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(Transcript) Alex O’Loughlin: ‘Getting down and dirty’ with Pauly Shore #1

 There are two sides to me: the angelic side, and the truth.

Alex O’Loughlin via DDK’s Twitter, 14 September 2012

 Pauly Shore doing a Podcast with “The Face of Hawaii Five-0 – Alex O’Loughlin” from Waikiki Honolulu Hawaii. Pauly was on location with Hawaii Five-0 as a guest star for one of the upcoming episodes.

Get to know the dude, behind the dudeAlex “Loughlin” from Hawaii Five-0. 😀

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There are a long prolog

Pauly: So is it … Is it Alex who-en? You got to speak in the mic.

Alex: O’Loughlin. Are we on, and you’re asking my name?

Pauly: Yeah, pretty much.

Alex: Hey man. I just met Pauly on the street, he pulled me in and now he’s asking me my name. We do a Podcast?

Pauly: No, so here’s the deal. So …

Alex: It’s “O’-Lock-lin”. For the rest of America too. Well you know, the ones that listen to this podcast. It is like to lock a door.

Pauly: It’s O-Lock-lin.

Alex: O-Lock-lin

Pauly: So it’s Alex … Is it Alexander or Alex?

Alex: It’s Alexander, but haven’t … only my grandmother calls me that. And she’s dead now. So …

Pauly: Right.

Alex: You’ll freak me out. I’ll go all emotional on you.

Pauly: But it’s Alex O’Loughlin

Alex: Yeah.

Pauly: So it’s Irish?

Alex: It is Irish-Australian.

Pauly: Irish, cool. That’s sick. So … so, I’m looking at a picture of your co-star Scotty Caan.

Alex: Yeah.

Pauly: So do you masturbate on that or something, when you walk by it?

Alex: Well, not anymore. I’ve had it for years.

[Pauly laughs]

Alex: In the beginning when he put it there. It’s a headshot that says, “Dearest Al, one day babe, one day”… so

Pauly: Right

Alex: So who … who wouldn’t jerk off to that?

Pauly: Yeah, that’s Scotty Caan. Scotty is your… is your, if it is ‘Crockett and Tubbs’. If he’s your Tubbs, you’re Crockett?

(Of course Pauly is referring to Detectives Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs from Miami Vice)

Alex: Something like that. I thought you were going to do ….

Pauly: We’re gonna go …. just let me fucking do my thing bro.

Alex: Alright …

Pauly: Listen, listen ….

Alex: Right, I’m listening.

Pauly: So, so … so but you guys are like the ‘Yin and the Yang’ on the show?

Alex: Right.

Pauly: He’s your partner in crime?

Alex: Right.

Pauly: He’s the blond one and you’re the brunette one?


Alex: He’s the blond, I’m the brunette. We kind of … we argue a lot.

Pauly: Right. So, so …. let’s back it up. So, I first met you probably about … was it a week or so ago?

Alex: Yeah, we’re new… fast friends.

Pauly: We’ d be … I came into the trailer and then I saw Scotty, who I grew up with out in LA. I see him at the Russian bathhouse all the time. The Shvitz. The Jews they call it the Shvitz.

Alex: The Shvitz

Pauly: Yeah, the Shvitz. And then I met you. And then I was going to interview him for the podcast, but he was kind of like spatuling  me.

Alex: Yeah, yeah, he was like. First he was like, “Yeah, totally man. For sure”

Pauly: And then he’s like ….

Alex: And he was like ….. couldn’t be found.

Pauly: Right. And now you’re doing it.

Alex: Cause, it’s awesome. I’ve been listening, Dude. I’ve been listening to your podcasts. I love them.

Pauly: Yeah.

Alex: They’re so …. I mean, why wouldn’t I love them? But they’re great.

Pauly: Cause, you didn’t know what to expect. Because, then we started …. Like I got your number, because you got me a masseuse. A girl.

Alex: Yeah.

Pauly:  What’s her name?

Alex: Candice.

Pauly: Candice.

Alex: She’s the best.

