H50 5.20 – Steve was somewhere else

Not a lot of Steve to capture in this epi 😦 And I am not a fan of this shirt colour. I hope Alex had a nice relaxing week off, with so little work. Poor Chi had all the dialogue by himself 😉 Anyway, here´s just a few gorgeous Steve that I caught 🙂

520-strut520-look-around 520-lashes 520-face-2520-pouting 520-face-n520-eyesexting


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31 responses to “H50 5.20 – Steve was somewhere else

  1. Colleen

    I was disappointed by the lack of Steve too. But having come here for so long I can watch the episode and know what shots you are going to get. I saw one yesterday in the scene with everyone but Danny where Steve was looking right at the camera and thought Paula’s sure to see that one! 🙂


    • Just looked at this computer table scene again, and I think Steve was facing the camera a couple of times, but he didn´t look into the camera though. Wish Alex would slip up more, those moments are fun to see 🙂


      • Colleen

        I didn’t mean for you to have to go back and look at the scene again. I typed that when i was half asleep. There was supposed to be a sentence in there that said that we have the same eye. Your fourth picture is the one that I thought you’d see. Also all of the screensavers on my phone are your pitcures. I have to delete some but can’t bring my self to! Lol.


  2. Claude (Mrs)

    Not enough Steve, yesterday, I missed him. And I agree, this colour doesn’t suit him but he is still wonderful 😉


  3. Then Steve will not go far in this episode? XC
    I like the shirt … but I’d be better without it …. XD


  4. vanduyn

    Excellent gifs! This was obviously an Alex light episode. Chi was excellent and Scott was great too but I must say I was kinda disappointed with the episode 😦


    • Even on first watch, I felt the table scene was just one loooong Grover monologue.
      Once again they could have saved this with shirtless Steve! We could have enjoyed his Navy Shower for 3 minutes. Then him exercising and drinking coffee and eating ice-cream. Would have made this epi so much better…and much nicer for Alex too 🙂


      • Lee Ann

        ‘Grover’ is a bit too negative/grouchy all the time for me & so little of Alex was disappointing – hope he had a restful week. So Paula, since May 8 is show’s 2 hr season finale, think that’s when ‘Catherine’ will make her return appearance? Is the show renewed? Look forward to Elvis convention episode, should be funny.


        • I think that was one of the issues I had with this episode. Grover was so serious in many scenes this time.
          Apparently Cath is only is the very last episode. I doubt we will get renewal/cancellation news before that.
          I am also feeling very optimistic about next epi 🙂


          • Can we *spoiler alerts* for these type if things in the future please?


            • Sorry B,
              I also hate storyline or episode spoilers ….
              But the news of Cath’s return is all over social media and is being discussed by everybody – it is really no secret at all anymore.
              Photos of her on set has been posted by all other fansites and on twitter and on FB. The only reason you might have not seen it here before, is because we don’t post the “Hawaii paparazzi” pictures here on a regular basis.
              I myself have commented about it here on other threads as well during this week, because people asked.
              News like that can not really be kept quiet at all, when it is filmed right in the open where everybody can see – but why and why now and for how long she will be back? – that will be the real spoilers (and nobody knows that, yet)


  5. Those eyebrows tells their own story ….. sigh ….


  6. I actually enjoyed the episode despite the lack of Steve in it. Chi delivered a magnificent performance IMO.
    The color of the shirt was lack luster for sure, but the man would look sexy in a burlap sack. I agree with FOYeur, “those eyebrows tell their own story.” He has the sexiest frown lines.
    Gif #2 “Look around..there’s a lot to take in..” Oh my, my mind just went to a very naughty place. What a surprise, right?
    Gif #3 with the eyelashes…sigh…but it’s the cute chin dimple that caught my eye and got my tongue twitching. 😛
    Paula, you made the most of the little material you had to work with! So, we got a wet Steve, but not naked in the shower :/ The man still oozes sex appeal and he is maturing like a fine wine. He’s intoxicatingly beautiful. 🙂 Sometimes I want to sip him slowly, and other times swallow him down in one gulp. SLUURRP! :mrgreen:

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  7. For me it’s those eyelashes. Gawd, they are gorgeous and long. A woman would die for lashes like that. As for me one big gulp will do it. I do like him better in the navy blue shirt or the T-shirts that show off those solid muscular arms.


  8. gracenotpark

    Oy! That first gif! The way he sashayed up to that cliff…I think that gave me heart palpitations. And I liked it. 😀

    Episode bored me, and I love Grover. But it was way too talky-talky. More McG woulda made some of that better, but I get that Alex has earned some down time. Soooooo…not gonna be rewatching this one.


    • I loved the acting and “Grover ” and the rest of the leads gave Emmy worthy performances. I bet Alex lay back,. relaxed and said “great job guys” .We all know what a team player he is.True not so much of him in this episode but what their was FINE !!! DROOL


      • Serai

        It was actually nice to see him just be there. I’ve heard many times from actors that that’s the hardest thing to do convincingly – just exist within the scene and listen and be open to the other actor. Big yaya scenes are more grueling physically, but being the listener is harder in an internal way. He does it quite well. 🙂


  9. alexnymph

    Alex-lite, yes, but love Grover, so kudos to him. And it was good to see Danny–I know not everyone here likes him, but I do, I like when the old gang is in the picture. It just seems right.


  10. buttercup4u

    I haven’t been able to watch yet, but these camel boots did me in already, i could watch him shove that perfect shaped figure of him up that moody path for hours 😉


  11. Serai

    I really enjoyed this episode a lot, even though Alex wasn’t in it much. Very impressed with McBride’s performance, and Mykelti is always interesting to watch. And I kinda liked seeing Steve just listen and try to be empathetic to his co-worker. It’s a change of pace for the character, and that’s always to the good. 🙂

    P.S. I left you a response at my picspam. You forgot to leave your email address, so please drop me a line at serai1@livejournal.com. I have three more pics finished so far, and will be working on more this week. Ciao!


  12. McG sashaying around made up for that shirt color. Hips indeed! Thank you, Paula!
    Why does waredrobe dress him in that tan color? How about white or any other color? Are they trying to distract attention away from him? If so, they are failing in their attempts. My suggestion: Although not practical for hiding tattoos or body mic wires, a white shirt is a requirement for optimal FUCUP viewing of McG in a downpour.
    P.S. I hope they weren’t getting any electric shocks from the rain on their body mics!

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  13. Thank you for these great gifs.


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