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#AlexOLoughlin, Sophia and Jason at Fangoria – April 2008 (Transcript)

Some years ago we posted an article that covers most of what is said in this video, but it is always great to actually see the actors on stage, doing their thing.

We do not know who took this video, or who it belonged to. I found it saved in my old files and could no longer find the original copy online.

According to the iF Magazine article, which we posted a long time ago, the panel was moderated by  Anthony C. Ferrante


Jason: Yes, I think it’s been addressed in the next episode coming up.

Alex: It is the next one.

Jason: Just a bit, yeah.

Alex: You see, I don’t remember what we’re shooting from one day to the next.

Jason: Yeah, he works like 20 ….. just unbelievable, twenty-hour days. It’s unbelievable. Both of these guys. I work 5 hour days, so …

Question: How many episodes do you have left for the rest of the season? There’s 2 or 3?

Jason: We just wrapped yesterday. And yeah, we have 3 more episodes to show.

Questions: Okay, so what are we going to see on the next three episodes, in terms of this evolution and what is going on? Are there more standalones, or will there be more mythology driven?

Alex: Well, they are more standalones, because you have to understand that logistics we haven’t been given a second season pick-up. And so like, until .. as filmmakers, you know as television .. makers of television series and that kind of thing [mumbling].

Okay…. ah … no … we … we cannot afford to start something that we are not going to be able to finish. It just wouldn’t …. like, we’re not prepared to do that, you know. And so until they give us that that pick-up, we can’t really do any arcs and we can’t ….. you know. So, we’ve had to do four pretty much standalone episodes. But they are really good standalone episodes.

And there is, the arc that is … will always be there is .. is the … is the arc between Mick and Beth. And so that sort of .. that comes to an interesting close .. and you know, that moving forward in 16.

Question: They’ve killed off a lot of your … your close people, on the show, Sophia. Yeah, and then again, the …. going really quickly – I think by Episode 3, you’re totally accepting that he’s a vampire. It seems like a tricky thing, you know. Having to take this person who is kind hard news and kind of logical person, and then have to be thrust into this world. It must be an interesting dance as an actress. As how much you can accept and how much … kind of … have to … how weird this is?

Sophia: I think, you know for Beth – she’s fallen in love with his soul. And the fact that he’s a vampire is, you know, secondary to her. And …. I actually think that he gets his contacts and his fangs – I always find him more sexy in that looks. So.. it works for me

Alex: Yes, she always makes passes at me once I am coming out of make-up.

Sophia: Here we go again.

When I’m kind of ready to go. And sort of ready to go, and she’s sort of leaning against the trailer, “Hey Alex! What you doing?”. I’m like, “We’re going to do the thing. Going to do the scene” And she says, “Oh. How are you?” and I’m, “How are you?” and she says, “Good. You wanna get a cup of tea somewhere?” …….. “Not really”

[Everybody laughing]

(We think these pictures were taken by somebody named Wendie.)

Question: This is for any …. any one of you. One of the things …. I’m curious, my favourite episodes is the mythology driven stuff and it’s the vampire’s stuff.

Alex: Mine too.

Question: And again throughout the 12th episodes, the ‘Mortal Coil’, or whatever the title of that one was, right before this one …

[The audience correcting him about the name of the episode – “Mortal Cure”]

Question: Thank you – ‘Mortal Cure’.

It was … There was a lot of the procedural stuff. And I know CBS loves the procedurals. You, know, they like to have that handle on the things.

But I think the genre fans, and I’m sure you guys agree, you know, that the  driven mythology and stuff that makes these shows work. So I’m curious, what …. which do you think works best for the show, in your own opinion? And what are some of your favourite episodes?

Jason: I want to say, real quick, that I think Alex kind of introduced the idea of the bloodlines, and that sort of thing. Which I think is some of the most interesting stuff in the story. You will see more of that coming up,  we’ve kind of have like, in the last episode, we have like a vampire conference.

And we kind of get together … and there’s a problem that comes up, that kind of threatens the survival of the vampires. And they kind of all deal with it in their different ways. In their different levels in the social spectrum, or whatever. And so you’ll see some interesting stuff coming up on that.

