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Alex O’Loughlin, Moonlight Interview – April 2008

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Alex O’Loughlin, Moonlight Interview
By Tod Emko

23 April 2008

(The original article seems to be lost, but I found this on Moonlight Fan Blog)


We met Alex O’Loughlin at New York Comic-Con and got the bite on his show Moonlight, Dracula, and the tastiness of chicks everywhere.

UGO: So did something attract you to the genre, or are you just a fantastic businessman who knew the show was going to blow up?

Alex: Oh no, not at all. I mean I love the genre. So I had more passion. Also, I felt that Joel Silver being at the helm, it’s easy to keep focused when you’ve got a guy like that doing what he does. He’s efficient with time and he’ll fight the fight, and he’ll make sure everything’s ok and the show stays on the air. So when you’ve got someone fighting as hard as he does at his end, at the top, every one of us will fight just as hard.

UGO: So if you’re a big fan of the genre, do you geek out a lot? Are you a big vampire fan or a general sci-fi fan?

Alex: No, I geek out about vampire stuff. I do love certain sci-fi, like I’m a big Blade Runner fan, you know I’m that level of sci-fi fan, that movie’s just rad. Like, Tron is just awesome. I don’t just lap it up. I mean, some of it’s terrible. And, Star Wars is incredible. But yeah, I prefer the vampire genre moreso than any other supernatural thing. It’s the king of supernatural. Vampires are raaaad.

UGO: Huh. Then what’s your favorite vampire thing ever?

Alex: Well, that’s difficult because I mean, Nosferatu I have the utmost respect for, you know what I mean? But Bram Stoker’s was just – Gary Oldman was, breathtakingly good. Then again, for boys, for the age I was when that came out, for what the film represented, that was really, really good. Then when I read the Anne Rice books, they were good as well, so it’s all relative isn’t it? I don’t think I have one particular favorite, but I really liked the Anne Rice books, how she went and did it, how far she went with every character, so that’s really helped me to give myself permission to go as far as I need to.

UGO: What do you like best about vampires then?

Alex: Unbridled, unashamed passion and a lot of the sensuality of them. And the fact that they’re so close to the animal kingdom. They’re just like animals.

UGO: I’m getting the sense that in real life, if you someday became a vampire, you’d be like the Josef type of vampire, where you’d be like, “This is AWESOME being a vampire!” Rather than the Alex type of vampire.

Alex: Yeah, I totally would, I’d totally be more like Josef. I’d be much more… hedonistic. [laughs] No, I think I’d just be more gregarious and more… I’d be better at it. You know what I mean? Than Mick. I don’t think Mick is very good at being a vampire. I think he’s kind of s*tty at it. And so reluctant, so nostalgic. Whereas Josef is like, “Dude, this is awesome. Let’s bite some chicks. And spend some money.” So yeah, I would be. I’m more of a lush.

(hedonistic – engaged in the pursuit of pleasure; sensuality self-indulgent)

UGO: So you’d like to take on more of the role of a vampire? Do more of the jumping and fighting on the show?

Alex: Oh I do! I do all of that! I own my own harness, and I do a lot of my own stunts. I do a lot of my own wire works, a lot of the jumps, a lot of the fights.

UGO: Speaking of action, there’s a scene between you and Josef that you know we have to address. I think you know which one it is (the one where Alex and Josef “share blood” in an intimate scene). Did you simply expect something like that to happen, this being a serious vampire drama?

Alex: I think that scene, I think it’s awesome, once you see it. It’s on Friday night. Awesome. The thing with that scene is that I knew what was at stake since I read it, I knew how high the stakes were and how important that scene was, and how the drama and the choices were at an all-time high, you know what I mean? And that we had to really go for it, so I thought yeah, let’s do it. And, we did. And I think the scene is fantastic. The on-screen chemistry between the two characters is truly powerful.


UGO: I see. Well, one question we have to ask everyone, is who do you think would win in a fight between a minotaur with a battle ax and a centaur with a crossbow.

Alex: The minotaur. Because I feel like he could protect himself with the battle ax, and use it as a shield to an extent, and then getting close, and then it’d be all over. That battle ax would just tear through like butter.

My Thoughts

  • Mick takes my breath away!
  • All the pictures are screencaps Paula took from Moonlight, Episode 13, for us to feast on 😛


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