#AlexOLoughlin ….. just get on with it.

“A belief in myself and not wanting to let my son down. I also thought of my grandfather. He was a tough old bastard from the Snowys.

I’d hear his voice saying,‘Stop moping. Shut up and just get on with it.’”

– Alex O’Loughlin

Sunday Magazine

 2 May 2010



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13 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin ….. just get on with it.

  1. So happy that his determination and strength paid off so well 🙂

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  2. Wise words, those of his grand father, that gave him the strength and determination to take care of a son at such an early age.

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  3. dq

    OK Ladies. Get a grip on yourselves. While I agree that AOL is beyond fabulous to look at,the man does not literally walk on water. 21 is not such a young age to be expected to take care of a son. Many men before him have stepped up to the plate. Not so special. How old was Saxon when he left Australia to persue his dreams in Los Angeles? How many soccer games did he coach? How many holiday concerts did he attend? I have kids of my own. It is my opinion that kids cherish these things. They couldn’t care less where the money comes from to pay for their next pair of underwear. The man is human.(not a God). Most importantly, a man. (21 does qualify a person to be an adult) Alrighty then. I am wearing my protective armour. Let the hatred begin. Once more, just my opinion.

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    • vanduyn

      No hate. You are totally entitled to your opinion. I’m not sure why you think we think he’s a God?? As far as what he missed or did not miss no one here knows because Alex is a private person. Thanks for the post and incredible pic ladies!! Awesome as ever♥

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    • LOL DQ
      Really do not know where this sideways comment of yours is coming from.
      I see nothing on this post or in any of the comments where anybody is implying that Alex is anything but human.
      Especially this comment he made, shows exactly how really human he is and how well he knows his roots
      If you are determinant to come here and without provocation want to insult Alex on things you really know nothing about, or insult us or the people who comment here, please don’t. And have your Alex fun somewhere else.

      We are here to have some fun. And if anybody actually wants to think more of Alex than just being human, that is also their choice and not for any of us to insult them.

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    • I for one don’t think Alex is a God. I was only thinking of my best friend. Her boyfriend left her when he knew she was pregnant. He was 24.

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    • Thank God.
      He is human.
      But he is allowed walk across my swimmingpool anytime.
      (If getting a grip of myself means I’ll feel the need to tell anybody my opinion of right from wrong without any humour, or fun, or joy and without the slightest knowledge of a situation I don’t want to get a grip ever. Parted joy is double joy, German saying.)

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  4. Lulu

    OK, dq, you are entitled to your opinion. But, coming from a family who had a deadbeat dad, I know that Alex was there when Saxon was born, that he visited him often, had him come to Hawaii and live with him for a few years. My brothers and I had none of that. If you ask Saxon about his dad, I know he will only say good things. Yes, Alex was not the most mature 21 yr. old, but he did not neglect Saxon. Yes, Alex has his flaws (as we all do) and I don’t consider him a god. This is just a fansite for people who like Alex and appreciate his talent.

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  5. NOT a “god” but a gorgeous . Talented loving intelligent Man and I think that ‘s good enough. for all the fans who love him and also for his Family as well.

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    • kathysr

      I have a feeling that his family adores Alex. Everyone who knows him and works with him does. From the things I’ve read about Alex, he experienced huge emotional and financial struggles when he was young. He has a great sense of honor and obligation, and he does right by the people he loves.

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