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1826 Days of #AlexOLoughlin Fun – We Are FIVE!

Wow – FIVE years! From then till now, 1926 posts later and sometimes I think we  posted something just the other day or even a few months back, and then when I look for it, it was already posted 2 or 3 years ago. I guess in the end it all blurs into random memories of stories and information and fun with Alex.

There are a lot of fans who have been following Alex’s career for last 10 years or even longer. I can name a few who are just as, or even more, dedicated to following him than in those early days. Your continued love and dedication, says a LOT about him. I have seen a number of you with great passion for him. Many fans and groups have come and gone over the years, but still there are a number of core members whose passion just continue to grow each day. Although we have only been following his career for 6 years, we are proud to regard ourselves as part of those dedicated supporters

To Paula’s amusement I have over the years made a lot of crazy suggestions for stories. Some never made it into posts on here, but some did. Way back in August 2013 just after we celebrated our first year here, we ran a whole Month of Mick. Three years ago, just as we celebrated our two years here, I started a 100 consecutive days of Hawaii Five-0 reviews of every episode since the pilot, just to celebrate the 100th episode.  That meant not only watching each episode again, but analyzing it a bit and doing screencaps for each one. In May 2014 we started posting all the articles and interviews of Alex that we could find, and started with one of my favourite articles with him found in the link. Hours and hours of listening to new and old interviews, deciphering what was actually being said and doing transcripts for them followed after we started mad  idea of creating a complete archive of his work. And added to that also the retyping of the magazine scans …… and the job is not done yet, because there are still a few to be done.

Over the years we conducted studies of fun projects starting with Alex’s tattoos in the beginning and moving to his scars, his non-receiding hairline, the changes in his teeth, his non- rhynoplasty, his piercings scars, his favourite T-shirts, etc. Some of these subjects are in desperate need of follow-up posts with new and fresh information.

In the past we have taken a strong stand against reposting of fake pictures of Alex – and I will keep on commenting on them whenever I see them. But on the other hand we advocate the enjoyment of fan art for those who want to add their own touch to any pictures of him. Fake pictures being where Alex’s head is placed on other bodies and then posted as real pictures. And also where the original composition of who and how people feature on group pictures, were altered and then posted as real.

As with many others who use Alex for their art, we ourselves however love to single out Alex’s image in a pictures and use it for art by adding fun to him. Unfortunately it all sometimes seems to be difficult concepts for people to grasp.

Over the years we adjusted and changed with the times to keep things fun and intriguing  – even if it was old stuff that we posted (mainly for ourselves and not necessarily for others as such). For us something is not just what is written or said, but everything is also part of a specific time and place in a period of Alex’s career. And we like to connect the dots and search a bit deeper and give our opinion about it as well.

As with everything in life, the fun here of course also came with some heartache, frustration and disappointment at times – and sometimes that might have spilled over to some of our posts. Some of that frustration stems from people twisting what has actually been said here, to suit their own agenda or view.

As novices, none of it ever came easy for us, because we do not really have the luxury of special sources or the connections in the USA or even Hawaii, that some other site owners might have had in the past. But for us working with each other in the late hours of the night to find some Alex gems, hidden somewhere on the net, became a joy. And along the way we also connected with some friends who support us with kindness by finding some of the rare footage and sharing it with us.

Thank you to those who have supported us during all the years, by enjoying and sharing Alex with us!

We are and will always be proud of this unique little corner and haven in the Alex fandom that we created here. Most of it has been done by adding our own touch and point of view to it, but it has always been coloured in by what you, our follow fans, added to it with your comments and ideas and spirit.

Thank you for that!

Our focus stays with Alex and what he offers us with his own work and conduct. Our passion remains to bring you the best and the most accurate information about Alex we can find, with a touch of our own flair. We like to keep it real as far as possible, with the main focus of reporting on Alex’s actual work, enhanced with pictures of his work or other footage we can find.

We are proud to be fans of this extremely kind soul who happens to find himself in an industry of big egos.


Here is to another year of Alex fangirling, until our ways should part one day!

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Lots of Alex love,

from Paula and FOYeur!




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#AlexOLoughlin …. sometimes one carry the load of success.

But more than that, I have a responsibility to myself, and that’s something that I think I neglected a little bit. Not in a careless way, but this is the first show that I have had that has succeeded. I think I felt like it was really on my shoulders, and I had some sort of Superman complex — I’m going to be all right; you can’t hurt me. But you can. I’m just like everyone else. Bang me around enough, eventually something’s going to break.

– Alex O’Loughlin

Honolulu Star-Advertiser

23 September 2012



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The reason why Steve always drives the car in #H50

“I’m not ready to let him drive it because he’s not responsible. First of all, he can’t drive stick and it’s a stick. So that should be the end of this f—ing thing. But it’s not. He rides the clutch. He grinds the gears. It’s like, if he would just get a little humble and just ask me, I’ll teach him how to drive it. And when he does, I’ll give him the keys back.”

– Alex O’Loughlin about Scott’s driving

TV Guide

October 2013

My Thoughts

  • Sometimes we look for the deeper meaning of things that happen on a show like Hawaii Five-0 and everybody try to analyse it and comment on it. But it might in fact just be something as simple as one actor not thinking the other one is a good enough driver. Nothing really to do with the characters in the beginning, but it just works like that and then it becomes part of the show …..


