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The Back-Up Plan Interview – Hollywood Dailies – March 2010

This is one of the many interviews Alex and Jennifer did in March 2010, during the press junket for ‘The Back-Up Plan’. They were really having lots of fun and making lots of jokes during these interviews

Jennifer Lopez and Alex O’Loughlin talk about teaming up and deal breakers in relationships

Alex on TBUP set

Jennifer: It’s about a real life issue of having a child, when you first meet.

Jeremy: When you’re first dating someone, that’s definitely going to be a deal breaker for most guys.

Jennifer: Absolutely.

Jeremy: What would be a real life deal breaker in your dating lives?

Alex: Well I think for me, you know, when I’m dating a woman, if I find out, especially in the first kind of month, that she has a penis, I’m like, I’m like, “No”


Jeremy: Okay see, this is exactly what I meant.

Alex: Deal breaker dude, I’m very very clear about that.


Jennifer: You did it. You did it. You won.


Jeremy: This scene, with the baby being born in the pool, is traumatic.

Alex: The way Maribeth Monroe played that scene tough, was, was ….. she’s a genius.

Jennifer: Yeah, it was awesome. You know one of my favourite moments in that scene, is when they scoop it out.

Alex: It’s the best.

Jennifer: No, but I follow.

Alex: Yeah you follow, you’re ……


Jennifer: I don’t care. I’ll follow the poop, just to get out of here.

Alex: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Jeremy: If I were going to be in a movie with thé JLo, I would think that I would need to study up, know every song from every album. Did you do that going in?

Jennifer: No, he’s a silly boy.

Alex: I know … I don’t know anything….

Jeremy: You don’t know any of her music?

Jennifer: You know some of my music. Don’t be a liar.

Alex: Well I listen to ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll‘ and ‘Blues‘, you know what I mean. So I’m like ….. There’s a few songs…

Jennifer: Why are you always singing ‘Jenny from the block‘ to me?

Jeremy: Right, I’m still …..

Alex: I know that one. I totally know that one.  “Jenny from the Block“. I know that one, and I know the Louboutins one, because she was singing it to me on set. She’s like, “Yo baby, I want to sing you something”.  I’m like, “All right”.

Jennifer: I want to sing you something.

Alex: I’m like… and she’s like, “What do you think of this?”


Jennifer: Yo, baby I want to sing you a song.

Alex: She’s like, [singing] “And I’m putting on my Louboutins…” And I’m like …. There’s no music, it’s like a capella. And I was like, “That’s cool. I think you got something there”.

And then lo and behold, I hear it on the radio. And I was thinking like…..


Jeremy: You’re like part of the origination that…

Alex: Like I heard that, before it was a thing.

Jeremy: That’s awesome.

Link to the original (better quality) Video

A big ‘Thank You’ to Jill for finding and sharing this interview.

We have never seen it before.


Alex - TBUP


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