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Moonlight: #AlexOLoughlin Interview with Living TV, UK – February 2008

Apparently, this was a promotional interview Alex did with ‘Living TV’ in the UK, to introduce Moonlight to the UK audience.

Mick St John

Mick’s voice: Somewhere in the city a killer is on the loose. Josef wants me to hunt him to keep our secret safe. I just want to make sure he doesn’t do it again. You don’t have to be a vampire to get a taste for blood


Yes, I've got a chin dimple

Alex on the show:

The show is about a vampire – private eye, who was made a vampire against his will in the early 50’s, by the woman who he fell in love with and married – on their wedding night. And he’s since fallen in love with a mortal girl, who he is sort of destined not to be with.

My character Mick St John is … he’s a reluctant vampire and he’s essentially a humanist trapped in this immortal body that needs human blood to survive every day.

And my nose is itching...

And so he … he’s put a few things in place that fit with his moral code. Like he doesn’t feed from humans. He goes to the blood bank and he gets blood from like a dealer at the blood bank, and he takes it home and keeps in the fridge.

He sleeps in a freezer – he doesn’t sleep in a coffin. He fought instinct in the very beginning as well and his wife had to go and find him …. because she was his sire. So as his sire and as a woman who was deeply in love with him – you know, which is why she turned him, cause she wanted to be with him forever.

She used to bring him food. She used to capture humans and take them to him, because he won’t eat. He lives a life of … controlled by his denial of the situation he is in.

Mick and Coraline

Mick is not an ordinary person, but he thinks of himself as an ordinary person. He doesn’t think of himself as a superhuman. But he knows he’s a vampire, obviously. But he regards himself more human than monster and so …

But he does have special powers. I mean his …. all of his senses are much more heightened than they were – than ours are. And he’s much stronger than he used to be. He can leap like up onto buildings. He can like scale a wall. He’s got pretty cool superpowers. And he … and he uses them for good, you know what I mean.
Becoming a private investigator is something that has helped him deal with what he is, because he’s ….. You know, he’s helping other people.

The other thing is, when he eradicates some predators and these bad people from the earth, in his mind he is getting further away from the predator that he actually is.

And then there's something in my eye & then also in the other one....

There’s a lot of different reasons why people watch supernatural stuff …. Because they evoke the imagination, you know. Because they stimulate parts of the mind and the imagination that are not necessarily stimulated on a daily basis. You know, in our nine to five grind, in our daily grind in our lives, we sort of poke along and we kind of do what we do.

I mean we turn on the TV and see these mythical monsters. You know all these figments of other people’s imagination. And also figments of age-old mythologies from many many different cultures. Vampires … I mean vampires go back thousands of years in so many different cultures. And so, I mean it just poses questions constantly.

And it keeps flashing & flashing.......

Alex on Acting:

As an actor, you know who …. you know what I mean, you work so …. even, even when you work regularly, as an actor. Unless you’re an A-list actor you still like … you know you still got to kick and scream to get a job …. And you’ve still got …. You know, it’s hard work and so…
Of course, I wish for work to come my way for a long time. But I don’t know if I wish for the show to go on forever and ever.

I think … I don’t know, 3 or 4 years feels like about right for the show. The other thing is, I’m going to get older, so unless …. unless Joel Silver is going to pay for my surgery. My hair implants and you know my boob job and all the stuff that I’m going to need …. then ….

Boobs are nice man....yah

Alex on age:

I’m really glad the 20’s are over, but I don’t know … I don’t want to get to the 40’s too soon. I just want to enjoy the 30’. I think they’re probably about right. I’d sort of 30, 30, 31-32, will be about right.

And there was wind in my hair.....but I kept running
Alex on Bond:

It was a great honour to be considered, really. I thought they were joking … I thought they were pulling my chain, when they asked me to go to London and screen test and …. I think I did a good job.

Look, I knew I wouldn’t get the role. I’m too young. That was a couple of years ago, still from there. So it was still like, yeah … I was too young and I don’t know if I was right for the role.

I presume something about me was right for the role, otherwise, they wouldn’t have brought me to London.

But ….. and I think Daniel did a terrific job. He’s a great Bond.

Mick St John

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