TV Close-Up: Alex O’Loughlin – April 2008

After yesterday’s post about the ‘Bond’ auditions back in 2005, I thought this article might be interesting, because it reveals how Alex first “heard” that he did not get the part of James Bond.

The original article is lost

 Copley News Service
1 April 2008

His suitcases packed, Australian actor Alex O’Loughlin was ready to set course last year for Boucherville, Quebec, in a New York minute. He was all jacked up for “Whiteout,” an action-thriller set in Antarctica starring hot Brit actress Kate Beckinsale as a U.S. marshal tracking a stone-cold killer.

But a few days before heading toward the North Pole (a fine substitute for the South Pole), O’Loughlin received an urgent call at his Los Angeles home from one of his TV agents: Heavyweight executive producer Joel Silver and the entire CBS Network’s drama series development team in L.A. desperately wanted him to test for the lead – as a 90-year-old trapped in a 30-year-old body – in “Moonlight.”


Intrigued by the pilot script dealing with the eternal life and times of the charming, bloodsucking private eye Mick St. John, O’Loughlin was anxious to chat with them, too. An intelligent man with a conscience and strong sense of justice, the gentleman vampire always uses his supernatural abilities to assist the living rather than write them off for lunch. St. John was “turned” on his wedding night by the sexy Coraline (Shannyn Sossamon), apparently grounds for divorce in most Western countries. But his ex-wife is still hanging around 60 years later (both still physically unchanged), hoping he will forgive and forget.

Mick & Beth

By the time O’Loughlin, 32, returned from the far north last summer, “Moonlight” was in full production on a Hollywood back lot. And the cast suddenly included Jason Dohring as Josef Konstantin, a happy-go-lucky vampire hedge fund trader (once wealthy) and Sophia Myles as Beth Turner, a blond, ambitious Internet investigative reporter.

O’Loughlin – “chipping away at Hollywood” since 2002 and L.A.-based for the past four years in order to stay close to the mecca of the international film and television industry – is still playing out a string of amazing luck since creating a buzz for his work in the modest-budgeted Australian movie “Oyster Farmer” in 2004.

Jack in Oyster Farmer

Sometimes he didn’t get the girl, but association with several showbiz power players kept O’Loughlin’s name in the media, including hooking up with Martin Campbell, the director of Casino Royale with Daniel Craig as the latest incarnation of James Bond. Just before the 007 yarn went into production, O’Loughlin was asked to meet Campbell at his Sony Studios offices in L.A.
“I thought he was going to ask me to audition for the villain or some other character – I certainly had no idea that he had me in mind for the (James) Bond role,” he recalled. “After explaining the whole story, he invited me to go with him to London, where I spent a week being fitted for wardrobe and screen testing.

Alex as Marcus

“It was an extremely exciting time for me as a young actor,” he continued, chuckling. “I felt as though I was doing a good job and handled myself professionally. I didn’t hear anything from them for a couple of months after that, so I shot a film called ‘The Invisible’ in Canada. Over breakfast in a Vancouver cafe, I spotted a fellow customer eating pancakes reading a newspaper with a large photo of Daniel Craig and a headline that read, ‘Bond Revealed.’”

The whole Bond experience was a big, wonderful journey, according to the lean, 6-foot-2 actor, and he wouldn’t have had it any other way. Naturally, his ego was bruised for a while, but he got over it without major psychological scars. But I’m afraid it killed my mother,” he laughed. “She always thought I’d be a great Bond.”

Alex as Will Bryant

But O’Loughlin took some comfort in an award-winning effort in an Australian miniseries called “The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant” before Bond and a seven-episode recurring bit as Detective Kevin Hiatt – a recent member of the L.A.P.D.’s Strike Team – on The Shield” afterward. A major break.

Kevin in The Shield

Born in Canberra to a nurse and a teacher, O’Loughlin and his older sister (a professional volleyball player) grew up in Sydney. Not particularly career oriented, he became a plumber’s apprentice.

“It was a terrible job and I didn’t last long, he recalled, laughing. “At the same time, a friend of mine in Sydney encouraged me to become an actor. He kept saying that I was a natural storyteller and loved to show off anyway. My mate finally got to me so badly that I lost about three weeks of sleep over it, then finally realized that acting was the only thing I really wished to do.”

Three years later he graduated from Sydney’s National Institute of Dramatic Art and made his professional screen debut in 1998 doing a guest shot on an Australian TV series that no longer exists. And now he is reaching for the brass ring in the U.S. along with his Australian girlfriend, singer-actress Holly Valance. Valance’s debut single “Kiss Kiss” became No. 1 on the pop charts in Australia and the U.K. in 2002 and a three-year gig as Flick on the series “Neighbours” helped make her bulletproof at home.

“It’s just a matter of time before you hear about Holly in America,” said O’Loughlin. “She can do anything.”

Mick - Fever

Once again thank you to @Mymaximus (one of the greatest advocates of Alex and his career in general, and also of Alex’s hard work on Hawaii Five-0), for always sharing such beautiful pictures of Alex. All of the above pictures originally came from her before I tweaked it a bit.

 My Thoughts

  • According to all other sources Alex’s sister Jackie is about two years younger than him, and not older as written in this article.
  • According to most other sources, they grew up in Canberra for the most part and not in Sydney as stated above.
  • Something people do not always realise is that Alex was asked by the director of Casino Royale to audition – he did not apply to do it. He must have seen some potential in Alex back then already.


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12 responses to “TV Close-Up: Alex O’Loughlin – April 2008

  1. He would be such a great villain. I would love to see him as a Bond nemesis in a recurring role. The one who outplays Bond again and again… With a close up of his face at the end, smiling malicious….


  2. dcjank

    I am glad to see what you added here under ‘My Thoughts’… cuz they were mine as well.


    • Hi dcjank – Welcome here 🙂
      Apart from my thoughts above, I am also not so sure that his sister ever played professional volleyball. Although we know that she is/ was a good player (and played at provincial level at school), I can’t find any other sources that would suggest that it was/is her profession.


  3. Always great insights, ya’ll. Thank you for sharing! And that last pic of MickyD…thank you Momma and Papa O’Loughlin. 😀


  4. Colleen

    Great article. I had never read any of that. It seems kind of sad that he found out he didn’t get the Bond role by seeing someone’s newspaper. You would think someone would’ve called him. And did anyone else laugh at the description of Josef as a “happy go lucky vampire”? That seems a little off. Haha. Great article ladies and the pictures are swoon worthy.


    • Yes, I saw that,
      and that he once was wealthy – he still is extremely wealthy in the series. 😀
      Just shows that the press gets it wrong a lot of the time 😦


  5. Thank you so much FOYeur for a fabulous interview and photos and thanks to “Mymaximus”


  6. Kath40

    Thank you FOYER ♥ I love how well y’all do your homework. I’ve been following Alex since 2007 and love when you know what is what and address inconsistency’s when you find them.
    For years we’ve learned much about Alex and know when “the media” gets it wrong.
    I’ve not seen this particular article so it’s nice to look back to see how far he has come. ((HUGS))


  7. Neat article that I don’t recall reading before. “Desperately wanted him” – yeah, me too, for slightly more *fun* reasons! 😀


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