408 – McGrover was born

I felt I had to make a Grover appreciation post. Haven´t yet read any critisism about Chi being part of the show. I feel confident that his character will be part of many more stories to come 🙂

408-stubborn408-cars408-notfiveoh408-sliding408-blind-giraffe408-bandage408-face5408-not-laughing 408-hottie408-appreciation



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18 responses to “408 – McGrover was born

  1. LOVE the Blind Giraffe one!


  2. Manu

    I love McGrover already 🙂
    Chi is a fantastic actor, such great presence. And the interaction with Alex/Steve is funny and intense at the same time.
    Some fans are worried that McGrover might take away from the Danno/Steve bromance but i think Danno and Grover are very different characters and the added dynamics are beneficial for the show.
    Truly enjoyed episode 4.08


    • buttercup

      Hey there, if you’re the “manu” from the airport scene, congratulation girl, to your picture with alex and the 5O acting!
      I’m truely jealous ( 😉 ) but so happy you’ve shared your personal experiences with us, it’s always fascinating to hear such “stuff” first hand!
      Lots of love from switzerland!!


      • Manu

        Thank you 🙂 Yes, that’s me! I was lucky and had a great time in Hawaii. I meant everything that I wrote, all the positive things you hear about Alex and the Five-0 cast and crew are really true! I’m glad you enjoyed my story. Lots of love from an Italian in England


  3. Vixhen

    Blind Giraffe…*falls over laughing* Love McGrover!


  4. Anwyn

    Love him. He’s a real character and I enjoyed very much that this was laid out a bit like a duel with the 2 cars at the traffic light etc. There was a lot of humor in there. I look forward to see more of the two, now that they are friends. Only thing I don’t like too much is that Chi is so bulky that Steve looks ‘normal’ in his company. Very good episode.


  5. Karen

    Thoroughly enjoyed this epi! The best so far! I love the new friendship!! No need to worry about losing the bromance, because now we have McGover and gromance to add to the mix!! Love the gifs esp the blind giraffe!


  6. Marta

    McGrover in action is the best! These two gentlemen – Alex and Chi, are great working together. Now i’m waiting for more fun with the two or including a septical and jealous Danny.


  7. EU

    Best episode……so far! But I guess we might say this more than once during the season :o). Grover is a good character for the show. It came to change the dynamics between our team, it’s like new air, I didn’t know Chi but I already like his acting work, so it’s gonna be hard hear bad critics about McGrover!


  8. I sure hope Grover had ahold of his panties when Steve looked across the truck at him. 😛
    Lots of yummy hand and arm veinp0rN in the ambulance gif, and dat face with his open mouth and beautiful blue eyes and furrowed brow…*Sigh*
    A HUGE thanks to wardrobe for the super tight gray tee!! 😯 Wow, those are some perky pecs and nibble worthy nips! *slurp*
    Paula, once again, your gifs are amazing!


  9. Paula this was fabulous!! please add me to Team McGrover.


  10. Love Grover because he brings out the best possible ‘faces’ of Steve. Sooo much fun to watch those two alpha males fight it out 😉


  11. A cool post, Paula! One must love McGrover, they’re fun together and even Grover himself, on his own, is a great character played by a very charismatic and interesting actor 😀 . I approve.


    • So weird to see Steve shrinking in size next to Grover LOL Chi is charismatic indeed. I think he played the similar type of grumpy character in Pushing Daisies. Only other show I have seen him in. He worked with Lee Pace on that show, and those 2 played very well together too.


  12. venia

    I enjoyed the episode but to me there is only one bromance on the show and that is Mcdanno. Like Grover but to me danno and steve is bette, and I missed danno in this episode.


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