When I became background extra on #H50

Many of us dream of visiting Hawaii one day, some dream of attending SOTB, others dream of being on the set of Hawaii Five-0, but most of us dream of actually seeing Alex face to face and even exchanging a few words with him, while getting our picture taken. Some of us get those dreams realised and even experience them all…….

Manu, who traveled all the way from the UK to Hawaii, shared some of the many experiences she had this past week in Hawaii, with us. Although most of us will be extremely jealous of her good fortune 😀 , we enjoy whenever one of the H5-0 ‘Viewer-Ohana’ and Alex fangirls get to be so lucky to get up close and personal with THE MAN!!

Here is what Manu wrote to us about her experience the morning after SOTB4:

The morning of Sept 27th started very early for me and my roomies Lydia and Viv. Lydia was informed that they were shooting at the airport so we decided to give it a go, not really knowing what to expect. We desperately needed a shower since the full day before we had been on the beach for SOTB4 but that was over and done in about 15 mins, not even McGarrett could get ready so fast.

So we got there and we were just in time (and lucky enough) to be included in the group of people that would be background extras. I kinda thought I would wake up soon enough, what? me being an extra on my favourite show? It could only be a dream right? Anyways our “handler” said it clear “Ladies behave because we have big guys ready to tackle you if you don’t” and I’m thinking “What is he on about?” but when I realized WHO was on set that day the penny dropped, he obviously meant “Don’t jump on Alex” (as if…oh well…the thought did cross my mind…)
It was early morning the day after SOTB so I don’t know how he managed it but Alex looked as gorgeous as ever. The highlight of my day was when he actually looked at us and said “Good morning”. My heart skipped a beat and the only thing I could manage was the stupidest star struck smile and a breathless “Hi”.

I can’t tell about the scene we filmed but the most difficult thing was trying not to look at HIM (and Chi who was there too). Having Alex a couple of meters away and act like he wasn’t there went against my natural instinct, my neck wanted to turn, my eyes couldn’t stop following HIM and my heart wouldn’t stop racing every time I caught a glimpse of him. Some of you might like to know what he was wearing.Unfortunately my brain can’t remember many details but I think light-ish pants and a darker t-shirt, plus kevlar (oh yes baby) and he had a big gun that he kept teasing his co-star with. It was amazing to witness the change between cheery joking off camera Alex and the professional actor as soon as he turned into McGarrett mode.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to talk to him and were dismissed before he finished shooting but the experience was very interesting and exciting. Hopefully I’ll catch a glimpse of myself and my roomies when the episode airs.

Thank you Manu for sharing this lovely account of your day on the set……….

Here are some behind the scenes pictures taken during the week before SOTB, and as far as we know that is from the same episode (4:08), Manu will be an extra in:

So keep an eye out for Manu and her roomies during this episode…….. 😀


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25 responses to “When I became background extra on #H50

  1. My heart pounded as I read this. Because you girls write exactly as as I feel about Alex. The fangirl comes out and it is totally understandable. The attendees knew we would be waiting for every detail they experienced and they did not disappoint. I so appreciate everyone sharing this love.


  2. visage13

    What an awesome story. I would have been freaking out on the inside too. How fun for you and your friends!


  3. Awesome!! Yes jealous but how cool for you guys!!! 😀 😀 I know I would have been exactly the same, first time I met a celeb I thought I was going to puke! haha so nervous. That’s such a wicked experience, cant wait to pick you guys out when the episode screens 😀 x


  4. gracenotpark

    What a treat for the girls to have this experience and how delightful for Manu to share her experience with us! No surprise that Alex was so gracious! We seem to hear it over and over, but i gotta say I never get tired of hearing it and reading it. 🙂

    Manu’s a marvelous writer. I feel like I know just what her wonderful day was like! Thank you Manu. And thank you Foyeur for facilitating this post. This whole thing makes me so very happy!


  5. Wow!! can Many be any luckier?? what a year,girl *touching the wood* 😀 so happy for ya, really hope this will happen to many of us ❤ ❤ ❤


  6. Yes, I’m a bit jealous, but so happy for anyone who gets to meet him! I joke about how I’d act if I saw him in person. The “handlers” are referring to someone like me, I’m afraid. Instead of a lei when I get off the plane in Hawaii, I will probably be handed a restraining order. 😉 I just hope to be able to form coherent words if I ever meet him. It may depend on what he’s wearing or not wearing. 😛


  7. Manu

    Thank you ladies for sharing my story and for all the lovely comments 🙂
    I really mean it, from my experience at SOTB4 and the day after Alex is everything we dreamt of….and a little more!


    • It is always a pleasure to read about real fan encounters 🙂 They don´t really come by that often. I guess Alex meets fans often but they are not here on social media to share their stories with the rest of us.


  8. canadagirl66

    I am completely jealous… and at the same time…completely thrilled that one of the fangirls got be be in the same airspace as AOL. *sigh*
    Props to you Manu for remaining collected while being so close to him. I would have required paramedics.
    And that you SO.MUCH for sharing your wonderful experience and allowing the rest of us to live vicariously through you. *hugs*


  9. buttercup

    I’m so happy for you, it’s just wonderful and it’s very nice of you to share your story, and “What a Story!!!” 😎
    I will look out for you in the ep!


  10. venia

    Hi manu this is Venia. I am so happy to read about your story. Wow this could not happen to a nicer person, I knew something special would happen to you when you went there and it did! You will remember this for the rest of your life and will always have a connection to alex. Now I will have to watch the episode because I want to make sure I see you on tv.

    hugs and kisses.


  11. Anwyn

    What a wonderful great experience. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I am with lurxgirl and Paula when they refer to ‘handlers’ and babbling nonsense when nervous. I really don’t know how I’d react if I laid eyes on this gorgeous piece of man.


  12. lunaterra12

    So exciting!!! Mahalo for the insights to your experience. I’ll dream about it now. 🙂


  13. Marta

    Lucky Manu! Thank you for sharing your story with us. I’m very happy for you.


  14. Linda E.

    You are so lucky to have met Alex. If I ever met him, at least I would know I’d died happy, because that’s exactly what would happen. Thank you.


  15. karin@notmcnerd

    I’m sure I’d combust if I was ever near him. Congratulations on your good fortune, Manu. I’m somewhat jealous that you were able to get info on the shooting location. When I was in Hawaii a few years ago no one would tell me anything. I talked to he visitor’s bureau, H5 production office, and Mike G


  16. karin@notmcnerd

    Wow! WordPress is a little crazy tonight! I meant to say Mike Gordon, who does reviews for the Star Advertiser. All to no avail. Maybe next time.


  17. Thanks, Manu, for sharing your great experience with us! ❤


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  19. EU

    I’m so glad for you Manu!!! And thanks for sharing with us, I think I have read it somewhere else before but now I have the change to celebrate with you this wonderful experience you lived. Everybody will look for you in the episode!!! ………BTW, did you take some kind of medication to control your nerves?……I guess it would be impossible for me behave as a normal person, Lol! :o)


  20. Manu –my darling friend You wrote of your wonderful day so beautifully and you Know hoow happy I was for you., You belong to the most fortunate of Alex fans now and I know what an incredible and heart shaking thing that is. you deserve it fopr persuing your dream and NEVER GIVING UP. I wish i could post my experience and pictures here like i did on Long legs but i don’t know hoe ___Besides Honey this is YOUR moment and nobody else’s LOVE YOU


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