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Hawaii is not all fun in the sun ( #H50 article 2010)

Hawaii Five-0 stars Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan are polar opposites only on screen – one is a by-the-book cop, the other his loose-cannon subordinate. The two in fact share the same policy of brutal honesty. So honest they are, they make it sound like their participation in a second season of the new hit show might be up in the air

The Straits Times

4 Dec 2010

By Tiffany Fumiko Tay

Two issues are driving their discontentment: long working hours and the direction of the show.

During a mid-day break from filming in Honolulu, the no-nonsense duo quickly quash the perception that being a part of a hit TV show that is located on the sandy shores of a popular holiday destination is anything but dogged work. ‘There’s no time off, so you see people more grinding and grumpy than having a great time,’ says Caan, son of veteran actor James, who plays hot-headed cop Danny ‘Danno’ Williams.

‘Nobody’s doing an hour show and going like ‘This is the greatest thing in the world’. It’s not. Your life is gone when you’re doing a show like this, so the goal is to get through it.’

The pressure of delivering hour-long weekly episodes, working 16 hours a day, six days a week, is beginning to show in the circles under the 34-year-old’s blue eyes. He adds: ‘The no-time-off drives me crazy. That’s my fight if it goes another year, because I need to do the other things I like to do. It’s sort of unhealthy doing this show.’

For a moment, he sounds like his Hawaii Five-0 cynical tough guy persona, who refers to the island at one point as a ‘pineapple-infested hellhole’. Both real and reel men also feel like a fish out of water on the laid-back island and miss the chaos of the city.

But Caan quickly qualifies, saying: ‘Don’t get me wrong, I love the show, but I get asked questions and I don’t know what I’m supposed to do – I’m too honest to bull****. I’m an artist and I’m an unhappy artist most of the time, it’s just how I am.’

Equally unhappy and not afraid to show it is Australian actor O’Loughlin, who plays straight-edged task force leader Steve McGarrett. Like Caan, he is emphatic that Hawaii Five-0 is a tough gig.

‘You move away from your family and friends to a small island where everyone knows your business and the time you’re not at work, you’re at home studying for the next day. Even when the red carpet stuff comes around, you’re so tired you don’t even want to go,’ he says.

The more important bone of contention for him is the development of his character. He would like McGarrett to possess more depth, while, he hints, the producers prefer to adhere to the tried- and-tested money-making method of standard procedurals.

Finding the opportunity to express emotion while staying within the boundaries of the rigid hero is tricky, O’Loughlin, 34, admits. ‘I’m the first one to say please let him kill someone or do something naughty,’ he says.

‘Taking off my sunglasses like this,’ he adds, mimicking David Caruso’s much parodied idiosyncracy in CSI: Miami, ‘is bull****, and I will never do it. Ultimately, what it comes down to for me is character. They’ve tried to take it away, and I’ve been like a baby with a rattle.’

Caan is backing up O’Loughlin, whom critics say he has eclipsed in the show. ‘It’s obviously a nice thing to hear, but people overlook that Alex’s job is a lot harder than mine,’ says the stocky, square-jawed actor.

‘He’s not allowed to have fun. Every time he does something loose, they’re like, no, that’s not McGarrett. So I’ve sort of been set up to be the guy that has fun and makes the show light, and you always win as that guy.

‘I think fewer and fewer people want to see ‘CSI: Hawaii’. They (the producers) should see that this show doesn’t need to be so procedural,’ adds Caan with a tinge of frustration.

In an attempt at damage control, he reiterates that he does not mean to diss the show, and confesses that he struggles with the limitless boundaries of his honesty. And then he makes another all-too-frank announcement.

‘Oh and by the way, I don’t have the cinema career that I want anyway. I don’t get offers to be in movies starring opposite the people I want. This show to me was the best offer I’ve gotten in a really long time. So I’m lucky to have this job. I’m humbled, but I’m not gonna be happy.’



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When #AlexOLoughlin make your birthday wishes come true!

Alex and @monyahfarley

“Omg the best birthday present ever!! Like seriously my dream came true! I love him soooooo much thank you @karligerona and your mom so much for making this happen!! I was so happy and extremely nervous lol best day ever!!! ❤️😍😘” #h50#stevemcgarret#alexoloughlin

Alex: Beautiful name.

Monyah: Please write ‘love”.

Alex: You know, I am going to put: “All My Love”.

Monyah: Okay, that’s perfect.

Alex: Is that okay?

Okay, the pen stopped.

Voice: Do you need another one?

Alex: It’s alright.

  • And the HUG when he got there and first met her.

“It literally felt like I hugged him for a minute hahaha I didn’t want to let him go! ❤😘😍 he is the sweetest person ever and so kind! I’m so thankful that he took time to say hi and take pictures!!#forevergrateful #bestgiftever #cherishforever #hawaiifiveo #h50 #stevemcgarret #alexoloughlin #birthday once again thank you @karligerona and your mom for making my dreams come true! All I ever wanted was to meet him! #bestfriendgoals”

And A Happy Birthday from us as well to Monyah.

You are a lucky girl with such beautiful moments to cherish.

And Thank You for sharing these wonderful moments online.


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