Pauly: Yeah, Candice the masseuse. And then we texted, I’m like, Fuck, you should do the podcast

Alex: Yeah, I’m … dude. I’m honoured. It’s cool. I’ve been listening to a bunch of them. My favourite so far …. well I liked them all. Like I love those in Brad and David. Am I ….. How am I doing? Am I too close to this thing?

Pauly: No. It’s perfect. You’re perfect. No, you’re perfect.

Alex: Hm, but my favourite, was Alexis [laughs] …. Alexis Texas, man. The questions …… First of all, you had to have a break in between, cause you were getting too switchy, right. You had to go and have a cigarette and jerk off a bit…. and

Alexis Texas, award winning pornstar

Alexis Texas, award winning porn star


Pauly: It was …. it was difficult, dude.

Alex: That was beautiful, to listen to.

Pauly: I was so nervous.

Alex: You could hear it.

Pauly: I was so nervous.

Alex: But so was Will. Will was like trying to come in … I don’t know Will, he sounds awesome. I´d love to meet him. But he was trying to come in with kind of smart witty things. And he was just .. he..

Pauly: Flustered

Alex: You were both flustered.

Pauly: Yeah.

Alex: The only on who was cool, was Hannah.

Pauly: Right.

Alex: She even, she even …. like talked about the notion of an anal cream-pie for herself. And she was …

Pauly: Right

Alex: She was like … like a Hindu cow, man.

Pauly: Yeah, yeah no … I was … I mean we all watch porn stars, especially late at night. We go on U-porn and she’s fuckin gnarly, Alexis Texas. If you guys haven’t heard, that particular podcast, It’s the ‘Bret Ratner Alexis Texas’ one. And I get pretty graphic. But enough of her, because I’m in Hawaii. I just want to say, I had an awesome fucking time on the show.

Alex: Good.

Pauly: I mean seriously, dude. Like … I mean like I saw you the other day and I was like, “Dude, this is an awesome show”. I mean it’s fuckin …. We’re in Hawaii you guys. And I have been sending pictures, like from my hotel room or different things. And people like, Oh shit, that looks dope”. You’ve got to understand something, America, like especially on the East Coast right now. There’s a blizzard.

Alex: They’re dying in the snow.

Pauly: They’re fucking dying, and we’re like flip-flops, looking at pussy and … you’re in a fucking show … they’re feeding you steaks. Dude they fucking feed you steaks.

Alex: They feed me steaks.

Pauly: They can’t stop feeding you … amazing food on this.

Alex: It’s a contractual thing. It’s like you fucking feed me right, or I …… you know.

517 hammy mcg

Pauly: Yeah, so you’re … let’s back it up. So you’re a really good looking dude.

Alex: Thank you, man.

Pauly: Really good looking dude … like

Alex: Thank you. baby.

Pauly: Ladies … tell us is your Twitter and your Instagram. Do you have one of those?

Alex: Me? Dude I don’t have any of that shit.

Pauly: You have nothing?

Alex: I literally … Here’s the thing. I watched ‘Birdman’. When I saw ‘Birdman’, which I really enjoyed. I loved it. It’s such a great contentious film. People either love it or hate it, right?

Pauly: One of my favourite films.

Alex: I loved it. All the actors have never been better. I just thought it was amazing.

Pauly: Great script.

Alex: I’m glad it got the recognition that we sort of knew it would. But anyway, there’s that scene where Emma Stone, in an incredible performance. I’ve never seen her better either. She’s so fucking great. And she’s yelling at her dad, she’s yelling at a …..

Pauly: Michael Keaton

Alex: At Michael Keaton about … about not … about not existing. She’s like, “You don’t have anything. You don’t have Facebook, you and this and that” And she’s like, “You don’t even fucking exist … you’re nothing”

Pauly: That’s great. Such a great scene.

Alex: I went into this moment of like, “Oh my god, I don’t exist … I’m not, I’m not, you know”. But I don’t do any of that, to answer your question.

Pauly: Right

Alex: I don’t know how man. I don’t have no time … I’m, you know.

Pauly: Yeah, so … so  for the people listening. Go on and Google … Google, ‘Alex O’Claire‘ … was it ‘Alex O’Claire

Alex: Yeah, just google that.

