @hawaiifiveocbs
  • From Stella Gioia
stellagioia  Oops, I did it again! 😉
#H50 #AlexOLoughlin #hawaiifive0cbs #onlocation #setvisit #tvshow


  • More pictures from Cheryl: (with Alex in the background)
cherylwinsor  Such a privilege to spend time on the set of Hawaii Five-0 with Dr. Peter Weller who directed the episode. He is such a talented, incredibly gracious man and was a fantastic host.#hawaiifive0 #h50 #filmedonlocation #photobomb #directors #actors #robocop #italianrenaissance @hawaiifive0cbs


Thank you Stella and Cheryl for posting your pictures.


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