But I like the vampire stuff, when it gets into that. But your so good with the procedural stuff and I think that’s a good blue line for the show. But every time we get away to the bloodlines and that sort of thing, I think it’s very interesting.

Question: How’s your new boss .. you’ve got a new boss at Buzzwire, now right?

Sophia: We’ll I get … I have the new boss, but she leaves, because Buzzwire is very tabloidy and that kind TMZ thing, and Beth is not interested in any of that sort of stuff. So, she’s more interested in the hard-hitting journalism. And she gets on to a new job quite soon. So, yeah….

Questions: Very cool. I want to take questions from the audience now. So. …


Some of the fan pictures taken on the day.

Unfortunately, we do not know who any of them are.




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#AlexOLoughlin – A Moment in Time


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In 2008 – @SophiaMyles talking about working with #AlexOLoughlin

In some of my old files, I came across magazine interviews with Sophia Myles and in them found a few things she had to say about working with Alex on Moonlight. 

Some of it sounds repetitive, but you can see that in general, they had a great friendship and a wonderful working relationship. It is really a pity that it was so short-lived. 😥

  • 16 January 2008

Tube talk

Q: Discuss the chemistry between you and Alex.

Sophia: It’s absolutely luck. It’s like the gift you wish for. If there was a formula you could produce, then every show would be a hit show.

I’ve had a lot of costars and leading men, but it’s like normal life. Some people you click with, and some you don’t. We make the other one better. It’s like playing a really good game of tennis everyday.

Out of character, Alex and Sophia, our relationship is based on humor, and we laugh our asses off. If you filmed us off screen it would make an even better show than Moonlight. It’s hilarious.



Q. Talk about your tremendous chemistry with co-star Alex O’Loughlin. Can you predict something like that?

Sophia: It’s absolutely luck and the most wonderful thing. It’s the gift you wish for as a producer. If there was a formula for chemistry, every show would be a hit show.

But all I know, is that in twelve years of working, I’ve had a lot of co-stars and some people you click with, some people you don’t. We just happen to be really lucky, a fantastic due, we make each other better. It’s like playing a really good game of tennis, we raise each other’s game.

Q. And off the camera?

Sophia: Our relationship out of character is based on humor. We laugh our asses of. If you were to film us off set, it would make a funnier and better show than MOONLIGHT.

  • March 2008

Sunday Express

Sophia: I can’t speak about Alex highly enough. He’s like an older brother to me. And we laugh constantly.

There’s something about a Brit and and Aussie together. It’s a good combo. We’re outrages.

Sometimes the Americans don’t know what to do with us.

Sunday Express

Sophia: And the chemistry between Alex and me seems to work. It’s one of those things that everyone wants.

Money can’t buy it and there’s no logical formula to create it. We’re lucky, the sum of the two of us works really well.

In fact, this is the most amazing job on earth and I am having the most amazing time.

(These rare promotional pictures belong to Jill. You can see more of them on her IG page from time to time)

  • March 2008

Cult Times

All of my favourite stuff is some of the really, really deep and poignant scenes between her and Mick. I ‘ve been doing this for 12 years and, I have to tell you, Alex O’Loughlin is my favourite person to play opposite.

There’s such an incredible connection and we have such a clear line of communication between us while we’re working. It’s so thrilling. It’s like playing a really, really good game of tennis every day. 

We force each other to raise each other’s game. And we want to be better and better; we want to give the absolute best that we can and because we’re aware we have this wonderful, glowing fanbase, we feel very responsible, we just want to make more and more great stories for them.

I wonder if now, after another 12 years since then, if Alex is still her favourite person to play opposite?

– And here are some things Alex had to say about them as well:

  • May 2008

MediaBlvd Magazine 

Alex: Sophia and I spend a lot of time together and we’re great mates. She’s really fantastic to work with. I’m Australian and she’s British, and we have similar sensibilities and a similar sense of humor. We grew up with the same TV. We have a lot in common.

She’s easy to get along with, which makes a big difference, when you’ve got to spend 18 hours a day with somebody. But, as far as our relationship goes, in comparison to Mick and Beth, it’s very different.

