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Trivia from ‘The Invisible’ – #AlexOLoughlin and His Movies.

We continue our series of ‘behind the scenes’ trivia from Alex’s movies, with some facts from

The Invisible….

For those of you who haven’t seen the movie yet, Alex plays the boyfriend of the lead female character. He is a thief on parole….

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• The movie is a remake of the original Swedish film of the same name, which in itself is an adaptation of the novel “Den Osynlige” written by Mats Wahl.

The Invisible initially had an R-rating because of its dark themes. By making some minor changes, director David S. Goyer got the MPAA to give the movie a PG-13 label.

• A storyline about Pete stealing Nick’s money to get out of town was cut out of the movie as it was considered to be superfluous.

• The black car that Marcus is working on in the shop when Annie calls him is one of the three Blade cars, a modified 1968 Dodge Charger. It was purchased by the sound recordist who worked on the Blade productions as well as The Invisible.

• Writer Christina Roum on Alex O’Loughlin’s portrayal of Marcus in the scene where Detective Larson visits him at the garage where he works as a mechanic:

“I think Alex’s performance in this scene is really remarkable, because he’s a tough guy and he’s going to do some really bad things in this movie and yet in this scene I’m kinda rooting for him.

I was so happy with his performance, because he’s vulnerable and that makes you believe the things that he does, like betraying [Annie] the way that he does, because he’s fighting for his life.”

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• Director David S. Goyer on Alex O’Loughlin’s performance:

“It’s also kind of impressive because Alex is Australian with an extremely thick Australian accent and people don’t realize that.”

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• The daytime scene on the walkway was filmed over a period of five days. On the days the close-ups of Marcus were filmed, the sun was shining brightly, so those shots had to be digitally reworked to match the look of the other shots for the same scene.

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• For the scene on the cliff, the safety fence was removed. The only thing keeping Alex O’Loughlin and Margarita Levieva from plunging to their possible deaths if anything went wrong was a safety wire attached to their ankles.

David S. Goyer says of the actors, “They were fearless”.

There is one part in the film where Margarita Levieva’s character, Annie has me at gunpoint on the edge. When she kicks me off the small edge, she actually did that! I had a wire on me. The take that they used was actually when I almost lost my balance, so that was fun.

– Alex O’Loughlin, Hollywood the Write Way,

14 October 2008

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