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Tough nut to crack (Transcript) – CBS Press Day – November 2012

Fairfax media

Michael Idato

10 November 2012

Alex - 10 Nov 2012 --

Michael: I guess, let’s start in here and now, playing Steve McGarrett.

Alex: Yes.

Michael: I mean, how much fun is that now? I mean, nothing going into it. There was an older Hawaii Five-0 I think that sort of cast a shadow.

Alex: Yeah.

Michael: But I think you guys have moved past that and out of that.

Alex: I mean it was such a hugely successful and popular show, that it’s sort of daunting going into something. You just don’t know how you’re gonna be received and you don’t know what the outcome is gonna be.

And you know like the shopping mall that’s just up the street from my house, in Honolulu, has a statue of Jack Lord, a bust of the original McGarrett. That people put leis on it and sort of worship it every day. And I was like, “Oh, man, that’s going to be a tough nut to crack!”, you know.

But it’s been fine. Not only have we had full support of Hawaii. We’ve become kind of, internationally really quite successful, you know. We do pretty good in America, and we do really well in the rest of the world. And I don’t know mate, I think it’s a testament to what we have in the show. I think it’s a good show.

Michael: There were a couple of goes-arounds for you, in the sense of a couple of shows that didn’t work. As an actor, how tough is it to come out of those shows and kind of keep your confidence, and keep your focus and kind of, you know, I suppose keep confident that a Hawaii Five-0, is coming. That something will come?

Alex: You know, when I first came to the States, I was like,I’m not doing TV….. You know, I’m still an idiot, but I was even more of an idiot back then. And it’s great .… It’s all about artistic integrity. I know, I was classically trained.

They’re the voices in the back of your head. Especially if you do a show that gets cancelled, or that isn’t very good, or whatever. You know, it’s like, Ah, see, you’re selling out’.

And that’s the stuff you just need to … That you just got to go, “Mate, shut up! You’re a working actor. What are you talking about?” And ‘Hawaii Five-0’, I kinda knew was going to be a hit. Because, you read enough scripts. I mean a bunch of people had a stab at writing the pilot, too. I’d read a few pilots for it, before CBS decided to actually do it, you know. And Peter Lenkov wrote the pilot, which is one of the best pilots I’ve ever read, you know. And it’s just a recipe for success.


Michael: Hollywood is an unnatural place for an adult. As a father of a family, like would you ever consider moving back to Australia? Would you ever consider kind of stepping out of this bubble for the sake fo the family? Or do you think, I mean, Honolulu is outside of the bubble enough?

Alex: Well and truly outside the bubble enough. We all live there, my partner and I and our 3 kids together. And there’s nothing, there’s nothing Hollywood about it. I would absolutely consider moving back to Australia at some stage. I love Australia, you know. But I don’t feel like I have to, you know. My family comes out here a lot and spend a lot of time with me out here. It would be tough to move back to Los Angeles.

10 Nov 2012 - Alex

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