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Alex O’Loughlin: Interview at the Men’s Fitness Cover shoot – April 2011

Alex O’Loughlin

on the cover of Men’s Fitness Magazine in August 2011.

The photoshoot for the article was done in April of that year.

This is the transcript of the interview done that day.

Images by © Jim Wright/Corbis Outline

25 April 2011

 Jim captured Alex as he showed off his fitness regime in the hills in Malibu. Alex demonstrated how he incorporates the outdoors in his workouts, by running in the hills with large rocks and doing pull-ups on tree branches. A small studio had to be built on the side of a hill to capture the actor working out. Apparently Jim said that Alex was laid back and a real trooper.

Alex O'Loughlin

Alex: Yeah, I just think … I mean it’s so much more me, being out here in the elements as opposed to being in a gym. I mean I go to a gym, some time, when I have to, you know. I don’t hate it, but it’s ….. I much more prefer this. I much more prefer to go out on a mountain or the ocean or whatever. And the thing is, you know, when you’re in a gym, it’s all there for you and it’s easy.

But out here, I mean, it’s not all set up for you to work out, but it is all set up for a workout. You know as long as you use mind and your creativity and think about gravity and physics. And that’s the thing I love about this kind of working out. You know, people, really inspirational people train outdoors, and..

Question: How is your role in Hawaii Five-0 affected your fitness regiment?

Alex: It’s tricky man. It’s really tricky. My role in Hawaii Five-0 has, has been …. has made it difficult to maintain my day-to-day kind of sanity [laughs]. Day to day fitness, but day-to-day kind of mental fitness as well. I mean, you do so many hours, I do enough stunts to … to say I do some stunts. I do to some stunts, a lot of action stuff.

I also have a lot of blah, blah. It’s just hard to find time, it’s also hard to find the energy, you know, when you’re doing 15 – 16 hours a day. It’s hard to find pockets where you can actually drop and do a 100 push-up or just do a little workout. And I’m learning the next day’s work, while I’m at work shooting that day’s work. It kind of just perpetuates itself.

fitness crop finger prints

Question: So what do you do to compensate?

Alex: I …. You just got to make time.

Question: What’s the best tip that you can share about diet?

Alex: I don’t know, there’s a few. It’s…. I think the sort of overall dietary advice I give people is, drink a lot of water. Like two gallons a day if you can. Try to eliminate as much salt out of you diet as possible. And try to eat a small balanced portions of a really clean low glycemic index carbohydrate, like brow rice or wholemeal pasta. Steamed vegetables and a protein. And don’t cook any of it with oil. And just use cold pressed oils on the top.

Question: What do you and Steve McGarrett have in common?

Alex: Not much. [Laughs] He’s a much better version of a man.

Alex O'Loughlin

Alex: One of the many things …. many things that I like to do is surf actually. I’ve only been surfing for about six or seven months. It changed my life. It’s changed my life, I love it.

Question: So how often are you out there?

Alex: Every day if I can. Yeah, it’s very very difficult sport to learn. I’m usually pretty good with sport ….. this one, this is tricky. They say it’s …. they say it’s like the sport that takes longest to learn, and is the hardest to learn above sort of 13 years of age. So, yeah, I’ve got my work cut out for me. But I’m doing okay. Progressing slowly.

Alex: My favourite cheat food is sugar, man.

Alex O'Loughlin

Alex: My favourite thing to do in Hawaii …. There’s so much great stuff to do, you know. Besides surfing, is … is … I love the North Shore. I love going up …. I live on the South, at Diamond Head, so. I love travelling up the North Shore, getting some …… getting some plate lunch or shrimp up there. And some shave ice. Getting out in the water. It’s amazing up there. It’s like country. I’ve got some great friends up there, so ….

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