There is no tension between Sophia and I. We’re colleagues. We’re not lovers. We have our separate lives.

People talk about on screen chemistry. We work together, and those two characters have this really fantastic chemistry. I see it, when I watch the show back, but it’s not tangible in real life. When you put it on film, it’s there

And a short video of Alex and Sophia (and Shannyn) – Behind the scenes of Moonlight


Alex [playing around with a lence]:

I see you. I see you.

[Then at the camera] Oh, don’t. Why don’t you go away?

He’s there for the bad bits. He’s there for the bad … bits.

Question: Are you starting to feel like a vampire?

Alex: Yes. Yes, I … I can’t remember what the sun feels like, on my skin.

As soon as Sophia Myles steps on the set, the magic will erupt.

[Sophia joins the conversation]

Sophia Myles – everybody.

Sophia: Hello. [Laughs]

Alex: Everybody – Sophia Myles

Question: She said she was very excited about working with Shannynbecause she’s got a little girl-crush on her.

Alex: She said that about Shannyn? What about ….?

Shannyn: That’s cool.

Alex: But I’m the lead ….


Alex: You must be excited about working …

Sophia: I told you I had a girl-crush on Shannyn.

Shannyn:  I guess that goes with charm and sexiness.

Sophia:Shannyn doesn’t know it yet.

Alex:Shannyn doesn’t know?

Sophia: No.

Shannyn: Someone said something about that, that I have to check. Did you guys know about this?

Alex: You told me, but you have also told the world now. Well, you all know.

Sophia: Well she’s ….

Alex: Let’s keep it a secret.

Sophia: Shhh

Question: Tell me a little bit about the chemistry that goes between Mick and Beth.

Sophia: Can you not just feel it?

Alex: Yes, not much.

It’s really sort of …What’s weird is that it’s … it’s sort of sibling-like. Add a bit of  …. I mean it’s weird. We shouldn’t go into it, because kids may see this.

We’ll be magic on screen.

Sophia: [Giggles]

Link to Video


 You can also read some more of the things Sophia had to say about Alex in one of our old posts:

#AlexOLoughlin – One of TV Guide’s Sexiest Stars – 2008


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#AlexOLoughlin – #Moonlight ‘Between Takes’ 4/24 talks to Moonlight star Alex O’Loughlin on the set – 24 April 2008.

Between takes

ml 10 cl n12

Question: What can we expect from the April 25th Episode?

Alex: We meet .. when we meet Mick again, he’s … he’s been a human for a week. And he’s becoming accustomed to sleeping in a bed, with pillows and blankets. And it’s  …. Waking up with the sun. You know, the warm sun on his face, and eating food, and  …. And enjoying life. And he and Beth are now dating. Which is interesting. [laughs] Officially.

And you know, the … the … we … it’s a really interesting case. And there’s a lot of different suspects. So we sort of move through the episode, we get rid of each suspect, until we’re down to … you know, we widdle it down and we find out  … and we find our man. And Mick is faced with this decision. It’s probably the hardest decision of his life. And that is to become a vampire again …. You know, to save this woman that he loves. So we watch him go through that conflict.

ml 10 cl n11

Question: Were you a fan of the vampire genre?

Alex: Well think you know, I’ve been a fan of the genre for a long, long time. And I’ve been, you know, there’s lots of movies… you know, ‘Lost Boys’ and ‘Bram Stokers Dracula and… I mean, ‘Nosferatu’, is fantastic, you know… you know, way back when, Anne Rice’s, ‘Vampire Chronicles’.

There’s been so much influencing me over the years, you know. And my sort of take on Vampires. But essentially, I did my normal character work that I would do anyway…. About Mick St John and the fact that he’s a vampire is just a kind of know how to do that anyway. I really … I approached this character as I would approach any character. He just happens to be a vampire.

ml 10 cl n10

Question: Are we going to see more multi-episode arcs?

Alex: In the next four episodes they’re really … they’re pretty much stand-alone episodes. But I mean the arc is the Mick and Beth … the Mick-Beth love story. You know, is the main arc of these next four episodes. But really they’re stand-alone episodes. In the second season, I’m hoping that we’re going to move into a few more … you know, several sort of episode arcs, because I really enjoy that.

ml 10 cl n9

Question: Will we be seeing more flashbacks?

