#H50 408 – Steve got a new friend

 Wasn´t this a great episode!

Steve got a new big friend 😀 But it sure was a rocky start. As it often happens, solving problems and earning mutual respect, will make good friends.

Here are the mix matched gifs that caught my eye on this first watch.

Ninja McG. I do love this black overall look on him. Extra spicy…


Steve with attitude



Darling smile 🙂


More McAttitude



They had to let out the pant´s seams 😉

Eek! Yes! Steve got hurt and bloody. Me likey!



Just when you thought his arms couldn´t look any more delicious, he adds yummy 😛

The airport magic


And there it is. Steve made a new friend 🙂


The start of McGrover

  • A tiny special gif for Manu, for sharing her story with us, being part of the airport extras in the background (upper left corner) 🙂

408-manuLink to Manu´s day at the airport

You can also se our post about Alex and Chi’s commentary on this episode here: 

#AlexOLoughlin doing some commentary …. and he’s got me hooked all over again!



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28 responses to “#H50 408 – Steve got a new friend

  1. karin@notmcnerd

    Thanks for this, Paula. Great captures! That smile…thud!!
    So what do you suppose the makeup people will do with this arm wound? How do they keep the lovely tatoo intact?


    • Pretty sure it will have a miraculous healing, no scar. They better not mess with that tattoo!


      • Ontlls

        I am with you on that camp, they touch that Tattoo and oh my.. Make-up will not hear the end of it!
        LOL, love the Strut gif, and the comment, but he back to regular pants in the house again!!! Uh oh!! Wardrobe!!
        Love the light colored shirt he wore for the rest of the episode!
        Great animations as always!! *thumbs up*


      • If they dare to destroy that beautiful lotus-tattoo with a nasty scar I will drop in and and … stamp my foot. Angrily! Ha!


  2. buttercup

    I think steve’s approved smile is so frkn hot!
    Reminds me of the pilot scene with anton “you gonna tell us all…”
    If he smiled at me like this, i would do anything he wants (or matter of fact: what i want 😉 )!!
    Once again, paula, you leave me breathless – txs!


  3. Anwyn

    I simply adore him when he is Mc Attitude and bleeding. It may be a bit strange but that’s just how it is. Having said this it is so rewarding to see his sweet smile. Sigh … Yep, Paula, this man leave me breathless too. Thanks for another delicious serving.


  4. Marta

    This episode was awesome. Steve got a new friend and a new bad guy to catch up later and again he was too yummy in our McPervs point of view.
    I love your gifs as always, but today i have a request. It’s possible when we open them they will become bigger for better view. Sometimes you gave us a larger gifs option, but not today. I need to do a intense study of your gifs. Please? Thank you.


    • I try to keep the gifs under 2M in size. When I use more frames I just have to make the pic smaller so it would not be too hard to open. I know some have great internet connection but think some might struggle to download a post with big gifs. But I will try to make bigger gifs for posts that don´t have a lot of them 🙂


  5. Dam that man gets hotter every episode! I do like him covered in blood, Im not sure what that says about me tho! 😉 That first gif reminds me soooo much of the fruit leather mask he wore for the Oyster Framer! lol mmm yummmm Can I lick his face to find out if it tastes the same please?? 😉


  6. Excellent post!! Love the gifs, especially the moose 😉 So glad you got my girls in the gifs!


  7. EU

    ….And wait to see they share the first beer. Lol! …seriously, I’ve been thinking how different are relationships between 2 men and 2 women, they seem to resolve their issues more eassily…….thanks Paula!


  8. Manu

    Thank you so much for posting our gif 🙂 I’m so glad we made it to the final cut especially in a scene with Alex! The cherry on the cake of an unforgettable trip


  9. Maxisilverhammer

    More GIF’s and this is from episode 8 enjoy.

    Love and Blessings,


  10. Marnov

    Lovely gifs, Paula, as always! Love all McAttitude ones 😉 ! Thanks for showing us the weird seams on McPants – again I wouldn’t have noticed without you – I’m really not getting what happened to the pants, but I’m not complaining and choose to believe your explanation that the FOY grew bigger 😛 . Also, airport majik, LOL!


  11. Thanks so much for your fantastic gifs. 🙂

    He really does looks hotter that hot when he’s wounded and bloody with his McAttitude! 😀 And you have the thigh holster of Yum…and well, everything else!


  12. Reblogged this on annie4400 and commented:
    That was a great episode. Loved it. 😀


  13. That episode was beyond awesome. Pissed Steve, angry Steve, annoyed Steve, funny Steve, wry Steve, brilliant Steve, testosteron Steve, bloody Steve, horseback Steve, alpha male Steve and caring Steve. So much to love!
    I especially love your ‘darling Steve’ gif. It’s like watching the sun rise after a very cold night!


    • buttercup

      I didn’t get the conversation with the darling smile, were they talking about deodorant? Axe! Do they have that in the U.S. too?


      • I got they were talking about the deodorant, but they pronounced the name differently from me, so not sure of the brand. But I am loving the smile we got from Steve 🙂


      • We do have Axe brand in the US.


        • buttercup

          Ha ha – now we’re talking about the Axe brand, so from now on, everytime i see this Axe (and believe me i see them often, ’cause i live with 2 teen sons) it makes me think of steve!!
          And Paula, yes, the smile is gorgeous, like a genius alex smile, not “acted” one!
          I also think it’s not a typicl steve smile it’s more of a mick smile, especially the last one, it’s somehow luscious, and mick was “sinnlich” couldn’t find the english word 😆


  14. Thank you Paula for these AMAZING {Drool} GIFS


  15. MaC

    What brand is the dark blue jacket at scene when Steve is coming out of the car and at govrnors house?


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