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Why we did not get shirtless Alex this season

Many of us were left disappointed with this season having just one episode showing shirtless Alex cry 2 smiley

There were some rumors going round that Alex had more work done on his back tattoo. And a short while ago some lucky fans bumped into Alex by a pool, and apparently his work of art is wrapping around his sides and now covering also most his front. Yikes?!

With so much work to cover it all up for a shoot, it´s no wonder that Steve had to keep his shirts on. We got a tip of photos, showing Alex going to a local tattoo parlor, apparently taken around xmas vacay. What do you think? Should they just write in, Steve leaving the Navy, and allow him to show his skin art in all it´s glory?

We vote for them to give us Alex as he is. Covering up his skin with clothes or make-up is just stupid.

We love the art on him, and would happily study them more closely 🙂 It is with fond memories though, we say goodbye to his bare tummy…

Alex O'Loughlinand nips…

Alex O'Loughlin

But we are looking forward to Alex´s action scenes, to show us some exciting, accidental peekages of his new paint. Remember these lovely surprizes, caught in slow-mo 🙂 Let there be more!

Almost forgot,  link to photos



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