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When #AlexOLoughlin make your birthday wishes come true!

Alex and @monyahfarley

“Omg the best birthday present ever!! Like seriously my dream came true! I love him soooooo much thank you @karligerona and your mom so much for making this happen!! I was so happy and extremely nervous lol best day ever!!! ❤️😍😘” #h50#stevemcgarret#alexoloughlin

Alex: Beautiful name.

Monyah: Please write ‘love”.

Alex: You know, I am going to put: “All My Love”.

Monyah: Okay, that’s perfect.

Alex: Is that okay?

Okay, the pen stopped.

Voice: Do you need another one?

Alex: It’s alright.

  • And the HUG when he got there and first met her.

“It literally felt like I hugged him for a minute hahaha I didn’t want to let him go! ❤😘😍 he is the sweetest person ever and so kind! I’m so thankful that he took time to say hi and take pictures!!#forevergrateful #bestgiftever #cherishforever #hawaiifiveo #h50 #stevemcgarret #alexoloughlin #birthday once again thank you @karligerona and your mom for making my dreams come true! All I ever wanted was to meet him! #bestfriendgoals”


And A Happy Birthday from us as well to Monyah.

You are a lucky girl with such beautiful moments to cherish.

And Thank You for sharing these wonderful moments online.


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