Alex: Episode number 15. Which as you know … in three episodes away. It’s fantastic. Directed by Chris Fisher, who did episode number 7, where Morgan comes back. Coraline comes back, as Morgan. And he’s directed a wonderful episode.

We just finished it, actually. And there’s a huge amount of flashbacks. And that’s .. that’s .. would be my favourite in this installation of four. And that’s loosely … it’s … it’s about the fact that Mick thinks he has found his son. It’s really interesting.

ml 10 cl n6

Question: How have production team changes affected the set?

Alex: It’s been …uhm … it’s something that’s brought us together. I mean, … it’s a … there’s a real sense of family on my set. These guys have got … I’ve got 90% of the crew that I started with. Despite the fact that we’re like … I don’t want to say the hardest show in Hollywood.

But the hours that we do are unbelievable. And we’re the first to arrive at the lot every day. And we’re the last to leave, so you do the math. But. These guys work harder than any other crew that I have ever seen. Day after day after day. And a lot of them, you know, miss their kids. They don’t get to see their wives and husbands very much, because of the hours that we do.

And in the face of adversity in all of this sort of turmoil .. you know, I mean, … a lot of other shows would have fallen apart. You know, but this ones… sort of … it sort of glued us together even… you know …we’re hanging on even tighter. And, yeah, so no, not at all.

ml 10 cl n5

Question: Do you have any movies planned for summer hiatus?

Alex: I’ve been offered a couple of movies actually. A couple of really good ones. But I can’t commit to any of them, because I don’t know if the show is coming back or not. If it’s not, I could commit to them. But I don’t …. But by the time I know the roles are going to be taken. And … and the other ones are … they kind of overlap with the show, if do come back. And so, I think I’m not going to be doing … I think I’m going to relax. Which sounds pretty good, anyway.


Link to Video: 


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2008 – Interview with #AlexOLoughlin on WDEF News 12 for #Moonlight (Transcript)

In April 2008, news anchor at the time, Joe Legge, got to chat with Alex about the restart of Moonlight.

This is their interview:

Joe: Moonlight returns to WDEF News12 on Friday night with all-new episodes. The show features a vampire who moonlights as a private investigator, using his supernatural abilities to help the living. Alex O’Loughlin stars as that vampire, Mick St John, and joins us now. Welcome, Alex.

Alex: Hi. Thank you, Joe.

Joe: Great to have you here. You know, Moonlight’s been on hiatus for a little while. Can you give us kind of a quick refresher about the show?

Alex: Yeah, yeah. Well, it’s a show about a character named Mick St John, who is a …. Who met a woman in the ‘50s, and fell in love. And asked her to marry him and she bit him on the neck … on their wedding night. And, he kind of never looked back. And he is … he’s .. he’s a reluctant vampire. He’s not happy about this situation. And he’s sort of…. He’s never really come to terms with it.

But he’s learned how to live .. you know, in this modern world, with this curse. He doesn’t kill people. He’s learned new ways of getting blood and all the rest of it. And so, .. and he’s become a private investigator and he’s learned a way to use his powers for good. And to help … help the living. And the … there’s a bit of a love story in there as to.

Joe: Well some folks at home maybe thing. “Oh, Moonlight is just another SyFy vampire show”. Tell me why it’s more than that.

Alex: It’s much more than that actually. It’s  …. It is a vampire show, but it’s not …. It’s not like a monstrous vampire show based in fantasy. It’s … our sort of catchphrase is, “We walk among you”.

You know, and it’s … it’s about vampires who are maybe .. who are closer to humans than perhaps we’ve come across before. The make-up is very simple. And …  and we’ve tried to make them more accessible  … or accessible as a bloodsucker can be, I suppose.

Joe: [Laughs]

Alex: But … but … but it’s about … it has a wonderful … it has a wonderful love triangle in the show. It’s got a great romantic element. It’s got lots of action. For the guys … like I love the action in the show. And it’s got … and it’s got some really great dramatic storylines, you know.

