Alex got ice down his pants for ALS

Peter Lenkov challenged his H50 cast for the ice bucket challenge, and of course Alex, DDK and Jorge took him up on that. Dunk or donate, well these lovely guys did both 🙂 Alex was apparently marinating there for a while and somehow got ice down his pants too 😀

And we got our wet man 🙂

For HD version of the video, you can watch it here on DDK´s FB album

Cold water and ice seem to work for our man. Always a pleasure to watch him wet and having fun 😉

Finally got back home and got the hd vid for gifs. Enjoy 🙂




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13 responses to “Alex got ice down his pants for ALS

  1. I never been so jealous of ice until today.
    These three guys are awesome! And i knew that they would do the dumping and donation.
    TY Paula for the pics and gifs. But can you do the gifs bigger?


  2. dina

    What a wonderful video. Wonderful boys too. Love them so much. Thanks for the pics.


  3. OMG the gifs are amazing! Thank you Paula!
    Donating, to help financing the research, and dumping to help raising the attention, that’s the way! Love those three! I had no doubt that esp. Alex and Daniel would take the challenge. Happy that Jorge did it too!
    I bet the ice in his pants melts verrrry fast! I’m melting too… sigh!


  4. That was fun, thanks for sharing!


  5. Sylvie

    Love that post, they seem to have so much fun those 3 guys. THX


  6. karen

    Trying to figure out how ice got in there. Did it crawl under his shirt? LOL


  7. marthalomew

    BRRRRRR!!!   Martha In loving memory of my Sister Maria Elena Kludzinski(1/16/58 – 3/3/13) , & Brother Alfred Nestor Escalante(2/26/63 – 2/23/93), You live in our hearts forever, love you.



  8. I love our boys 🙂
    They are always up to the challenge!


  9. Lol I love the wee squat he does trying to get the ice out. Does he not realise saying things like that and sticking his hands down his pants that the ladies are going to be swooning all over the place! haha 😀


  10. gracenotpark

    A comedian and a hero…that’s our guy. 🙂


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