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#AlexOLoughlin …. you are the mouthpiece for your character

You can move into self obsession very quickly and very easily. You know, you need to constantly remind yourself it’s not about how you feel, it’s about how the audience feels.

And it’s not about your emotions, it’s about the emotions of these characters, and so you are simply the device with which you deliver this character’s reality, or you bring life to this character and you become the mouthpiece for this character and whatever.

– Alex O’Loughlin

 Moonlight Detective interview

February 2008

My thoughts

  • Writers can write whatever they want for a character, but in the end the actor is still the one delivering those lines and portraying the emotions – making the character who it is. Making the words and the person come to life …..
  • And then of course the really good actors are there in the moment, forgetting about themselves and they just become that character. For me Alex showed that ability in every one of his roles thus far – to just be that person.


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