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The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 111 (The ‘cost’ of a lobotomy)

We continue our story from here

Once again I was struggling to say anything useful about this episode. I had this feeling that I actually do not want to waste my  time by giving any comments on this “Epilogue to the Matty-Reyes farce” (Those of you have followed my Steve’s story series, will remember my “thoughts” on the story of Epi 504). For me it is a pity that the writing on a billion dollar franchise like Hawaii Five-0, has been reduced to fit the availability of actors and writings stories around them……

All I can say is how grateful I am they did not try to make this torture into a two-part episode (as most people suggest it should have been). I started writing my questions about what I saw, not really knowing what to do with it. Should I just be a nitpicking asshole again, or just delete it all and write nothing about this episode? Then while I was gone, some smart-ass came and “answered” my questions. That gave me the thought that it might be a fun idea to use the extra help, and keep the smart-ass’ comments. 😀

Say hello to our new blog helper, a Koalified Smartass 🙂koala-smartass

My questions and thoughts, (with the “answers”)

  • So Joe was just hanging around on vacation in Hawaii after he spend 21 days in quarantine. Suddenly while driving somewhere, he got a call from Doris. It is a tip-off that Danny will be arrested by Federal Marshalls and extradited. He calls Steve without delay? 🙂 -That´s what moms are for, to look after their kids (38-year-old, highly decorated ones too) 🙂Koala, you’re kind of missing my point – Why is Joe still hanging around in Hawaii? He lives on the mainland now.

518 (8)

  • So I guess Steve just leaves his truck at the Federal detention building and hops into Joe’s vehicle to drive around to nowhere?The truck is like Kitt and drives itself. Also the reason why Steve so desperately wants to drive Danny´s car 😉Ah, you solved the mystery!
  • How does the FBI know Danny pulled the trigger and not Steve? There were only 3 people in that room when Reyes was killed – Danny, Steve and Reyes. – They found the gun with Danny´s fingerprints (it will be part of the deleted scenes 😉 ) But how do they know that Reyes was unarmed? Danny could have acted in self-defence?  You know, innocent until proven guilty and all that……
  • How did the state department know exactly how much money Danny took to Reyes? They watched the season premiere too 🙂
  • So for 5 or 6 months since Danny murdered Reyes, those guards where just guarding that facility with the dope. Nobody wondering what happened to the boss? They must have heard that he was dead, or got hungry and wanted their payment for that labour? – Perhaps they were testing the dope. Daily. Without a care in the world 😀Okay, that might explain EVERYTHING (Maybe the writers joined them? 😉 ).

518 (51)

  • So after driving Steve to nowhere, suddenly Joe is alone again, buying ‘cigarette’ in China Town – are we stuck in an 80’s spy story? (Oops, there was no flash drives in the 80’s.) – Look forward to the deleted scenes in S5 extras, at least 3 scenes explaining it all 😉
  • I still do not know why or how Chin was arrested the same time as Danny – apart from the money used for Danny’s crime, the 2 stories had nothing connecting them in the end. The 2 officials did not even work with the other? 😕 – There wasn´t room in the Jeep for Chin, they had to get him out of the way, somehow 😛
  • And why are the whole Five-0 team so willing to share information about their transgressions. Chin saying he “borrowed” the money and gave it to his friend (Danny) in need – implicating them both in a crime. What kind of rookie does that?  AND then Steve, saying that Reyes was murdered – there was a shootout upstairs when Danny and Steve were taken away from Reyes. Who says Reyes was not armed as well – Steve is the only witness to the murder. Who other than Steve’s testimony can convict Danny? So now he is confessing? REALLY? – Steve had no choice! It was written in the script 😉
  • Two guys leaving 18½ million dollars in cash at an orphanage in Colombia – and it did not make the news? Some very happy orphans eating a ton of ice-cream and cake in Colombia 😉

518 (22)(Don’t know about the very happy orphans, but this footage is making this fangirl’s heart race wildly 😛 )

  • I still do not understand how Danny “saved” Grace and Steve by signing the waiver?  The guy did not really threaten Danny with anything. -It helps to watch with just a couple of working brain cells. Much easier that way 🙂
  • How is giving up his freedom, like the way Danny did, showing any form of love to your daughter? – It must have made more sense in the H50 writers office…
  • I thought it was hilarious that Steve knew where Sam was driving around every time, and pulling him over. – He followed the camera crew, eye-production signs on the road 😛
  • And Gracie is not like any other child I know – hanging around the house in her school uniform? – She was hoping for uncle Steve to come over  😉KOALA!!

518 (56)

  • So Danny has been arrested, processed, arraigned and already 2 hours on the plane, before Steve got to Sam – all in one day? Stuff that happen off camera, only take nanoseconds. It´s the magic of TV land 🙂
  • I found it funny that the IA cop was actually as scared as a naughty kid and ready to leave, when Steve started counting down. – Everyone should be scared of Steve boiling over! 
  • Who was shooting at them from the ground in Colombia? The government or the drug cartel? Let’s take a wild guess – Colombians? 😀
  • So the day ended, and a new one began….. Everybody still in the same clothes (Which is maybe understandable – they worked worried through the night, finding no solutions). And now suddenly Steve runs off to chat to Gracie – The H50 wardrobe truck broke down and they couldn´t get to Steve that day… Missing my point again Koala. Steve “cared” so much about Gracie, that he waited till the next day to console her – and she was in such distress about Danno being arrested, that she either forgot to take off her school uniform during the night, or she was off to school as normal again …. just another day in Danno’s kid’s life? – Some interns in editing room, messing up?
  • And Frank Bana is the “Genie” of the show? He can pop up in any continent, as needed, at the drop of a hat. Just to fly an old washing machine with propellers  into combat. I pictured this: Frank sitting in his bar in South Korea. Drinking his Margarita, while a call from Joe comes through. Without a second thought, he drove from the jungle in Asia, hopped on the first plane available, for the 15 000 km from South Korea to Colombia (in South America). There he rushed to the nearest old deserted airfield and found this old military helicopter there……and he had time to decorate it with the American flag and create the right vibe with his boombox – all before our hero’s (Joe White and his Musketeers) arrived there from Oahu. – You got it 😀
  • So Joe follows Steve and Danny around now and appears out of thin air. Keeping a watchful eye as Grace and Danny unite 😕 – It is a well-known fact that people and objects can teleport on TV. And they were running out of time, they had to squeeze in Joe and that mom looks after Steve – story.
  • And after everything, I still do not understand what Sam (The spook) got out of it to send Danny to jail in Colombia? – It was all explained “off camera”. Just ask PL 😉
  • And what happened to all the guards at Gabriel’s safe house? – They were napping in the shades 🙂
  • So nobody tracked Coughlin’s phone? – They still don´t know how to spell O´Loughlin?! Still?!! NO man, Coughlin is the pen-in-the-eye, dead IA agent – you need to concentrate, this plot is complicated…….

Apart from Steve having to pay the price of the “lobotomy” he got during Episode 504, and Mom showing that somewhere in this ugly world she is still looking out for and caring about her son, there is nothing really new to add to Steve’s story.

Maybe somewhere, somehow there is some redemption to be found for Doris in all this? This fangirl is living in the hope of it – not only for the sake of Steve’s character, but also for the man (Alex) behind him and for the Hawaii Five-0 that I love!

Best thing we can do, is to end of with the highlights of this episode……..

  – Hawaii Five-0: Episode 518 –

Pono Kaulike (Justice for All)

To be continued………. (Maybe)



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