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He has a way with the words.

#AlexOLoughlin ….. being on TV vs. being in Movies?

I don’t know who would prefer television over film. The only good thing about TV is it’s a steady pay cheque.

That’s not true, it’s not the only good thing about TV. But look at me, dude. I just finished a pilot [Hawaii Five-0]. I’m beat. You do 15, 16-hour days every day. You’ve got to churn the work out.

I think film is the most comfortable medium because of the time and the money that’s usually there.

– Alex O’Loughlin

Metro World News

21 April 2010



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#AlexOLoughlin ….. I just feel freer when I’m a villain.

I really like playing villains. It feels to me like  – and this isn’t to say that I’ve ever done anything clever or talented in my career yet – but I feel like when I’m playing a villain, I can get away with a lot more. You go like, “Hey, listen, what if this guy had a tattoo on his face?” And the director’s like, “Yeah! That’s f—ing evil!”

But as the hero, you’re like, “Hey, can we…?” “No! You’re the hero. Just look and smile.” And that’s a ridiculous sort of stereotypical response, but I just feel freer when I’m a villain.

– Alex O’Loughlin

Metro World News

21 April 2010


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#AlexOLoughlin …. #H50 – We can’t seem to kill it.

We’ve had cast troubles. I got really hurt and had to go and you know get …. you know, sort myself out in the second season. Like we’ve had injuries. We’ve had all sorts of things.

It just keeps going. We can’t seem to kill it. So, I guess it’s going to stick around for a while [giggle].

– Alex O’Loughlin about Hawaii Five-0

at the AIF Awards

25 October 2013



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#AlexOLoughlin …. I’m just happy to be working

I was shooting the pilot [Three Rivers], when I got offered the movie [The Back-Up Plan]. I took the movie, and then the pilot got picked up.

So, of course, you think about that stuff like, “What if the show goes for seven years, and I could’ve had a film career?”

You can’t do that. You have to put it out of your head.

I’m just happy to be working.

– Alex O’Loughlin

9 September 2009

My Thoughts

  • Eight years later. Not Three Rivers, but a whole other show already running for 7 years later. So many unknown factors for an actor. Did Alex in fact maybe miss out on a movie career by doing these shows with CBS? Is Steve McGarrett and Hawaii Five-0 the show he will be known for, or will there be more ……… ?
  • I love the gratitude he had back then for being a working actor. I kind of feel that although he would have liked to have done more diverse roles, also on the big screen, by now, that he still is just happy to be a working actor. Hopefully his gratitude and dedication will rewarded with something great.


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#AlexOLoughlin …. amazed at the amount of support by fans.

Picture (SOTB 7) – From André Schuppan

I’m continually amazed at the amount of support my fans show me. I recently wrote a blog post (on Facebook), trying to express my appreciation. … I’m actually surprised (by the support) sometimes because I don’t feel like I’m a very good celebrity. I don’t have a Twitter account. I barely manage my Facebook page and I don’t get to my e-mail often enough.

Then I watch my own work and I’m not a fan of it. I don’t see it. [Laughs] … Frankly, I probably wouldn’t have this job without the fans.

–  Alex O’Loughlin

Contra Costa Times

18 September 2012


(SOTB 7 – Picture originally from Star Advertiser)

Some news updates:

  • For those who have not seen the news yet, 2 days ago Peter Lenkov announced on Twitter that Sunset on the Beach (SOTB) for this year, for the moment is on hold because of busy schedules. We will let you know as soon as there are any further news in regards to the matter.


(Aug 4  )I know you’ve all been asking -Still trying to lock down a date 4 #H50 SOTB – won’t be premiere this yesr. Most likely later in the season

  • In just more than 2 weeks, 24 August, Alex celebrates his 41st birthday. As usual Angie and the fans from “Alex O’Loughlin Fans for Organ Donation” organized a fundraiser with Taylor’s Gift that you can support by making a donation, as well as a group card for his birthday, that you can sign.


Fundraising page:

Birthday card:


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