Pauly: [Laughs] No, cause I keep messing your last name.

Alex: O’LoughlinO’Loughlin

Pauly: ‘O’Donnelly

Alex: ‘O’Donnelly

Pauly: [Laughs] No, google ‘Alex O’Donnelly … no, no, ‘O’Claire … wait, wait…

Alex: I can’t … listen. I mean, I don’t have much integrity, but if you don’t fucking say “O’Loughlin, correctly ……

Pauly: I know dude. I’m getting like flustered.

Alex: I’d have to … I have to leave this podcast.

Pauly: No, no, no, don’t leave it.

Alex: Alex O’Loughlin …. but …

Pauly: I’ll be interviewing that chubby Hawaiian guy.

Alex: Listen ….

[Laughs in the background]

Alex: There s a lot of Alex O’Loughlin Facebook’s and stuff like that out there … but none of them are me. Literally, if I didn’t have an assistant, I would not open my mailbox. But that’s … I don’t know.

Sidenote: Alex has an official FB page run by his publicist, however, it is seldom updated.

Pauly: So it’s Alex O’Loughlin ….. so ladies … cause I know, guys …. Guys are like. You probably have dudes that dig you from the show, but it’s mostly like ladies that find you sexy.

Alex: I hope so.

Pauly: Google, Alex O’Loughlin

Alex: Very good…

Pauly: Very good looking. Very good looking.

307 face dl

Alex: Looking.

Pauly: Yeah, good looking action star, actor, from Australia, who’s over here in … in … Where are we? Philippines?

Alex: Yeah.

Pauly: No, we’re in Hawaii. We’re in Hawaii doing the show, and he is the star of Hawaii Five-0. So just give them a second to do that. And right now, they’re doing that. And right now their vaginas are getting super wet.

Alex: That’s how fast it moves … technology … it’s like, bang.

Pauly: Yes, they go on. So how do people get ahold of you? So for instance if they want to send you flowers or send you nice messages. So, how … because, they’re going to listen to this podcast.

Alex: They don’t. I don’t know how anyone feels, but that’s a wrap. No here’s the thing. I get a lots of fan mail, which is awesome. And I look at as much of it as I can. Which is … frankly is most of it. And it comes through the production office here, some of it goes to my agent in LA. Some of it , you  know…

Pauly: So if people … if women hear this and they want to support you, how do they find you? Cause if you don’t have a Twitter and a Facebook and a Instagram and a …. you definitely don’t have …

Alex: I don’t know. These are …. this is the conundrum. The ‘Birdman’ conundrum, that I’m in. It’s like, what do I do.? I can’t start those things now. I don’t want to. Is that weird? I that bad, though?

Pauly: No, it’s not weird at all. It’s a choice. I think Sean Penn doesn’t have it either.

Alex: But he’s like … he can’t …. Let’s not talk about him. He’s fantastic.

Pauly: The best.

Alex: What a … man. He’s like, he’s like ….

Pauly: He’s the best.

Alex: He’s so amazing. I don’t even know if he exist. He’s so …

Pauly: Yeah, so … but is there and address or something, where? Just, Hawaii Five-0 productions?

Alex: Yeah, just put my home address on at the tail end of the show.

Pauly: For real. No, for the fans that want to….

Alex: You know it’s as if the Hawaii Five-0 … in all seriousness. Hawaii Five-0 production office… everything … I think it’s 501, 18th ave. It’s the Diamond head film studio. Anything that gets sent there, I guarantee I will see.

teddy address EYE prod

Pauly: And you, you once … is it the ‘Sexiest man alive’?

Alex: Did I?

Pauly: You won sexiest man in 2010.

Alex: Don’t like …

Pauly: Buddy TV, rates you number 2 on the TV’s 100 sexiest men, 2010. Hannah, what do you think? Oh wait, she´s not here.

Alex: I can do … I can do Hannah if you want.

Pauly: Hey, I agree.

Alex: Hey, I agree. No, but is that true? I didn’t know that.

Pauly: Yeah, it’s true

Alex: That’s awesome. That’s good … It’s good, right?

