‘Moonlight’ fans are bloody determined – April 2008

Stu Horvath


24 April 2008


Fans of the CBS vampire drama “Moonlight” are out for blood.

To ensure their favorite show gets picked up for a second season, they have coordinated with the American Red Cross for a series of charity blood drives, and the show’s star, Alex O’Loughlin, has stepped up to become a national spokesman for the charity.

“The blood drive is so fantastic. It’s just great to be a service,” says O’Loughlin. “It’s the American Red Cross. It’s awesome. I’m their vampy spokesperson!”

Fans have organized dozens of blood drives across the country, including several in New York City following O’Loughlin’s appearances at the New York Comic Con and CBS’ “Early Show.” Today, another drive is scheduled outside the “ Late Show With David Letterman.” Pledges can also be made at local Red Cross blood centers.

The Men from Moonlight

Fan-run actions to save beloved television shows have become increasingly popular in recent years, more so after the peanut campaign to save CBS’ “Jerico” succeeded in landing the show a second season after it was canceled. “Moonlight” co-star Jason Dohring is no stranger to fan campaigns: Devotees of his previous show, ” Veronica Mars,” flooded the offices of The CW network with Mars bars in an attempt to save the show.

“The ‘Veronica Mars’ fan base was a little more youth-oriented because we were in high school,” says Dohring. “Now it’s the mothers who come up and ask me to drink their blood.”

O’Loughlin’s heart pumps faster when he talks about his show’s fans. “Fans of the show are so devoted, so giving of their time and energy,” says O’Loughlin. “It’s a pleasure to be a part of something that people care about as much as I do.”

Mick St John -

“I really care about this show. Actually, I bleed for the show regularly. I’m forever getting thrown through windows and actually bleeding.”

“Moonlight” follows O’Loughlin’s adventures as Mick St. John, a private investigator who was reluctantly turned into a vampire and has since devoted himself to protecting the humans of Los Angeles instead of preying on them.

O’Loughlin is hoping his turn as an immortal lasts a long, long time. “I’ve been thinking about getting my teeth ground down and elongated,” he says. “I’m thinking about making that kind of commitment to being a vampire.”

Alex as Mick

My Thoughts

  • I always wonder if fans campaigns can ever actually make a difference whether a show is renewed or not. I guess it can only make a real difference, if the fans efforts actually inspire advertisers to come on board with the production.
  • Glad Alex did not go as far as altering his teeth 😀 (Luckily we all know that he is a jokester in most of his interviews)

Magazine scan

New York Daily News 25 April 2008


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6 responses to “‘Moonlight’ fans are bloody determined – April 2008

  1. Colleen

    Nice interview. It makes me sad to think of how much he loved Moonlight. Poor thing. I’m glad he didn’t do his teeth for really but it might make your theory of Steve secretly being Mick possible to tell. Haha. Thanks girls. 🙂


  2. evowoman88

    I really think that I’m the only one here that couldn’t stand Moonlight.


    • karen

      We diehard Moonlight fans discovered Alex on that show. Maybe we love it so much because Alex became MSJ. He was so devoted. A lot of Alex fans didn’t discover him til H50 and are probably not obsessed in the same way as we “originals”.


  3. When I want to watch Alex in full display of all his talents as actor – I watch Moonlight. Because here he is everything – badass, romantic, sexy, superhero, fragile, a monster, funny, etc (the full package) …. all of them in nearly every single one of the 16 episodes.
    And I am one of the people who only discovered him as Steve in 2011, but watching Mick got me hooked (and maybe slightly obsessed) on Alex……


    • Serai

      Sing it, sister. He’s at his peak in Moonlight, at least for me. Holy Aphrodite, he’s a work of art in that character.

      I just recently got into H50, myself. I’d forgotten he was in that series. Binge-watched the whole thing over about two weeks. Forgive me for the sacrilege, but oh Goddess, I SO do NOT like Steve. By the end of the fourth season, I wanted to punch him in the mouth every time he came onscreen. I’d’ve stopped watching long before that point, but how can I stop looking at this gorgeous man? *headdesk*

      At least they FINALLY wrapped up the daddy issues, because he seems to have loosened up a bit and isn’t the glowering gorilla he kinda turned into there for a while. I was so relieved – another Russell Crowe we do NOT need. And all those guns and murder and violence…*shudder* (LOL. Cop procedurals are really not my thing – can you tell?) I hope he does other work sometime soon, or he’s going to get stuck in yayaland. I really don’t want to see that gun glued to his hand for the next ten years. Bring back the lovely lover, please!


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