Joe: You sure have some pretty committed fans. Going on to great lengths. Even organizing a blood drive, I heard about, to secure a second season.

Alex: It ‘s …

Joe: What do you make of it?

Alex: It’s fantastic.

Joe: Yeah.

Alex: I’m so thrilled. I mean, it’s just wonderful to have the opportunity to participate in anything that is philanthropic, you know, in its nature. You know, and you know, something to help the community.

And so, that it’s fan instigated … these guys have taken upon themselves to do this …. this wonderful thing. And now we’re affiliated with the Red Cross. And I am a spokesperson for the American Red Cross. And so… and .. and I’m delighted. And I’m also … it’s … it’s a great honour to be able to do this too.

Joe: Well, your character lives between two realities, the vampire world and the human world. Which to you have more fun, playing in?

Alex: Oh, the vampire world.

Joe: [Laughs] I know, obvious question, wasn’t it?

Alex: Absolutely.

Joe: Why so?

Alex: It’s … it’s so much fun. I mean it’s a real  … you know, it’s like inner child stuff. You really .. you really get … get to PLAY. You really get to let go of all your inhibitions. And when, I put the make-up on, and the eyes in, and the teeth in, it’s like I’m wearing a mask. And I can truly let go and transform into a different character. It’s like I … I can give myself the permission to do that. And so …. so, it’s terrific. You know what I mean. It’s…  it’s great fun.

Joe: Like putting on someone else’s skin.

Alex: Absolutely. It really is. It’s really great.

Joe: Well, Alex, we’ve got to run. Thanks for joining us today.

Alex: Thank you for having me.

Joe: Moonlight returns to WDEF News12, Friday night when Mick has to choose saving someone special or staying human. The show airs at 9 o’clock. And WDEF news, this morning continues in a moment.


Link to the video:


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#AlexOLoughlin Interviewed by Vampires and Slayer – August 2008 (Transcript)

This is another very old interview with Alex, from way back in 2008. It is kind of interesting and relevant now, because Alex will be more or less in the same situation as back then – Looking at options of where his future in entertainment will be.

But fortunately for him, he’s got the huge success of Hawaii Five-0, to back him up now. And it will hopefully give him a bigger advantage to do his own thing. Maybe this time around, he will get the opportunity to develop his ideas and be able to pitch them successfully. I think it will be a dream come true for him to produce his own creation.

The interview was done 4 months after Moonlight was cancelled and before Alex got the guest role of Vincent, in an episode of Criminal Minds, in April that next year.


This is an audio interview with Alex O’Loughlin, done in August 2008. The interview was with Ed Gross of Vampires and Slayers. This was shortly after Alex signed a holding contract with CBS, allowing him to co-develop, produce and star in his next show.


Ed: Last time you and I spoke, we were talking more about, the possibility anyway of, I believe it was a medical show, you were talking about.

Alex: Yeah, look, I’ve been working on … I’ve been working on a couple of different ideas. One of which was a  …[sigh]. They’re all kind of, character-based ideas. One of which,… I mean, but it’s… it’s the world in which we put these characters, really in it. A couple of ideas, that have come and gone. And one idea in particular, that we were fond of, which had a medical aspect.

Ed: Hmmm

Alex: It’s the direction, if we’re going to go, we’ve only just recently realized, that it’s a little, sprawling, for what we want, you know. We want to … we want to contain it. At least, writing a show for TV is  … you know, creating a show for television… it’s difficult [chuckle], you know. I mean, the shows that will, in full size, hopefully, be successful. It’s a difficult task.

You know, it’s one thing to write these cool characters, it’s another thing to write a cool first act of a movie. There are lots of other things that are actually, a little easier to do. But, actually writing a show, that is going to run autonomously in some …. in some areas … and … and sort of … and, putting a set of rules together, that will keep …. that will keep the show running week to week. And keep audiences, tuned in … and you know. All the things that are required, to make a show exciting.

Ed: Hmmm

Alex: It’s tricky. It’s a big …. big ask. So, but we are very, very close. And I’ve got… I’ve got an excellent writer, I’m working with – Simon Mirren. Who is ...

Ed: I know that name. But why do I know that name?