Pauly: Yeah, it’s an awesome thing.

Alex: That’s awesome.

Pauly: So being like the sexiest man alive … so not sexiest man alive, 2010. So you’ve been here. You’ve been here in Hawaii

Alex: Are those 2010?

CM sexy pose

Pauly: Twenty … 2010, yeah.

Alex: Well that’s five years …. like

Pauly: Yeah, that’s okay.

Alex: Really?

Pauly: Yeah, it’s cool.

Alex: Cause TV ages you, man?

Pauly: No, you don’t look aged. You’re good, you’re good. So you’ve been on the show for about five years.

Alex: Yeah, this is the fifth season.

Pauly: Five years. And word around the set, is that you’re going to be picked up for a sixth year?

Alex: That would be good. I mean it’s not …. I learned a long time ago that until you hear the crafts services truck, you’re not working. You know, so I mean…

Pauly: That’s how I think about, when it comes to having sex, as well.

Alex: Right.

Pauly: Cause.

Alex: So until you’re eating afterwards, you haven’t actually had sex?

Pauly: No, unless your penis is actually in the girls vagina or the butt, if it’s Alexis Texas.

Alex: Whatever is your thing, right.

Pauly: Then you’re not really, what?

Alex: You’re there, when you’re there.

Pauly: Right, having sex.

Alex: You know, right.

Pauly: So … so … so, Season 6. So that means you’ve already got a 100 thousand epi ….. I mean excuse me 100 episodes.

Alex: Yes, I think we’re about a 115 now.

Pauly: Stoke.

Alex: But it’s a great analogy. You know, Network television and sex, because its, you know, you can think you’re there ….. you know. When you’re dating and you’re a bachelor and stuff …. No, when you’re married, it’s even more so.

You think you’re there. You think you’re doing all the right things, you think you’re guaranteed vagina tonight. You like, can put money on it … and then it doesn’t happen for whatever reason, you know.

Pauly: It doesn’t happen.

Alex: But when it does, you’re like, “YES”.

malia in bed

Pauly: So you guys got to the 100th episode of Hawaii Five-0, that’s filming here in Hawaii. Was there a celebration on the set?

Alex: Yeah, there was actually, we had…..

Pauly: Just the actors?

Alex: There was a big celebration. Like a bunch of the CBS folks came out. Nina Tassler and David Stapf, you know, our beloved heads of the studio and the network, came out. And a bunch of people from CBS and we  had a big thing at the studio.

We had a cake. It was lovely. You know there were cameras there. We were doing all the stuff ….. Unfortunately … I don’t know if it was, unfortunately, but I was a little out to lunch that day, because the episode itself, was huge for me. I was getting tortured, I was getting waterboarded. And I was getting beaten up …. I ended up like walking pneumonia. It was crazy.

Pauly: It was kind of like when I perform in the midwest.

Alex: Very similar to that, yeah. I want to talk to you about your dock eye too. But, yeah …. and so I was doing this fight scene … I did this like 12 hour fight scene, without pads, in a wet room. And it was dangerous and crazy. And like halfway through shooting the fight scene ….. And when I’m doing a fight scene like that, I’m kind of like wicked out a little bit.

It’s like kind of have to go there a bit. They, they like, “Okay cut, everybody we’re going to cut the cake.” [Laughs]

Pauly: And you’re like…

Alex: I was like, “What for… ?”

Pauly: You’re just spend.

Alex: Yeah, so I was sort of standing there. Dripping wet and with a hoody, with like weird shackles on my hands and dialed out eyes. And everyone was sort of happy and made up and fresh. So I sort of felt like I was in  a twilight zone episode

100 celebrations alex

Pauly: Right.

Alex: But there was a celebration. I just wish I was sort of … you know, there a little more.

Pauly: And you’re in Netflix now?

Alex: Isn’t that great? I’m stoked.

Pauly: That’s sick. I was on Netflix the other night, and I was looking at you know, videos of you know, of beheadings.

Alex: Yeah.

Pauly: And you know, torture and stuff like that. Cause like, I’m still … no, I’m still in shock that, that these people in the Middle East and North Korea

Alex: Fucking crazy.

