#AlexOLoughlin: Gung Ho for McGarrett of #H50

Another great bit of reading from the old site AOLR

– originally posted on 16 October 2011 by Mizzoh

Mizzoh made a lovely post of some of the comments made by Alex and others on the extras of the Season 1 DVD.

Of course once again, the very pretty pictures of Alex, where captured by Paula added for our pleasure. 🙂

 507 eyes hurt bw

The Hawaii Five-0 Season 1 DVD extra features provide a lot of excellent information about the show, and in particular about Alex O’Loughlin and “his” Steve McGarrett.

Alex is a classically trained actor who completely immerses himself in any role he takes on, whether it’s that of a serial killer, a vampire or a cardiothoracic surgeon and being the leader of Hawaii’s elite crime-fighting unit is no exception.

507 mcg face 5

Of all his roles to date, Alex seems to feel the most at home in McGarrett’s cargo pants and boots, but he also admits that being the serious Super SEAL is not without its challenges.

s1 gag cargo laugh

Here are assorted quotes from the cast and producers of Hawaii Five-0 that shed more light on the versatile Aussie:

“This character kind of felt like more my style, more my speed. I really wanted to do it.”

Alex O’Loughlin

507 lashes

“It was clear to everyone this was a guy … he was ready to command a show.”

Bob Orci (Executive Producer)


“No one takes more care about how authentically we clear a room than Alex O’Loughlin.

He’s on top of all of this stuff and every time we have a scene like this, [he makes] sure we do it right.”

Daniel Dae Kim

507 intense

“This kind of stuff for me, playing Steve McGarrett, I mean he’s a Navy SEAL and all this sort of military stuff and getting all this gear together, it’s actually been one of the more challenging roles that I’ve played in my career to date because he’s so kind of serious, and so straight and so gung-ho.

And of course you can’t play that, you’ve got to go for truth at all times and I think some of the things saved me in playing this guy is going for truth and also just focusing on the minutiae of what he does and all of the gear and all of the tactical stuff.

Going back to what Daniel said, I try to make it as real as possible and stick to what our tactical guys tell me to do.”

Alex O’Loughlin

507 uniform mcg 2

“This moment is when I was really convinced that Alex was Steve McGarrett. Any sort of reservations that you would have going in thinking that he’d never done an action show before, he’d never done this kind of work before … You see this and you totally buy him as this character, as this Navy SEAL.”

Peter Lenkov (Executive Producer),

on Alex in the teaser of the pilot episode

507 corner mcg

“He’s so completely dedicated. This guy trained like, I mean from the day we started talking about this, he was interviewing, hanging out with SEALs. He was extremely dedicated.”

Len Wiseman (Director, Executive Producer)

507 gas 3

“He said he left the meeting when we first met with him, he went right to the gym.

He was so pumped.”

Peter Lenkov (Executive Producer)

507 gas 4

“The first thing Alex brings to the role is a real credibility when it comes to leadership and when everybody thinks of McGarrett as a character, he was the guy who had an incredible command over the situation and never took no for an answer.

There’s also something very raw and vulnerable about Alex and I think that makes him human and accessible.”

Alex Kurtzman (Executive Producer)

507 gas

“I felt like Alex is an action hero and I remember first seeing Alex in that full dress uniform with the hat and Len and I looked at each other and said,

That’s our guy.’

Peter Lenkov (Executive Producer)

507 uniform 3

Alex is such a pro with this stuff.

He’s so gung-ho. It’s great to work with somebody like that.

You set up a shot, you’re thinking more likely it’s going to be the stunt double and he’s just like,

Get me up there. Let me do it.’

Len Wiseman (Director, Executive Producer),

on the fight scene between McGarrett and Hesse in the pilot

507 eyes 5

“And he [Alex] nailed it.”

Bob Orci (Executive Producer)





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22 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin: Gung Ho for McGarrett of #H50

  1. vanduyn

    Love this! Thanks ladies! 😀


  2. Thanks for this. Is it just me or has he got sexy feet. lol


  3. Leah

    I just can’t stop staring at those beautiful eyelashes in that last pic . . . it REALLY should be against the law for such a handsome man to own lashes like that! 😉 SO pretty, Paula – great job!


  4. [There’s also something very raw and vulnerable about Alex ]
    Yes there is and that is why he is so good at drawing us in and believing that he IS Steve.
    I love reading what others think of our talented man.
    It validates my crazy fangirling and reconfirms that I’ve attached my wagon to the right STAR! ♥ 😀


  5. It’s amazing how much work and passion Alex puts in his work, as well as in everything else he does 🙂
    He is believable in every role.
    Talented and gorgeous, that’s our man.


  6. Oh WOW!!! This article and PICTURES are the ultimate!!!Makes me want to do a little bone jumping in my FANtasies~~~~
    Thank you FOYeur and Paula.


  7. “There’s also something very raw and vulnerable about Alex and I think that makes him human and accessible.”
    – Alex Kurtzman <— This man gets him! He is NOT just an action hero! He made Steve human and gave him multiple layers. Without him, 5.07 would be nothing. Just seeing him in Paula's great screens draws me in.


  8. Betsy craig

    I’m still watching my H50 DVDs, loving them all as usual, the one episode that really gets to me is S5 ep 7, Steve and Wo Fat, I cry every time I watch it, it is so believable, fantastic acting on Alex and Mark’s parts, the song at the end is moving as well, if you can tell me who sung it I would love to download it.


    • Hi Betsy
      John Ondrasik of Grammy Award-nominated ‘Five For Fighting’ wrote and performs a new song specifically for the 100th episode of “HAWAII FIVE-0.” The song, entitled “All For One,” will premiere within the broadcast of the milestone episode.
      Link: Five For Fighting’s John Ondrasik on His New Song for …


  9. Sharon Stone

    The comments perfectly reflect Alex in his role as Cdr McGarrett. You can definitely imagine him thoroughly researching all his roles. The sign of a great actor.


  10. A VERY great actor. His natural God given talent and beauty was perfected and guided by NIDA in Australia. They gave him his “wings” and OH how he has spread them wide.
    THANKS NIDA. He didn’t need “Neighbors” LOL!!!


  11. Becca

    Alex is so sexy


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