Alex: Well you know, probably Mirren, because of Helen Mirren [Laughs],

Ed: Yeah

Alex: He’s a …. of … of which, he is a nephew. And he’s … he’s also the co-executive producer and head writer on Criminal Minds. Criminal Minds, the TV Show.

Ed: Right.

Alex: And, he’s fantastic. He’s really, really good. But he is co-creator of the show Spooks. But…

Ed: That’s the MI6 show, right?

Alex: Yeah

Ed: Okay.

Alex: He’s done a lot of great stuff. And so, he’s at the helm of this thing I’m working on. We’re creating a skit. And so, you know, we’re working on some variation of that theme, at the moment. And ….  we’re hoping that we can … pull something through to CBS in time, which is in the next sort of day or so, now. To finish up our visions, and to get the go-ahead to work on a pilot, officially, for a show, for January.

Simon Mirren & Alex on the set of Criminal Minds

Ed: Yeah.

Alex: But look, all that being said, I’m on a holding deal with CBS. And …. if they are not  … if they don’t want, or think that the next idea is appropriate for … for their network, then they’re going to start firing their pilots at me.

Ed: To see what you might be interested in?

Alex: Yes.

Ed: Yeah.

Alex: So, I guess their motivation at the moment is, to get me on TV.

Ed: Right.

Alex: Which is cool. And the … yeah. So, I’m looking forward to working, now. I’m looking forward to getting back into something. ‘Cos its been a while.

Ed: Oh, yeah, you know. And, I mean did the following that you gained  .. because obviously gained quite a following because of Moonlight.

Alex: Hmm

Ed: I’m not saying, you didn’t beforehand, but you know what I’m talking about. That’s sort of real fever for you.

Alex: Absolutely.

Ed: You know. But has that helped your career? Your place in Hollywood? I’m always curious, what impact that has, besides the fact that you get a lot of people going crazy for you. I wonder what impact something like that has?

Alex: Too early to tell …. I think it is too early to tell, whether it helped my career in Hollywood. I mean … that is … you know. I mean if they’ve … when I finally get a lead a feature (film), in Hollywood.  You know, if all my fans … if I have  … If my fanbase sort of … you know if Boxoffice works. And people come and sit in a movie theatre and pay for tickets to watch me in a movie.

Ed: Right.

Alex: You know, and I can actually lead a movie and make money for the studio. I mean that’s when that can help you in Hollywood

Ed: Yeah.

Alex: It’s …. It’s lovely to have the fans I’ve got. I mean, I’m extremely grateful for my fanbase. For the support that I’ve  … that I’m surrounded by. So don’t get me wrong … don’t get me wrong with that.

Ed: Hmm.

Alex: But has it helped me in Hollywood? … Not yet.

Alex O’Loughlin as Mick St John in Moonlight

Ed: Just a fanboy question. Have they had any conversations at all of bringing back Moonlight? Only because … I only ask because you get Twilight coming on in this year, which got tremendous buzz. You’ve got two True Blood who has become a big hit for HBO.

Alex: Yeah.

Ed: And the show that replaced Moonlight, is already cancelled.

Alex: Yeah. I don’t know the answer to that Ed. I think, that there were discussions with Joel Silver and the powers to be. You just got to remember, Joel owns the show.

Ed: Oh, he owns it? CBS .. or well, Warners owns it too, I guess?

Alex: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m pretty sure … they’re … and so … I know there were discussions, 7 or 8 months ago … when they canned us, it was…

Ed: Yeah

Alex: About taking it to other networks, smaller networks. And nothing ever eventuated. So, I think at this stage it would be…

Ed: Yeah.

Alex:  ….. I think it would be ambitions to think that it was coming back. Simply because, the time that’s passed.

Ed: I agree with you. It would seem unlikely at best.

Alex: It would seem unlikely.

Ed: Yeah.

Alex: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Ed: I hear you.

Alex: But… it’s a shame that we didn’t get that second season. Just at least to…

Ed: You’ve at least got to wonder if the network is kicking itself at all. It’s … because like as said, they’ve already cancelled the show that replaced it. And all these other vampire stuff that’s going on around it.

