#AlexOLoughlin ……. I’m a passionate person

I was taught by very passionate people and I am a passionate person.

I was taught that passion is either constructive or deconstructive.

I keep trying to build on that and be constructive.

If you don’t approach a character passionately, if you’re not trying to elevate the material then you’re probably in the wrong job.

I want to be better each day.

– Alex O’Loughlin


September 2011


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15 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin ……. I’m a passionate person

  1. Oh Alex, you are indeed elevating the material you are given. Every freaking time.

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  2. mamayorkie

    I think we all knew that about him. Thank you for posting.

    I see that I get your new posts but no comments from others. I keep going into my account and “touching stuff “but haven’t fixed that problem. May have created more. Spam is not the issue.
    But I did get my like button to work, so that is something.

    Do you think that if I unfollow you and then follow you again that the issue will go away? Has anyone had any luck dealing with support at WordPress? Is it worth a try?

    BUT– I have a like button so hooray for me!!!!


    • Mama, I had this kind of problem too and it was indeed a spam problem. But the notifications did not land in my spam folder, I had to dig deeper. My provider thought it would be spam and didn’t even deliver. The notifications did not even have the chance to land in my spam, lol. I had to log in on my provider’s side and mark all the AOLIS notifications as ‘no spam’. He learned! 😉

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    • How did you manage with the like button? My neighbors left and right are about 100 years old 😁

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      • mamayorkie

        I have no idea what i did to get the like button. But I am now getting notifications of comments which I didn’t get before. It just came back but I have no idea why. However, my icon has changed so I must had done something. All the neighbors kids kids seem to be at the beach or sleep away camp. If everything has righted itself, I can eat all my cookies myself.


        • Then congratulations, Mamayorkie! You’re an IT wizard LOL

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          • mamayorkie

            I guess I am not such an IT Wizard because in messing around with my settings I now no longer have the ability to respond with the return button on the bottom of the page requesting notifications of replies to my comments. On the other hand I did get your response though I am not sure why. Someone needs to slap my hands before I click on “settings.”


            • That happens to me as well, but only once in a while. Not on all my comments. Not sure if it is when I am responding for a second time on one comment. I haven’t figured that out yet. But it is not only you.

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  3. mamayorkie

    LeiCA: Thank you. Now I have to go outside and see what neighbor’s kids are home to help me. I am so tech challenged. Thank goodness I always have cookie in the house.

    Did you see my like button? Did it all by myself accidentally. I am so proud.


  4. A NIDA training certainly makes the difference between a great actor who knows what to do with his “material” and a mere pretty face.

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  5. lindae5o

    Beautiful photo of a lovely man !! Those eyes get me every time !! Alex always relays his feelings with such sincerity. Thank you.

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  6. Cassandra

    True that Cassiopea! I think also in his role as Steve McGarrett he has truly put that training to work!! The character is passionate about his job, his team, his family and of course the love of his life, which he lost! The fact that Alex personally is a passionate person makes it an ideal role. He does it quite well!!!! 😍♥️

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  7. Susan jobbins

    Hi alex you r excellent actor I love your character jack in oyster farmer and steve maggrett I hooked on hawaii five o I love all characters danno;kono,chin I love the drama from start to end which keeps you on edge of your seat .is cheer when you win over woo fat

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