#AlexOLoughlin …. stay who you are.

It’s reassuring when you come home and your mates say you haven’t changed much.

Alex O’Loughlin,

The Sydney Morning Herald,

November 2011


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16 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin …. stay who you are.

  1. Well, success hasn’t made him get a big head. Not that I thought it would. Somehow he’s not that kind of guy.He’s much too humble for that.

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  2. Lulu

    Alex has never bought into the whole Hollywood stardom attitude. He once said that his personal life is private, and that’s why we don’t see his face on all those weekly entertainment magazines. I respect him for that.

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  3. Cassandra

    I agree Lulu! I don’t think we’ll ever see a reality show on AOL!!!! I respect and adore him for keeping private what is private to him!! ❤❤

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  4. Sue

    Have we heard or seen anything, on the new season yet? I know the Blessing was private, but thought we would get a glimpse or hear something about filming.
    Alex is very private, however love to see a picture of him and his family occasionally. Enjoy seeing how the kids have grown.

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    • Hi Sue
      There’s been lots of pictures posted form the set already. We already shared some of it in our other pages (Twitter, FB and IG). We normally try to post them all together on our weekly wrap post and not make little posts here of everything.
      Yes, the kids are getting bigger, but unless a picture of the family is posted by Alex himself or shared by him to a news outlet or taken at a public event where he knows they will be photographed, we will not share it here.


  5. kathysr

    Hey everyone, I was just on a Scott Caan Twitter page and there are great videos and still shots of shooting on July 11 and 12! Let’s get excited again! Alex looks really thin. Anyhow, there’s good stuff out there. I hope we see lots of filming videos and stills, so we can anticipate the upcoming season. I’m wrapping my head around the new normal. FOYeur, do you want me to post the link? It’s some nice stuff. Or hopefully you can post some information?! Everybody keep your eyes open for good information on the new season!!!


    • Hi Kathy – I do not know what Twitter page of Scott you are referring to, but any account who claim to be Scott is a FAKE. I can promise you that Scott is NOT on social media. Scott and DDK even made fun of that account claiming to be him.
      We will try to continue like we did in the past years, to post the new pictures as they come through from the set on our own Twiiter, Facebook and sometimes Instagram pages, then at the end of the week I normally do a post of them all in one on my Weekly review. We have never really done posts of every single video and picture that comes through during the week here on the blog – unless there are some real nice story to it.
      If people are interested in an account that posts losts of stuff during the filming they can look here: https://twitter.com/hawaii_isla808/with_replies
      Or follow our twitter and FB pages as well.
      Everybody are welcome to post links of information (as long as it is not rumours and from one of those fake news outlets who make up there own stories), but most of the times we have already posted the main news on all our other pages.
      Thanks in any case for the enthusiasm. We appreciate all the help we can get.

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      • Kathysr

        FOYeur, it’s a fan site. I know Scott isn’t on any social media. All the sites I go to for him are fan sites, and they post and re-post lots of Twitter and other photos from other sources. It looks like there’s some good stuff out there on the beginning of filming Season 8. I’m excited. It’s footage of Scott and Alex at the Hilton Hawaiian Village on July 11 and 12.


        • Kathysr

          The videos and still shots are from Hawaii isla 808 Twitter. They do great stuff on HAWAII FIVE-O. There’s lots of brand new, current stuff there.


  6. mamayorkie

    He may be one of the few in the business who is still grounded in reality and hasn’t lost touch of who he is and what is important in life.

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  7. mamayorkie


    I do not get notifications any more after posting. Any idea why? Is it just me?


    • I know it happened to leiCa also a while back. In the end it was her service provider or e-mail provider who blocked our posts to her. I think they thought it was spam. Maybe because of all the notifications of comments, yours also felt that this was a site spamming you?
      Have a look in your spam bocks or maybe see if there are filters that block our e-mails to you.
      From our side there is nothing we can do as far as I could see. I have looked into it when leiCa complained – nothing in our settings changed.


  8. dawn russell

    I agree Mamayorkie Alex is still grounded and hasn’t lost touch with reality!

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  9. Alex has always been WHO he is, a talented, charming actor with both feet firmly on the ground. He can convincingly become someone else through the characters he puts on screen, but he leaves them there. His head has never been in the “Look at me, I’m famous” ego cloud. Those who work with him or fans who have met him can confirm, Alex is the Alex we have come to know and love over the years. I’m an Alex Fan For Life because he is so genuine, worm and worth my time and admiration. ♥

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