Alex: Hmm

Ed: You know, just … just

Alex: You never know, man. I mean, we never second guess these people. And it’s like … they always sort of .. it always seems like they know what they’re doing. But I don’t know. I just wish they didn’t cancel it. I wish we could get it going.

Ed: Yeah

Alex: I feel like we got a rough trot. Like I feel like … we had …. we lost 5 episodes to the strike. And we still came back and won the People’s Choice Award. And…

Ed: Right.

Alex: You know we all worked so hard. This show … I feel like we recovered. And  .. to that. I mean we weren’t … we were doing okay in numbers, and they were consistent. And we always won the demographic. And it’s like, well let us go … give us another 9 episodes at least, to show you what we can …

Ed: Right.

Alex: We had some great stories lined up. But anyway …

Ed: Yeah, it is what it is.

Alex: Right.

Alex as Vincent in Criminal Minds

Ed: When you’re choosing a role, you know, from the beginning of your career, to where you are now, I mean, and working up to current – what is it that draws you in. I mean obviously, a good script will throw you in. But in terms of …. What are the elements that you look for, if anything?

Alex: Uhm … the first question I ask myself is, can I shine in this role? Do I have a comprehensive understanding of this character? Do I also have an inherent instinctual   … from the first read, of this script, is what I’m talking about …

Ed: Hmm

Alex: … understanding of how I’m going to play this character? Does this character live within me, already … on some level? You know, am I going to be able to authentically bring honesty, integrity and life to this character? You know, and defend this character ….

Ed: Great.

Alex: …. with all my might? And so,… that’s our job as actors. So, you know I mean sometimes a character just steps off the page characters, and sometimes other …. some characteristics need more work than others for me. Characters are just here and I know without even thinking … without, on a cerebral level, I don’t need to involve .. like intellect or intellectual work or property to my work in the character, because it’s just there …. instinctively … straight away. But others I have to sit down and do my work …. and do all my work, or write off… or write all my techniques out. Or do, you know … The character is the most important thing. And then the story is … is  … not secondary, but … but the story is what I sort of consider next. If it’s a really bad story, then I’m like, well … “Can we fix this story?”

Ed: Right

Alex: Because …. but I mean, to get to a part where it’s like, …. you can’t do.

Ed: There’s nothing you can do to save it.

Alex: When there’s nothing you can do.

Ed: Yeah. Do you like a character … your characters don’t all have to be heroes, do they? But can they have the darker edge or the darker side? Or …

Alex: No, absolutely. Look, I kind of … I must say … I prefer to play the anti-hero, the flawed character, you know. Because there’s more to work with. And there’s … I don’t know, there’s …because it brings me closer to reality in it. It’s kind of … I just enjoy it. I find there is more at stake. And .. and there’s more to work with, you know. It’s a …. [sigh] yeah, I think I sort of have played more flawed characters, than real heroes anyway.

Ed: Right

Alex: I think I’m yet to play a full-on, just hero. [laughs]

Ed: They’re more interesting anyway, aren’t they?

Alex: They are interesting, they are more interesting. I feel that you know, I feel that I relate to those characters…

And there the audio ends – sorry

Link to Audio recording 

Interview with Alex O’Loughlin by Vampires and Slayer2s website.

Video made by Moonlight Italian Forum


My thoughts

  • I guess, Alex got to play that full-on hero, Steve McGarrett, for 10 years, now. Maybe he would love to get back to playing a more flawed character again? 😀
  • Listening to Alex here, about the difficulties of developing and pitching a viable story for a network show, highlights the fact of why Alex have so much respect for Peter Lenkov, who has developed a number of shows successfully by now. It is easier said than done, and involves a lot of aspects to satisfy a lot of stakeholders.
  • You can see that developing a great character within a good story, is what it has always been about for Alex. He got the chance to direct a few episodes, but on top of that also write, act and direct one special episode of Hawaii Five-0. A great learning experience for him. Hopefully it will help him in the process of fulfilling his dreams!

PS. From what we have seen, there should be at least 2 more audio interviews between Alex and Ed. One in November 2007 and one in April 2008. If anybody have copies of those and are prepared to share it with other fans, we would appreciate a link or a copy of it.



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