Pauly: Fucking insane. And I come across you guys on Netflix.

Alex: Right next to the beheadings section?

Pauly: Beheadings, yeah. So, so … that’s great. You guys are on Netflix now. This is huge.

Alex: This is huge. It’s new … like we just. Like they just announced it in the last couple of week. It’s really a big deal. I mean, it’s the business now. It’s all VOD, right. Everything is on-demand. Everything is on … is like streaming everything.

And Netflix … We live … in my house. You know I have two little ones and my wife ….. We, Netflix is a huge thing in our house. You know what I mean. We have to have that membership, because we jump on it and use it all the time.

Pauly: Yes.

Alex: So … It’s become …. I remember when that thing was like, that thing in the post box.

Pauly: And you have to return it within a day.

Alex: You have to return it. Yeah, yeah.

Pauly: And now it’s straight there.

Alex: It’s massive.

Pauly: So, so, being on the set … so for the people listening. What is the show about? For people that haven’t seen the show? Try to gain some new fans. New people that maybe haven’t …. they know the show exist, but they’re not tuning in for it. What is the show about? Why should people tune in for it?

Alex: Well here’s the thing. The show is … it’s network TV, so we do a lot. We do like, we’re doing 24 …

Pauly: Compare it to the old Hawaii Five-0?

Alex: Well the original Hawaii Five-o, went on for 12 years, from 1968 – 1980, which is massive.

Pauly: Wow.

Alex: But even for that time.

Pauly: What were the characters?

Alex: Jack Lord and James MacArthur played McGarrett and Danno. And they were the two main characters. Of course, you know, there’s Chin, there’s Kono. They’re the main characters in our  show as well. And we have a couple of others. Lou Grover and other people … But, the bromance is me and Scotty Caan. And that’s .. that’s McGarrett and Danno. And I play McGarrett and he plays Danno.

And look, its weird, because I don’t watch much TV at all. The TV that I do watch is cable TV and I kind of watch. I watch the things I want to watch .. Like I love “House of Cards” and “Breaking Bad”. And all the stuff that’s different. You know it’s very different to what  I do in my job. But this is …. where we differ, I really believe from other network TV shows, is that we sort of …. Peter Lenkov has a … does a really fantastic job at bringing character arcs in. He really kept his word with that stuff.

Pauly: He brought me in.

Alex: He brought you in baby.

Pauly: Yeah

Alex: Shaved your head and set you on fire.

Pauly: Hopefully this show will get some good ratings and they’ll bring me back for an arc.

Alex: Well that’s … that’s ….

Pauly: Why not?

Alex: Yeah, that was the whole thing. Bring Pauly in and let’s pump the ratings up.

Pauly: Yeah, okay.

Alex: He’s … he does a great job with that and …. you know, we get to play… it’s not just “cops and robbers”. Not just that formulated stuff. It’s … we actually get to play. But even when the scripts don’t sort of have it in there, Scott and I do something with it.

And that happened from the very first reading of the pilot, you know. And that’s when I knew … when Scotty and I started riffing and arguing …. doing the shoot we do. I was like, This is going to work

Pauly: Yeah.

Alex: So that’s fun.

Pauly: So people should …. do you feel that it’s a comedy for people that want to watch? A comedy?

Alex: Yeah, I think it is

Pauly: Comedic elements?

Alex: I think it has comedic elements. Some of them … I don’t think are that funny, but … again it’s that sort of commercially comedic thing. It’s like some people think it is really funny and some people don’t. But now, I think this episode with you guys … you and Kevin and Jaleel, I think it’s probably going to be one of our funniest, because of your …. input.

Pauly: Hm … bringing in some …

Alex: Bringing in some comedians, you know. But I think some of the stuff, Scott and I do is funny. Cause we just yell at each other. And it is fun to watch other people yell at each other. Because, I don’t know, it makes us feel good about ourselves or something…..


 To be continued…… here


My worst habit is cursing

Alex O’Loughlin, Live Chat, 1 October 2009

Here´s the audio file of the podcast

PS, Thank you to Silvia from AOLww, for finding the podcast


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