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#AlexOLoughlin on Marriage – ‘Guys tell all’ on the Today Show, 2010

Today is 17 April, and one year ago we got the reports of Alex’s wedding to Malia Jones. Since then the wedding band that we always see on his ring-finger and the tan line from the ring on that finger while he is Steve McGarrett, reminds us of the commitment he made to his partner and mother of his second child, last year. We hope that his future with his family only brings him even more happiness in the years to come.

We thought it might be fun to see what Alex had to say about marriage in 2010 – five years ago. At that time while promotingThe Back-Up Plan‘, he appeared on the ‘Today Show’ on 15 April 2010. He was part of theGuys Tell All panel, as a stand-in guest. They answered viewers’ questions about sex and romance.

(This transcript is only of the parts that Alex got to answer)

Viewer: Why do men think that saying, “Hey Baby”, entices us?

Presenter: Let’s hear from you, our new Aussie friend.

Alex: Yeah, hi.

Presenter: Hello – Welcome.

Alex: Hey, Baby.


Presenter: Why do women, she’s asking, think that we would like that?

Alex: I don’t know. I don’t think I’ve ever said that in my life, unless I’ve known the person for a long time. But it’s like …

Presenter: What do you say?

Alex: I don’t really … I sort of stumble, you know I’m like, “Um …, excuse me.” And by that time they’re like “What?” and I am like, “Nothing”.


Presenter: Are you married Alex?

Alex: No, I’m not married actually. But I’ve been told that if I, instead of Hey Baby”, if I just say, “Gooday to ladies, I’d be married within ….


Presenter: Can you change the way you kiss?

Alex: I don’t think so…. I think you should … you had a great point before …

Andrew: Research actually shows that men like deeper, wetter kisses than women do.

Alex: That’s not the point I wanted to make. We were discussing this earlier … This is important. You know, it’s that today … we didn’t use to bathe as much. And now we bathe so much and we put on perfume and stuff. And our natural pheromones are sort of disguised. And so in the kiss, that’s really the most organic place that chemical transfer can happen.


Viewer: Why is it that men never stop to ask for directions, even if we are lost?

 Alex: The thing is …. the other thing is …. we know where we’re going.


Viewer: Why do men feel like they have to buy expensive toys, like speedboats and fancy cars?

Alex: I mean the other thing is, if you are in a position to have nice stuff that you like. I mean …. can you imagine if I had a rocket ship? We could just like go into space for the day, I mean. It’s like ….

Presenter: You’d have a lot of company.

Alex: I’d have a lot of company, you know what I mean. I think the other thing is people like ….. I mean it’s a reward as well. Especially when men get into relationships and get married and have kids, I mean. A lot of men feel stifled by that. I’m not married, but I know a lot of men who are …. I’m sitting with 3 …

Presenter: Do you want to be married?

Alex: Do I want to be married?

Presenter: Yeah.

Alex: Um.

[Laughs all around]


Alex: I don’t wanna be … I don’t want to not be married.

Presenter: Oh that’s not an answer.

Alex: Statistically you look at marriage and half of them don’t work so. But what I think the word marriage is, is … is more about like finding some … one person who wants to be with me…

Chuck: Own a rocket ship.


Alex: Who wants me to sell all my toys and have a really miserable time. So yeah, I do want that.


Viewer: What are 3 things that most attracts you to a girl?

Alex: Yeah, I mean, attractive, smart and funny too. I mean … but it’s a sense of humour that’s so important for me, because life gets sort of so serious. You have to … I have to have someone I can laugh with. And someone who gets …. I mean there’s nothing like being with someone who gets your sense of humour. And something will happen and all you need to do is shoot each other a look, and you’re rolling with laughter. I mean that stuff is important.


Presenter: Gentlemen, you have been awesome. Yes, and you held your own like crazy Alex..

Alex: What did you think I was going to do?

Presenter: We had no idea. We really didn’t know.

Alex: Sit here and crumble under the pressure?

Presenter: We just wanted to look at you. We didn’t care what you’d say.


Presenter: You will be with us tomorrow. So we’ll see you tomorrow to talk about your movie.

Alex: I’m coming back tomorrow? Okay, good.

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